The above link is from the British Journal of Psychiatry called Antipsychotics: is it time to introduce patient choice?


I would say most definitely it is.

The end of the psychopharmacological revolution (Peter Tyrer)

This would be a great end to the suffering experienced by so many unfortunate patients.



There are many people trapped in a cruel system and kept indefinitely and controlled by the pushing of psychiatric drugs to the point that they can do nothing but sleep all day.

Another link of the shocking care at the Bethlem featured on its own exclusive blog.  Elizabeth was on the shocking National Psychosis Unit and her face was covered in bruises one day when I called.  I have yet to be given a satisfactory explanation for this but I understand in this place  ECT is carried out and here is the link below.


It is cruel to prescribe drugs that lead to a life sentence of misery and patients are told they have to be on them for the rest of their lives like my daughter.


Whilst on these drugs, a psychiatrist can control and manipulate patients by saying they know what they are doing and that they  have capacity.  There may be good days as in the case of Elizabeth but on the bad days, she can hardly speak, she can sometimes barely walk and is totally disorientated by the drugs she is on.  She is like “putty in their hands” – surrounded by staff and the consultant psychiatrist my daughter is truly outnumbered.  

Contact with family is not encouraged.  In fact it is banned in some cases!  I cannot say more at this stage.

My one consolation is that there are  more and more professionals speaking the truth and educating others to the effect that this is not the answer at all.  If more parents/carers and patients were also to speak out then this abuse would stop and the current system will fail and collapse. 

If some patients get on OK with the drugs all well and good but what about those who experience terrible side effects and are suffering pain and illness as a result there are simply no facilities as yet in the UK for them to go in.  I am not advising anyone to stop taking these drugs.  They are highly dangerous and toxic chemicals and if a withdrawal is to be undertaken it is desirable for a patient to be under a professional to deal with this.

There are people who think of mentally ill patients as being lazy – that is not the case – how can you function on the level of drugs my daughter is on and I know someone who is on even more than this.  Doctors who abuse patients in this way should be made more accountable, especially when there is doubt about their diagnosis and that can only be determined through a drug free period as Professor Murray quite rightly suggested.  I was told that Fitzmary II ward simply could not undertake such withdrawals because of the risks involved but however what they did was terrible –  they  just mixed one drug with another and made out they reduced by 150mg – this simply is not possible over a period of 2 weeks however if someone is reduced properly – slowly and gradually over a period of 1 – 2 years this is possible and also diet and nutrition is crucial. 

What is the Government doing about all of this …………………..Nothing!     Only Ed Milliband has spoken out from what I can see.  I  have tried to get this addressed in Parliament and even taken my daughter down with me on a couple of occasions.  Of course the minute you mention mental health noone wants to know.   What when your local MP cannot help you –  then who do you turn to.  There is noone –  the complaints panels have no power,  NICE have no power to enforce their guidelines and how come such horrific experimentation is allowed at the Maudsley.  The law does not protect the mentally ill at all and they become subject to abuse.   Staff can abuse patients and fail to protect them as in the case of my daughter.

At this stage I cannot say more and am awaiting the court Hearing.  Hopefully this will be soon.

  1. Rosella said:

    Hello there! This is my first visit to your blog!
    We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the
    same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You
    have done a wonderful job!

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. My daughter Elizabeth is at home now and have very little time to do all of this – she knows about this blog by the way and I hope one day she will take over the writing as this is something she used to enjoy doing very much.

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