Nick Clegg has been in the news recently regarding reforms that will allow mental health patients to choose their Consultant Psychiatrist.  It will encourage psychiatrists to relate more to their patients for a start but unfortunately this will not come into effect until 2014 and something should be done now.   However such is the manipulation going on that if a patient is on a high level of drugs, they would simply not have the capacity to ask for anything let alone a better psychiatrist so I fail to see how on earth this will benefit the likes of my daughter.

Nick Clegg’s other comments relating to legalisation of drugs made me horrified.  I can see why some people feel that why not because the Government is missing out on revenue and to target the dealers.  However, nearly all the sons/daughters of people from my carer’s support group have been on Cannabis (Elizabeth took no drugs by the way to my knowledge).  Without realising it they could be taking a much stronger version of – Skunk)  However, with all these people who have experimented with drugs such as Cannabis they are now suffering from mental illness and end  up on acute wards causing strain to already stretched services and at huge cost to taxpayers especially when the care is not working in so many cases and the same patients return time and time again to the hospital for further treatment of drugs and more drugs.  Once on these drugs you cannot just come off them.  How much is this costing the NHS to push all these drugs at the patients and long term when that patient suffers from diabetes etc then further strain on the system?  It is all wrong in my opinion.

The biggest drug pushers of all are the NHS and huge profits go to the pharmaceutical industry  for drugs that are passed as being “safe” but in fact are highly dangerous – not everyone gets on with these drugs and that is where something should be done.    Prof Healy documents the scandal going on in his book Pharmageddon.  Having seen the effects of these drugs on my daughter  he is quite right.   In cases like the current shootings it is not always documented that anti-depressants/anti-psychotics are behind such incidents.  When I challenged the Sun Newspaper yesterday the person I spoke to on News Desk put the phone down on me when I mentioned as to why they had not looked into whether anti-depressants were behind this shocking news.  The Sun could not stand any criticism of their article so it would appear –  focus is placed on the person who committed the crime and family background and reasoning from this point of view.   If someone is on prescribed drugs and suffering  from Akathisia nothing is said or done – this is kept quiet from the public the dangers of these drugs and how they affect serotonin reuptake.  When someone is unstable suffering from Akathisia (a direct result of the prescribed drugs) that person is ignored – staff stay away for health and safety reasons.  There is supposed to be a crisis team but they stay away for the most part.  The only way to get someone into hospital is to have them arrested or to persuade someone to go in voluntarily.  Quite often you cannot persuade someone as they are beyond reasoning.   This person could once have been placid and calm and law abiding, working and doing all normal things but the introduction of such a drug causes that person to change completely – I have no doubts that the drugs could be behind this behaviour and it is nothing to do with so called diagnosis. You only have to look at DSM 5 to see there is a diagnosis for everyone and that this is all in aid of profits.   I believe a breakdown is caused by trauma – bullying is a huge factor.  Rape and abuse also can contribute but so can many other things such as the loss of someone close in a family.  Drugs are not the answer as they do not help that person come to terms with what has happened and therapy should be given instead of pushing and forcing drugs. 


I believe the Government make plenty of revenue out of the prescribed drugs as it is –  I speak of  the Royal Bethlem and their experimentation on the weak and vulnerable who get the funding for it..  Drugs can lead to further addictions.  Some people I know thought they were taking Cannabis when in fact it was skunk so legalising the drugs can lead to more people than ever suffering from mental health problems and any profits made will be wasted on healthcare as someone suffering from mental  illness is frequently admitted into hospital where the treatment is yet more and more drugs. 

Nick Clegg and Mr De Bois say nothing about the psychiatric drugs that are legally pushed  on people like my daughter against their wishes when they should have had decent humane therapeutic care in the first place.  On the occasions when I have met with Mr De Bois he  has said he cannot help me and he has met Elizabeth too.    Yet Mr De Bois is speaking out about illicit drugs and that a prison sentence is not right, that help is required.  What about help for the likes of my daughter then.  What about the never ending prison sentences of mental health patients trapped in a system for years on end when they are of no danger to society and they are forced to take drugs on treatment orders that can last for years and years on end.  Mr De Bois said he could not help regarding this healthcare and praised the professionals however as you can see from my blog not all professionals behave in a decent  manner and some can use powers against you if they do not like you.  Mr De Bois referred me to the PHSO who are inundted with complaints and have closed my case time and time again.  It is a pity Mr De Bois and Nick Clegg do not suggest a new approach such as Soteria and I especially like the ideas of the Root and Branch Project.  It is a pity both Mr De Bois and Clegg do not talk about reforms in the law to stop abuse like the Jimmy Saville case going on  as mental health patients are particularly vulnerable –  there are many more cases like this and I am still waiting to hear from the Bethlem why my daughter’s face was covered in bruises and to think I had to tell them the date! 

I would like to see Mr De Bois and Mr Clegg take more interest in the mental health issues and listen to what the patients have to say and carers such as myself, some of whom are from top professional backgrounds and have sons/daughters trapped in a totally inhumane system of mental health care where abuse is rife.  There are no decent professional organisations to turn to if you have a complaint and that is why cases like Jimmy Saville go unheard of for years on end and there plenty more cases of abuse  they should both come to one of my group meetings and see for themselves what the patients have to say.  They should also look at the facts that if patients get proper  decent care they will not be a drain to the NHS and taking up beds on acute wards and acute wards should only be used short term and for crisis only.  

I have featured the Root and Branch Project in a previous blog and I believe a new approach needs to be taken.  How about getting this set up Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and Mr De Bois!  With the money the Governments gets from all the drugs pushed at mental health patients they should invest on Soteria, Root and Branch and Chy Sawel so that patients can have even more choice – not just choice in psychiatrist but choice in where to go for their care as it is not the answer always to just keep dumping people back into care in the local area.  Sometimes someone needs to move out from the local area either have a break or make a fresh start.

Mr De Bois and Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron should be looking at the way the law is that allows psychiatrists powers to act against you if they do not like you and this contravenes human rights laws.  The open dialogue approach is good and available in Finland.  I wish I could send my daughter to Tornio Finland or they should get Soteria set up or any one of these projects mentioned above. 


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