I received several text messages on Monday from Elizabeth.  She told me she was spending Xmas with her Dad and he apparently has bought a new cat.  I then asked did she not want to come home to see the cat that I bought her and to see myself and her sister to which she responded that she would ask.  She also wrote about the fact she was reading the Bible and I think she was excited about Xmas. 

 It is a long time since Elizabeth has been home and when I could see the shocking Bethlem hospital were not doing the promised drug free assessment and the Section 2 had come to an end I did try to get her out of there.  I found out when the Tribunal was and got time off from work but the solicitor recommended by the hospital said “do you really want to go through with this.  Elizabeth was unhappy about meetings etc and backed down and it was a complete waste of time.  Unfortunately there was her chance gone – her chance to get off the section and at a time when she was not unstable and just on the Olanzapine.  I still thought that the social worker who was very good at the Bethlem could have got her into somewhere good in a better area than where we live as he had discussed with me about where she could first go into Rehab.  Bearing in mind some events that happened prior to admission I was keen that she did not end up on the wards of Enfield Mental Health once again.  I wanted her to make a fresh start really so that she could hopefully get on with her life and be happy and there were too many bad memories locally.  Suddenly this social worker went off sick unfortunately – he was about the only member of staff there I truly trusted and the only social worker I have come across under the mental health who was good.  Anyway the next thing was they wanted to get rid of me as nearest relative and actually drew up court papers to this effect leaving me with no chance to get a solicitor because I did not agree with the Section 3 at all.  The fact that things were not done properly led to sanctions being taken against Elizabeth as you simply cannot come off 150mg of Seroquel over 2 weeks it was the consultant psychiatrist’s fault in my opinion.  In addition, mixing a drug with another can cause someone to become unstable and this is what happened and she was so disorientated that the next thing she was put on a drug with the initials M (metformine) and then Clozapine unknown to her.  So, before the Section 3 I was suggesting she remained first of all as a voluntary patient until the social worker found decent rehab care as I did not feel the area where I livewas the best thing for Elizabeth at the time because of recent serious incidents and the fact that the scheme certainly would not have been a place to return to that would be safe for Elizabeth.  However, when I saw what this hospital (Bethlem) did and the way I got bullied, I did not want for the Section 3 to go ahead and felt that this team could not be trusted at all in the way that they behaved .  I desperately wrote directly to the Judge herself to explain my situation but was worried about being replaced as the Nearest Relative as I was the one who did most of the visiting and had researched all these chemicals plus taken expert advice –  I knew they wanted desperately to replace me with someone who would just go along with everything without any conflict ie., her father.   I was also seriously considering in desperation and despair having Elizabeth home especially after I saw what they did with all those drugs in such a deceitful and despicable manner but by this time she would have needed a nurse to care for her as she could hardly walk once put on the Clozapine and was in a bad way. Still home would havge been better than the shocking Bethlem. 

Anyway, getting back to the messages – one said “I pray I will see you at Xmas, Mum”.  (Well, the letter from the consultant psychiatrist of Cambian clearly said escorted leave only and that she is too unstable to stay over Xmas).  I do not believe these comments at all. 


The next message from Elizabeth read that she would ask about Xmas leave and I thought to myself – that is a waste of time judging by the letter I received shortly before.  After she had asked, I got another email but from the Manager of Cambian.  The Manager wanted to speak to me but whilst at work it is difficult and the message came through her receptionist.  I later responded stating it would be best to correspond in writing as I was in an open plan office and could not speak.  When I got home from work I wrote to her and asked some questions which I am still waiting for the answers to.  The message was about the supervised phone calls once a week that I am allowed.  I think she wanted to alter the time of this phone call I stated that 6 pm  was not good as I travel home from work then.   I have not been phoning at all because I do not feel comfortable having supervised phone calls and besides Elizabeth has been texting me even though the team do not seem to want me to have any contact with her other than supervised/escorted leave.

After I received that last letter about the time of the phone call  I immediately thought I must act and do something because more than ever  I would like Soteria, Chy Sawel and Root and Branch project set up and the Goverment does not care less so again I thought of my auction which I propose to do to raise money for these projects.  I have thought of collectible items and am waiting to hear from various sources if they can help me.  Of course I do not mind paying for some of the things but things like autographs are collectible items and I read that Ebay say these sort of things do well in an auction.      

I do not know yet whether I will get the signatures I need but it is worth a try.

Last of all today I got another phone call and this was when at work.  I will report later on this as I do not know what this is all about yet.


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