During the past week I have had no phone call or response from either Cambian or Enfield Mental Health.   Elizabeth’s sister has not been able to get through on the phone at all.  It is the weekend and I have been trying to think what to do as I most probably will not be seeing my daughter for the first ever time at Xmas.  I object to having an escorted visit when  her father has had an unescorted visit and I do not know what is going on but then noone bothers to communicate with you. 


Despite feeling tired and drained I went up to the local town today to try and think what to get Elizabeth and bearing in mind I think she may be kept in  hospital I was planning to get some things delivered.  Things such as the wonderful food I have seen in Whole Foods in Kensington near where I work and Marks & Spencers do nice food and clothes.  I am thinking of placing some orders. 


I thought today of  having some photographs made into a calendar and this is costing me a lot as I am an honest person and it would be against copyright if I were to just take an album I had done and do this cheaply myself at a shop like Boots.  However, it is costing me hundreds.  It will be nice as at least my daughter will have something to remember – a day when she was very happy when I took her to have hair and makeup done followed by a photography session and of course she was in  hospital at the time locally. 


I had planned to go to the main shopping areas of London to try and find something collectible but the only chance I have working full time is after work which is late,  but have been too tired this week – maybe next week as I am still keen to do my auction and I think that something signed by a celebrity would be a good thing but I do not know any to ask.  I may ask the local football teams are something like this would be very collectible but I have no idea whether this request will be turned down.  I will keep trying in any case but I think I need something more to auction than what I currently have especially if I am asking for a huge donation – it is only fair that I try at least to get something else.


I have  missed my group meeting today because I had someone turn up to visit me.  The meetings always make me feel better.  I am totally inspired by some of the former patients who are determined to campaign for a better system in mental health.  


If only we had something available like in Finland in a place called Tornio.  I have already written to see if they would take Elizabeth as she constantly asks to go to Finland having spend several months there – these were happy and drug free times. Elizabeth never took drugs herself in the first place – the only drug pushing here has been from the team.

If only Soteria was set up over here and considering what waste of money is going on under this Government with loans to foreign countries being unpaid etc and wars where money is no object then it is a disgrace that this Government is not doing more to improve things in terms of mental health care.  In fact as I see it they do NOTHING.  Only Ed Milliband speaks up but- when is there going to be some action. 

I would like to display such a messageby laser beam onto a prominent building such as the Department of Health – if only!  This would get me attention and to think that Paul Burstow replied in a sympathetic way however he has done nothing to help – I want more than this now and I am getting impatient with them all – all of this is not helping my daughter and she needs somewhere to go where there is such a thing as humane healthcare and there is none from what I see.   I do not see the pushing of mind altering LSD like drugs at someone like my daughter who has multiple diagnoses as the answer – it is no wonder she is classed as being treatment resistant.  In cases such as these there should be a new approach and that approach can only be provided under groups like Soteria, Chy Sawel and Root and Branch Project.  I desperately need these set up as there should not be a care in place that is like a dictatorship and controlling every little thing and breaking up familiies such as at present just like a religious cult.  This is supposed to be a civilised country but I see that the UK is not civilised at all in how they care for the weak and vulnerable especially under mental health care. I am thinking seriously now like I did at the shocking prison environment of the Maudsley that she would be better of at home with a nurse living in to help.  I do not think though that the area is very good as it is London and noisy and stressful.  I hoped for so much when I found out about the holistic care under Welsh law but I do not think that anyone in the team is bothered about Elizabeth’s long term health.   The way I am being treated right now is terrible and I am being excluded from everything.  Still, I have no regrets but I understand that it is precisely because of the way I am being treated that this is why so many more unhappy parents and carers are too afraid to do this.     What I am doing is not only for my daughter but for everyone who does not have a voice right now and trapped in this shocking inhumane system.  Some have no parents or anyone who cares yet they are being held like prisoners on a never ending sentences.  A prisoner is treated better than a mental health patient who is completely stripped of their human rights and the law is an absolute disgrace in the UK.  The law is such that it is failing to protect the weakest and most vulnerable people in society and no-one seems to care about this – only those who have knowledge, who have been affected in some way either themselves or through having a family member who has had shocking care like my daughter.  The law needs to be changed that is for sure and so does the care in order to give choice to patients.  If a patient is happy being on the drugs then that is fine but there still n eeds to be the choice.


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