No-one likes to admit they have made a mistake and that is the problem. There are multiple diagnoses in the file of my daughter, these being two of them- (Aspergers and Schizophrenia). The drug free period of assessment at Bethlem Royal Hospital would have been a brilliant opportunity for the team of experts to properly explore exactly what was wrong with my daughter and I believe you can only come to a conclusion if this is done as the drugs themselves can actually cause psychosis.  Akathisia is a common example of a serious condition caused by these drugs so how can you come up with a diagnosis unless you have a drug free period of assessment.
I sought advice from Dr Ann Blake Tracy as I already knew that it was impossible to take someone off the drugs and this is very very dangerous if not done properly.  However Dr Tracy’s brilliant website called International Drug Awareness Coalition gives all the advice you need.  You would think that a hospital such as the Maudsley would have the know-how to do this but I provided the information as when I  heard a steep reduction of 150 mg off seroquel was going to be done over 2 weeks, this I told the psychiatrist would never work and I was right.  Dr Ann Blake Tracy told me that this is how they keep people for their establishments and how right she is.  Any steep reduction or change in drugs can cause adverse behaviour and psychosis.  Knowing this, why did the Maudsley put both staff and patients at risk with adverse behaviour caused by coming off the drugs incorrectly when in actual fact it should be done very slowly and gradually over a period of 1 – 2 years as documented by Dr Tracy?.  It is not just her that is giving this advice either.    
Above is the reason I am so upset – my daughter has multiple diagnoses and this cannot be proven because she has not had a proper assessment.  All doctors want to do is push drugs which is easier for them to look back on files and study what happened to that person and test as to whether any long term health problems exist.  Well I am prepared to pay privately for such tests done by Dr William Walsh who has done extensive research into nutrition and he is not the only one.  I am prepared to have these tests done to establish the correct diet and to see if there is chemical imbalance or underlying health problems – he can see exactly what deficiencies there are in nutrients etc and as he quite rightly said at the Chy Sawel Conference – “for every drug there is a  natural remedy”.
This morning I contacted LBC as I heard there was a programme on mental health or discussion “Is mental health being taken as seriously as it should be”.  Unfortunately I a bit late for this in phoning however the team were quite interested and I have written to them to say I would be delighted to appear on a future programme regarding mental health care – I took the opportunity to write about Dr Tracy and Dr Walsh, also Dr Healy.   I mentioned also my blog and the Group Speak Out Against Psychiatry and how many people have suffered under current care both under the NHS and care in the community plus the fact that the law does not protect these patients from abuse and that is why I have compared this example with the current Jimmy Saville case.  That involved a celebrity but how many other cases of abuse get buried in the sand?   I can certainly see how this can happen as people are afraid to speak out and that is the way forward to stop this kind of abuse.  Under the NHS mental health I have heard many instances of abuse.  The Bethlem Royal Hospital is not the only place but there are not many places like this for research purposes to this extent.

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