The only contact I have with my daughter now is by the odd text once a week as is allowed by the team at Cambian.  I have been given a slot to ring and they say my daughter has requested supervised phone calls and that slot is at a time when I am travelling home from work.  Tonight I did get a brief text message that Elizabeth was going to a fireworks display.  I am happy for her but at the same time I remember the beautiful fireworks display I took her to with someone from her scheme and mother.  The food was lovely – it was held at a cricket club fairly local to where I live.  Elizabeth enjoyed herself very much on this occasion.

Elizabeth’s sister is having difficulty getting through to her as well.  I had complained about the fact the phone never seemed to work, I had to go through the office and that was expensive as you were kept holding on whilst they had to look for her.  As a result of my complaint as nothing was done on several occasions, the reaction was to ban me altogether from phoning Elizabeth.  I have this in writing from the Manager at Cambian. 

It was obvious before that Elizabeth could not talk to me at ease – there seemed to be someone listening in the background and they must be desperate to take such measures.  I cannot believe that this is going on in the UK under a private hospital Cambian who have won an award for Best Care Provider under the private sector.   On several occasions Elizabeth has said “Ive got to go now and she even mentioned she was on 15 minute watch”.  The team deny this of course and in addition they have said all this is at Elizabeth’s request – this is in contrast to the many many text messages I used to get from her whilst at Royal Bethlem – even in this place she could  make calls freely but not under Cambian Four Star Wards which is the very place I begged for her to go as the description sounded out of this world and I liked the fact they seemed to encourage patient liaison however when a psychiatrist does not like you they have the power to wield like God and can destroy families – a bit like a religious cult.

This care is being provided/paid for at local level and I have already got an email from the social worker newly appointed to say there were NO GROUNDS to displace me as Nearest Relative but tht I should cooperate into the process as the Section 3 was coming to an end.  They tried to get rid of me last time and nearly succeeded as I could not get a solicitor within a day’s notice and received two days of harrassment from legal teams on account of not agreeing immediately to Section 3 and there was no need for the section 3 as Elizabeth was willing to stay voluntarily in the hospital until she was found a placement.  Then in the end I decided they were not making the effort to find placement and that I requested her to come home especially when they have plied her twih drugs against her knowledge that she did not even know about as she was so drugged up – all she knew was that one new drug was beginning with the letter M – this is metformine for Type II Diabetes but is supposedly being given off label for weight gain but Dr Ann Blake Tracy of the International Drug Awareness Coalition has other ideas.

I understand the Section 3 is soon to come to an end.

Here we go again – more bullying by social services and psychiatry.  

Yesterday, Sunday, I went to visit someone in hospital at Bethlem Royal Hospital with two others.  It was very sad to go back to this place.   As you drive in the grounds are deserted but they are immaculately kept.  The atmosphere around this hospital is very sombre.  People are totally unaware of what is going on inside the wards here and they have such a wrong impression of psychiatric patients in some cases.    If only people could see and become educated in what is really happening and how dreadful the care is.   You get a very wrong impression of the hospital when you see the immaculate grounds and then you go on the wards –  Oh my God!  this ward was even worse than Fitzmary II and that is saying something – I cannot say which ward but you were searched and patients are treated like nothing and stripped of their rights.  The person we went to see was very happy to see us but it is such shame, as this person should never be there in my opinion.   This person is a very caring person and if only there was the right care this person has so much to offer and so much energy to give and wants to help others.   If only there was better care in place and respect given to patients and allowing patients to be involved in certain aspects such as advocacy and workshops.  This would be a start but I thought to myself that this place is no place to get better and just like hell on earth.  Even going on the ward you can feel depressed.

If I am treated like dirt as a mother simply because I have criticised and been outspoken against the care, then you can imagine how much worse it is to be a patient on these shocking wards but this is the NHS care for you.  The mental health care is atrocious and more money and effort is put into organising the AGMs and providing nice drink and food and wasting money on literature instead of care.  There is so much wastage of money in the NHS from what I can see.

I is a pity more celebrities do not visit the patients and really take an interest in what is going on.  It is easy to criticise like Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street Porter have done –  I think it is apalling that people just criticise and look no further into what is really going on.  I have had three members of my family on these drugs and I believe that many do not know the horrifying truth of just how very dangerous they are.  

I hope that the Tribunal will be soon and I get details of the court date.    I cannot say more at this stage.




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