I have been busy over the weekend and had some friends over for dinner which was nice.  The weekend has come and gone so quickly but there is not a day when I do not think about Elizabeth and wonder what she is doing, hoping that she is being looked after nicely but unfortunately, Elizabeth’s prayers will not be answered this Xmas.  She is not being allowed home for unescorted leave and I heard when I listened to a voice mail at the end of the day that I have been allocated just 2 hrs some three days before Xmas and Xmas Day falls on the Tuesday on a day when I am not allowed to phone because of Cambian’s demands for supervised phone calls.

Cambian have not responded to my email which I sent about 3-4 days ago in which I asked them what they had against me.   I have hardly seen my daughter since she got transferred to Wales within about a day leaving no time to even say goodbye.  I know for a fact she wanted to come home – what gives this hospital and team the right to destroy things for everyone at Xmas. 

My younger daughter is devasted as she does not know if she will be around that day as she has a job that involves working weekends.     

The fact of the matter is they are treating me like a criminal by giving only escorted leave.  When I asked what their concerns were – did they want character references etc.  Did they not trust me?  all these questions resulted in comments such as “its not that”  – then what is is then –  I would like Cambian Four Star Wards and Enfield Mental Health to make a public statement to the world as to why they are doing this and wrecking everything this Xmas.  It is the ultimate punishment on their part because they simply do not like me and that is what it boils down to.  From the word go they have tried to replace me, excluding me out and I believe they also excluded her solicitor.  

“you are still my Mum, I will call the police on them”   Well this has made me think of my former application and perhaps I could reconsider as I feel something needs to be done about the care situation. My treatment by this team is a far cry from the training I was receiving during my police course in terms of respecting other people and not discriminating against anyone.

I am so devastated as Xmas is usually a very happy time I look forward to and it will be quiet and empty without Elizabeth who has not been home for so long now.  There has never been trouble or incidents with her at Xmas – why are they so worried now when I had to deal with the most adverse behaviour prior to her transfer away from the local area.  No-one cared then so why now?  What are they worried about?    Why have they not replied to my email and correspondence and phone calls are third party with someone else phoning me and not the manager.

 There is huge emphasis on control at Cambian Four Star Wards and I have not even met this doctor who has used her powers against me and the rest of the family destroying everything for everyone this Xmas.    Enfield Mental Health must know all along what is going on as they are paying for such care which must be a huge amount of money however, the care on their shocking wards left a lot to be desired too with an incident on practically every single ward – I would not wish for Elizabeth to return to Enfield Mental Health wards either.

 I am so devasted about Xmas that I cannot think what to do next as yet about this situation. 


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