The last thing I heard was an email from my daughter’s social worker at Enfield Mental Health asking where the carers assessment was.  I have not completed this yet as I am waiting for information from them but hear nothing.   I wrote back and asked if she could tell me what was going on.  She has not done this and this is the new social worker appointed by Enfield Mental Health.  Around this time I then out of the blue got a phone call from Cambian but I did not pick the call up as I am at work and in an open plan office.  I later picked up the missed call but it is very difficult to speak at work and the last time was when I kept having to go out to take calls when bullied by the legal teams of SLAM and Enfield threatening to take me to court to get rid of me as Nearest Relative.  It was very embarrassing having to go out and upstairs time and time again to take the calls and then I asked them to email me instead and they emailed me with the court papers giving 1 day’s notice.  This time I asked Cambian if we could correspond by email as although I am at work, it is a  bit easier for me to do this than go upstairs to take calls.  Unfortunately I have heard nothing.

The Tribunal is not scheduled until after Xmas now by the looks of things.

I then got a letter from Cambian – Dr A W to say that she was not mentally stable to be allowed leave at Xmas however a week or so before this she was allowed out unescorted with her father.  There is definitely favouritism there as all along he has been included whereas I have been excluded and it is clear that this is personal and aimed at me by this consultant psychiatrist of Cambian Four Star Wards who is going off on maternity leave soon and could not care less about my daughter who was looking forward to spending Xmas with me. 

This doctor – doctor A W dislikes me and I could detect that in the one phone call and has made no effort to liaise with me and has gone out of her way to control and try to cut me out, manipulating my daughter.  She has upset not only myself but the younger sister of Elizabeth as Xmas is ruined thanks to this Consultant Psychiatrist.   Elizabeth would have also liked to  have seen her pet kitten but this will not be possible now.  I am allowed escorted access and there is no mention of any supervised phone call being allowed bearing in mind Xmas day is on a Tuesday.  I am sure this will upset Elizabeth  having to spend Xmas in hospital however it may be the case that they allow her to see her father instead which is an absolute infringement of human rights and I think that this doctor should make a public statement as to her reasons as I should have the right to defend myself and am happy to do that in front of the world as this sort of thing should not be allowed to go on. 

Unless there are grounds to point to abuse and neglect of that person there are no grounds to abuse someone’s human rights in my opinion.  Unless there are grounds to point the finger at me and say I am going to influence her in stopping the drugs and I have already stated I am not a doctor and could not do this, then what is the problem – it is personal dislike and totally unprofessional in my opinion.     I would not be writing and campaigning in public like I am doing if I had anything to hide, however I do know having read past files that they can question and put words into someone’s head who is already confused and mixed up on a high level of drugs.  Chemically brainwashing that person and stating that they have mental capacity is easy to do under their control.    I believe that this sort of thing should be stopped and questions placed on whether a doctor is abusing that patient in this manner and they say all sorts of things behind your back as well but I cannot say more about this at this stage or other things. 

To think that Cambian have had celebrities involved such as Ruby Wax so I understand who  has visited.  They won an award for Best Care Provider in the Private Sector recently yet they are not going by NICE guidelines. 

I had nothing but praise on reading the description of Cambian but then the solicitor that was recommended by Bethlem Hospital said “same as any other hospital” – now I know what she means and that is why the whole care system needs looking at and also care in the community because when someone has been in hospital as long as Elizabeth you cannot just adapt to life in the community without more one to one support especially if you are on a high level of drugs.  

I believe the section is unfair bearing in mind the high reduction that the consultant psychiatrist at Bethlem Hospital ordered.  Anyone would go downhill after this kind of reduction and that is when they imposed their sanction of a Section 3 and now this Section 3 is coming to an end it would seem that Cambian want to keep her for another 18 months. 

“I will call the police on them Mum – you are still my mum”

“you are overturning the apple cart mum”  –  these do not sound like the words of my daughter – her texts are short and brief.

Elizabeth has also said “if you are not careful you could lose me forever”  I hope that will not be the case but this is the kind of bullying that goes on with social services involved and a psychiatrist who does not like you.   They have made out that I am threatening and aggressive and nasty and have probably said all sorts of things behind my back – I have seen it all before in past files.  I do not care about what has been said but I do care about Xmas and what this hospital is doing to the family.

They have destroyed my happiness – they have gone against my younger daughter and deprived her from having her sister at home this Xmas and most of all they have destroyed Xmas for Elizabeth who will have to remain in hospital where she commented recently “I dont know what to do with myself, Mum – why did you put me here”.   I did not put her there at all she was placed by Enfield Mental Health.  I actually asked for her to come home but would need help as I work full time.  The area where I live is not peaceful so I thought Wales would be lovely for her and quiet but the care is all the same – about control and manipulation and they try to make out it is for protection.  Elizabeth said that they were protecting her but my thoughts are that they are protecting themselves and their interests.  I do not believe the team at Cambian have much choice but to go along with the Consultant Psychiatrist and I believe that a full investigation should be launched into this doctor and especially because of certain things I have heard.  

All of this points to the fact that urgent change needs to be brought to provide individual tailormade care per person.  A whole review needs to be looked at the way people are assessed and treated as being sub-human.  I have never seen so much cruelty going on as the drugs are not the answer and they actually cause psychosis and suicide (Dr Ann Blake Tracy – Prozac Panacea Pandora) – Dr Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion.    Having been classed as being “treatment resistant” people like my daughter are being kept on highly dangerous drugs that do not work and there are no facilities within the UK where something can be done about this and also what about if there are serious health concerns to the person and they are experiencing terrible side effects.  The patient just gets ignored and that is care in the UK for you.

If only there were places like Earth House, Root and Branch, Chy Sawel and Soteria.   I am trying to find something collectible to auction and will put out an appeal for this.  I wish providing a meal and show and my gym 37 Degrees are donating a two week block pass.

There are so many other people in the same situation crying out for help right now and not being heard by this Government and yet so much money is wasted.  What is to lose by giving these organisations a chance – the care may not suit everyone but it is important to treat people like human beings and respect that they should have choice in care and there is no choice in care right now for the mentally ill.  Open Dialogue approach is working brilliantly in Finland – why cant Soteria be given a chance and the other organisations as there is big demand for such care.  I really hope that the New Year sees such change from the current cruel care where there is no choice but drug pushing and nothing in the way of therapy.  Money is wasted by the Government and such projects would not be a waste as it is highly expensive to keep someone on a ward for a long time and Elizabeth was on a ward for 2 years and now again long term –  this is clearly not the answer – it is a waste of taxpayers money as the care in the community and care thereafter is totally inadequate and I believe that patients should be  included and allowed to give peer support which is therapeutic to them as well as to a weaker patient.  I believe this is the way forward. 









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