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Dr Ann Blake Tracy must be in huge demand worldwide and extremely busy but still  has the time to write and advise me and I have asked her advice on the shocking level of drugs that the Bethlem Royal Hospital have given to my daughter.

I was told by the team at Cambian that the Metformine was to counteract weight gain.  I was naturally suspicious as I had asked if my daughter had diabetes as this drug is for diabetes.  They denied this altogether however after the shocking way I  have been treated and my daughter I do not not trust them one bit.  Dr Tracy reckons as I do that this drug is not being used as explained at all and what is more I believe and so does she that this drug Metformine could be given to counter diabetes and this makes sense to me.   After all my daughter would have the grounds to sue them on this account.  Dr Tracy honestly stated the real reason which is re: blood sugar issues which of course lead to the weight gain in the first place.  This is totally logical in my opinon and it would appear they are using this drug off label. 

I am so delighted that there are honest doctors around like Dr Ann Blake Tracy and what is more – she has been invited to address Parliament in Denmark very soon.  I think this is brilliant and I have various people I am writing to in Denmark and I intend to pass on this excellent  news and would be very happy to highlight my case and the shocking care my daughter is having in the UK as a prime example.  If a country like Denmark can progressively look to reforming  mental health care then what on earth is the UK doing – the answer is NOTHING!  The UK likes to put on a good show for the Olympics and other occasions but when it comes down to care they could not care less.

Mr Johnson is clowning around all the time and should get down to the important issues of thinking about what to do regarding the shocking state of care in the UK.  I have written to them all and got replies from all except Mr Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary) who is supposed to be in favour of holistic care. None of their replies have been satisfactory. 

What is the point in having organisations that do not protect the patient in terms of complaints and guidelines.   What a waste of taxpayers money.

Anyway I have now finalised my letters to the pharmaceutical companies as I believe they should do something about the situation and take the lead and provide the funding for those who have suffered terrible side effects, those who are so called treatment resistant and people who need to come off the drugs because of serious medical problems.  If these pharmaceutical companies are caring then they will offer to me a donation in order that I can set up an Alternative Care Centre in the UK.  Look at the profits they make and my daughter has suffered and I believe they should all contribute so that others who have also suffered can benefit from some unique care as there are many professionals would would like to be involved and a huge demand for such centres over here in the UK.   Apparently there are many alternative care centres already in existance in the States and NOTHING over  here and that is an absolute disgrace.  There is no choice of care to patients and for those who are happy on the drugs – all well and good but there are many who do not get on with them and of course if anyone whatsoever took t hese drugs you simply cannot just come off them the way these “experts” withdraw patients in the hospitals.  This causes psychosis in itself.  Drug withdrawal ideally should be done extremely carefully and under medical care but there is nowhere and so people suffer so very much  but I know many people who have successfully come off the drugs and are leading a decent life now and that says it all. 

The drugs lead to a serious condition called Akathisia and my daughter said it felt like she wanted to crawl out of her skin.  This condition is as a direct result of the drugs and not a so called condition.

Anyway the time has come for reform and I hope that Dr Ann Blake Tracy will be invited to Parliament alongside other experts who are speaking out about the shocking drugging of patients against their wishes which in itself is extremely harmful and these mind altering LSD like chemicals can cause no end of long term health problems and lead to shortening of life –  it is ridiculous what the Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatry said.  I quite rightly told him that it is the drugs that shorten life not smoking.  All he could do was keep smiling all the time and he could not wait to get away from me as I was dishing out the leaflets at the AGM of SLAM.|  The Great Grandma in our family lived to over 100 years and was a heavy smoker and that says it all. 

However if the NHS wish to promote non smoking then the best way is not through further chemicals but through the electronic cigarettes.  It is very cruel what they do to patients on the acute wards who are not allowed to smoke and these should be provided.

Next week is the hospital meeting and then I intend to take things to court re the Tribunal and I am in touch with lots of experts now who can give me some extremely good advice.  The wonderful book by Dr Ann Blake Tracy should be used as evidence as there is no end of cases and references to back her claims in the book Prozac Panacea Pandora.  Thank goodness too for the likes of Professor Healy and there is Dr Walsh coming soon and Genita Petralli. 

When is this Government going to address these facts and do something about this dreadful situation and cruel abuse.





recoverynetwork:Toronto posted: ” Article by By Maia Szalavitz, On Dr David Healy speaking at a gathering of the APA. Is psychiatry committing ‘professional suicide’? By Maia Szalavitz, updated 10:09 AM EDT, Tue October 9, 2012 ”

I have only been away for a week but it has been fabulous to get away from everything.  For the past years I have not gone away because of caring responsibilities what with my father who had Alzheimers, my younger daughter and now my elder daughter Elizabeth.  A week has gone so quickly but it has made me think that the lifestyle in the UK is not good.  I spend most of my time at work and travelling in unpleasant conditions on underground, rushing around all the time.  In Sicily it is fabulous and a healthy lifestyle.  The  markets have an abundance of fresh food that even tastes better such as the vegetable and fruit.  You should see the cakes as well and the ice cream.  Everywhere is surrounded by mountains and sea where I stayed in Palermo.  The weather was fantastic and people were outside rather than stuck in in front of the TV.  I thought to myself this lifestyle would suit Elizabeth.  This is the sort of place she could get well again. 

There were no messages from Elizabeth when I got home.  I believe that she is being discouraged from speaking to me by staff at Cambian Four Star Wards possibly in conjunction with Enfield and legal teams. 


They have tried to replace me as Nearest Relative and failed.  I believe they are trying to do this again and like a religious cult they are preventing my daughter or discouraging her from telephoning me.  YOu have to go through the office and she told me herself she is being watched every 15 minutes.  What kind of care is this!


They take away someone’s freedom and treat them worse than prisoners and then come between familiies – especially if someone dares to complain about the shocking care on offer of drug pushing!


I hope one day Elizabeth can read my website and I believe strongly that it is the right thing to do – if noone dares to speak out then what hope is there for any change for the better.  There are more and more professionals speaking out against these drugs and I am not saying that Elizabeth should suddenly stop taking them.  I am not a doctor but h ave done extensive research and know it is not possible to just come off the drugs and not advisable unless you have a professional involved in helping.    I would willingly send Elizabeth to America where there are several centres set up  where nutrition and alternative remedies are used – where patients are treated like students and treated with respect unlike here where the teams do nothing but control and force someone to take the drugs.,   I am sure these centres do not just take someone off the drugs either but do know that it is possible for someone to be reduced and I fully know that the drugs themselves can lead to the shortening of life of someone taking them by 20 years or so and can lead to long term health problems.  This is my concern as a mother and I am also most concerned about what is going on right now at CAmbian and h ow the phone is never working.

So far Enfield and SLAM Mental Health Services/legal teams have tried to take me to court giving me 1 day notice to replace me as Nearest Relative because I did not agree to Section 3 which is for 6 months.  Under a section they can just force the drugs continually against someone’s wishes. 

In Wales there is holistic care so I believe by law and this is what I want and I am going to a conference soon run by Chy-~Sawel who want to set up an alternative care centre in the UK and so do Soteria.  The sooner the better as far as I am concerned.  Orthomolecular care is best and Elizabeth was responding to this well.  The care under the NHS where they spend a fortune on lovely AGMs with wine and drink flowing, where the spend a fortune on pushing drugs to psychiatric patients that do not even work.  This is not care – the drugs do not solve the problem and for some people who are called Treatment REsistant it is because they have not had proper treatment in the first place – the term “treatment resistant” is rubbish in my opinion – ther eis no such thing as treatment resistant and when someone has four different diagnoses they should understand why I as a mother am so upset at the shocking care and how this is allowed to go on in the UK.  Where the Government intervention and the complaines procedures are useless and so is the law.  Once on these drugs you are giving someone a life sentence of  misery as like any drug they wear off and then they increase the dosage or else replace that drug with something else.  Clozapine is one of the worst drugs in my opinion having listened to some of the other patients and what they have to say about it.  It is all down to big business and I am going to  confront each and every drugs company  as Ibelieve they should live up to their glowing praise of themselves being “caring”.  Lets see how caring they are and they should donate something – each and every one of them to get the project Chy Sawel or Soteria off the ground or else I would be more than willing to send my daughter to a fabulous alternative care centre in America – there are about 5 now and nothing in the UK and i hope so much that in the near future Government will step in to help people like my daughter who should NEVER have been given the drugs in the first place and are a “victim of the pharmaceutical industry” – by the way these are not my comments but that of her Orthomolecular private psychiatrist that I appointed because I could see how hopeless the care was and how it was not working.  YES THERE ARE PROFESSIONALS WHO WOULD BE WILLING TO GET INVOLVED IN SUCH A SCHEME AND THE KEY IS NUTRITION AS DR WALSH AND DR TRACY AMONGST MANY OTHER EXPERTS HAVE HIGHLIGHTED.      



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