There has been much publicity into the shocking ever growing number of cases coming forward of abuse by a leading and once well respected celebrity figure in the UK, namely Jimmy Saville.  The fact that these cases are only just coming to light just goes to show that there is a culture of evil operating within powerful organisations with members of staff preferring to stay silent.  For these cases only just to come to light it is shocking that there has been such a cover up and only right that there should be a full and thorough investigation into this.



I agree that someone who is displaying severe symptoms of psychosis or is a threat to society or themselves should have treatment but what kind of treatment do they get – nothing but these harmful drugs and the way this is conducted in the UK is abusive – there is no choice of treatment apart from soley drugs.  The law does nothing to protect vulnerable patients because once on a section they are forced to take these drugs even if the experts dispute the diagnosis in the files – it is like giving someone a life sentence in prison.    The drugs are the only “cure” under the NHS for these patients who end up in hospital and this is apalling.  There is never any testing to see if that person is allergic to food, has a particular chemical imbalance or underlying  health problems that could be treated with natural remedies. More investigation into the scientific research of Dr William Walsh should be looked at instead of all this drug pushing within the hospitals and the book “Nutrient Power” and the scientific findings of Dr Walsh should be explored and given as treatment in the hospitals as a matter of choice for the patients.

If a world renowned leading scientist/expert such as Dr William Walsh has the scientific evidence that points to the fact that this treatment works then in severe cases where a patient does not respond drugs another approach should be taken.  It would seem that this is not an option in the UK under the NHS due to the closed minds of the bulk of professionals but to those patients who have taken this approach and got well again, (I know of people like this and can vouch for the fact) if carried out in a hospital environment, then there is no harm in looking further into the research of Dr William Walsh.  Dr William Walsh has done research into the very worst cases of serial killers both in the US and over here and through his research has been able to pinpoint the causes, such investigation shoujld be made available to all patients in the UK.  “For every drug there is a natural remedy”  This is very true.  Dr Walsh highlighted certain natural remedies that could be used to the same effect and in the same way as the highly dangerous anti-psychotic drugs currently do.   Do these professionals care to think about the long term health of the person they are drugging?   It is easier and less bother to them to drug someone up to the point they can barely walk unaided and unresponsive without caring that the patient suffers worse anxiety and other serious effects than they have ever suffered before.


Getting back to the court papers there several things stated that are completely untrue  in those court papers and the description of me is a disgrace.   I do not mind the world judging me on my character as I have nothing to hide.    In fact the patients enjoyed my visits and made sure I heard that they were complaining of their human rights.  Also I am NOT putting constant pressure on her to give up the drugs – I am not teleplhoning her on her mobile to do this either.  If it were not for me seeing the files in the first place I would not have known of all these diagnoses but then if a doctor cannot be bothered to read the files and look back on what happened to that person because he wants to start afresh,  it is no wonder a diagnosis is wrong.  

It is also documented wrongly that the “medication” or rather drugs helped her.  In her own words she said she felt like she was “crawling out of her skin”.  This is the one of the effects that 750mg of Seroquel can cause, known as Akathisia.  

Yes she did say that I had put her in hospital but that is not strictly true as situations had led to her being admitted in the first instance and the first instance was when she took herself of Cipralix in one go.  That was what led to the hospital admissions in the first place.

 It is not only the physical abuse but mental abuse that rarely comes before court because of carers and patients being too afraid,  it is also the forced drugging without looking at whether there could possibly be an underlying health problem.   The drugs are given for profit benefitting the pharmaceutical industry and they make it easy for the staff to deal with a patient.  The more drugs the better – every time Elizabethe was admitted into hospital the drugs are increased and against a patient’s wishes.  The drugs do not deal with any underlying problems.  They lead to long term health problems and this abuse is going on. 

 On a different note:

It truly amazed me that people were queuing for so many hours to sample some of the “delights” of the  mazes at a leading adventure park.  Little do they know what really goes on –  Perhaps they should come down to the Bethlem Royal Hospital and see their museum but then people think this kind of treatment is in the past.   I can honestly say that abuse is current and rife under the NHS and also, nor forgetting the abuse by social services who team up with them to harrass and bully, destroying familiies in doing so.   

Disturbingly I believe there has been intervention to replace my daughter’s solicitors as she had given consent to them to liaising with me on basic information.  I hope they make a massive complaint.  I believe my daughter is being manipulated and brainwashed by some of the comments I have heard that I cannot mention at this stage.  

I did want to see the file when I was banned from visiting at the Maudsley Fitzmary II Ward and was entitled to see the file in terms of mention of myself, not my daughter under Data Protection Act however none of the relevant papers were given and I was never given a copy of the minutes of the meetings I attended.  The psychiatrist said when asked “I just want to concentrate on the care”.  I do not want to see every detail in the file and was only really interested in what drugs had been given which I now know.  I already know that the files probably contain details the team do not want me to see such as how they think of me as a mother.  They can write what they like about you behind their backs and get away with it.  If anyone was to write such things that I have read from previous files they would be before the courts forfammation of character.  When I requested solely information relating to me being banned from the Bethlem Royal Hospital under Data Protection Act I was given nothing of relevance and yet the incidents leading up to me being banned were matters where my name was mentioned and this should have been provided under the Data Protection Act.  On each occasion I had a witness present who was apalled and I have been described as aggressive and threatening to the staff when in fact it was the other way round.  When I met the Chief Executive who has now left, Stuart Bell of SLAM he had to admit I did not fit the description of being threatening and aggressive when I introduced myself.   

Anyway, I think Enfield Mental Health deserve a mention and not just the Maudsley Hospital or Cambian Group. It is failure by Enfield on account of their care and social services that have led to my daughter being where she is now, followed of course by the failure of SLAM NHS. 

One thing for sure is there is huge manipulation of weakened drugged up patients and there is cover up of abuse where staff stick together left right and centre protecting their well paid jobs.  For instance it is abusive of nurses to shout at patients and negligent if they cover up for the sake of their jobs when abuse is taking place.  They can get away with slagging you off behind your back and accusing you of abusing the person you care for when that person is suffering abuse under their care.   Just like in the Jimmy Saville case, there are staff who stick together to protect their jobs and nothing is done because there is no decent complaints system in place and noone has any powers to intervene.  Very few cases come to the public attention and of course there is outcry but how many other cases go unmentioned and patients continue to suffer abuse.  This is care under the mental health in the UK. 

The reason I am documenting this is that I want my daughter to know the truth one day –  if I am not around to tell her then I hope she gets to hear that I have tried to fight for her release from this section that is totally unjust as she is not of risk to society but would need one to one care for a while and the key is getting her the correct placement and this takes no end of time under the NHS.  Human rights appear to be non existent under the mental health care system so it would  in the UK if a patient is unlucky enough to be sectioned.

The other reason I am documenting this is that I want to see changes in the mental health care system.  It is not workfor so many and when care does not work it is a waste of public funding –  also more thought should be given to care in the community as I witnessed patients begging to come back into hospital because they feel safe.  It is all wrong in my opinion.  There should be more support for these people and I disagree that they should not be more integrated into society.  The previous social worker felt in the most patronising manner that my daughter would be happier amongst her own kind.

I will next document possible alternatives in care but these may not suit everyone however I was most impressed by some of the speakers at the Chy Sawel Conference and will give this a mention next time.

Take a look at the following link –  if there were more doctors who had an insight like this then there would be less complaints and more happiness and true understanding given towards the patient:



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