The more I think of the projects to be properly funded in order to be up and running such as Soteria, Chy-Sawel and Root and Branch the more I want to do something about the situation and there are enough people right now commenting on recent press articles and reports such as the Schizophrenia Commission etc.  There are enough books and conferences arranged to educate people and professionals in terms of mental health care but why is there nothing properly funded and set up – surely this would be the best thing of all.


Before Xmas I intend to try and raise the money needed for a choice in care needed by so many people like my daughter and others trapped in the current system that is not working and failing for so many.  The care is not working because acute wards are volatile places to be at times that are noisy and distressing to some patients and the only care available is to drug them up which does not solve the problems and then that patient is back time and time again.  It is a waste of taxpayers money.  In that environment I have noticed how certain patients like my daughter take it upon themselves to look after other more vulnerable patients on the ward.  I believe that there is a role for some of these patients in supporting others and all too often it is lack of friendship and company when a patient becomes isolated in the community.  Patients are kept down and there is no integration encouraged as most activities are currently in-house.  At the moment everyone is treated the same and drugs pushed at that person and on section they are forced to take them.  However, there needs to be a thorough look at everything from proper assessment to patient involvement and not allowing patients to get to the stage where they lose complete hope and give up caring any more.    The drugging of patients is very wrong in my opinion and cruel and not the answer and the drugs themselves cause violence, aggression and psychosis.    The support in the community is totally inadequate – these community hostel style places where they are supposed to offer 24 hr care do not work for everyone.  Elizabeth became isolated in such a scheme and if a place like Root and Branch Project was up and running then she would have more support, companionship – a reason to want to do things and be involved in activities.   The minute someone suffers from any form of psychosis they are dumped on acute wards and their drugs often raised and then in no time dumped back into society – this is all wrong – this is not care.


A person cannot always return home – sometimes that person can be so affected by the drugs that their behavior can change beyond recognition and they suffer from Akathisia That person who becomes so dependant from staying in a hospital environment for two years like Elizabeth becomes in need of more one to one care on discharge.     At first whilst on the ward, Elizabeth wanted a job on the ward and then wanted to go to college.  I had to provide and help with these two opportunities as nothing was being done and patients were just left to lie around drugged up to their necks on chemicals.  Years later the decline has been extreme where Elizabeth could not longer care less and had lost interest in everything – what is wrong with such care that allows someone to get to this state in the first place – everything in my opinion.     Like I sa, it is not a matter of these patients being lazy –  if you were on close to 1000mg of drugs what could you do?  The drugs make someone lethargic and unable to think and even more mixed up than before.  What about the long term health of that poor person even when their diagnosis is in doubt and experts disagree as per the files which I have.   My daughter’s life is at risk and so are others stuck in a cruel abusive system where people are talking but more needs to be done to get things up and running but when is the Government going to do something to help these people?  It is good that Ed Milliband spoke about the mental health and I applaud him – others have been dismissive and noone really wanted to be bothered to see me when I called with Elizabeth to Parliament – just talking is not enough – I want to see action.-  that is why I am going to at least try and raise the money needed to get these projects off the ground so that my daughter and some others can benefit from this and then maybe the Government will take notice in the end.


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