“I EXPECT YOUR FULL COOPERATION TO THE PROCESS”  – this is the actual statement from the new social worker who I knew nothing about until recently because of lack of communication.

So far my daughter’s Tribunal has gone ahead with her father present, rather than myself.  I was not told about this from social services at Enfield (who I know for a fact attended) or the team at Cambian.  However someone from Cambian telephoned her father to invite him to this occasion.  I am fully aware that the first Tribunal is solely for my daughter but she should have been fully represented at this Tribunal by her already appointed solicitors.  I do not think this was the case.

When I telephoned an organisation called Hafal who are supposed to be advocates in Wales for carers they turned around and said they could not help me as I did not live in Wales.  I then turned to the various carers support groups in Enfield and they could not help me also as they could not send someone to Wales.   So, I set about appointing my solicitors as I know full well how unhappy my daughter is on a Section which is just like prison. Bearing in mind my daughter is happy to remain as a voluntary patient, I do not personally see what the problem is.  Cambian apparently so I heard third party want to keep her for up to 18 months.   I understand there is a new law in Wales that allows holistic care and I am seeing and hearing my daughter going downhill because of the high amount of powerful mind-altering drugs she is on and feel that other things shoud be investigated such as the scientific-backed research of Dr William Walsh who I met recently at the Chy-Sawel Conference.  His informative book called “Nutrient Power” describes the way forward .  Everyone should be treated individually and underlying health problems/food intolerance/chemical imbalance looked at thoroughly before dishing out one diagnosis after another.  Elizabeth has about four diagnoses and the Bethlem Royal Hospital took her off as much as 150mg of Seroquel.  Apparently her behaviour became adverse and they just slapped on a section.  “this is how they keep people for their establishments” said Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  How true especially when they get the funding direct from the drugs manufacturers at this research hospital Bethlem Royal Hospital.  Enfield NHS/Social Services referred Elizabeth to this hospital after 8 admissions to the local hospital and being dumped time and time again in a local scheme where the care was obviously not working and where something terrible happened.  The answer was to move her up a floor instead of bothering to look for somewhere else.  I tried to do that as all I wanted as a mother was for my daughter to be in the right environment and at the time could not consider having her home – her behaviour caused solely as a result of Seroquel termed Akathisia meant this was not possible as there were other people around.  However, swapping one drug and mixing it with Olanzapine as was done at the Maudsley first of all caused no end of distress to my daughter who was on the phone often whilst I was at work.  It was so upsetting to hear her talk in such a distressed manner and there was nothing I could do about it. When the Section 2 came to an end at the Maudsley they wanted her to be placed on Section 3 (compulsory treatment order).  Elizabeth again was happy to remain voluntary whilst they looked for a suitable placement but when nothing was done – the very good social worker there (the only one under the mental health I have come across that is good) was off sick.  No placement was given and there was talk about the extension of Section 3 against Elizabeth’s wishes and by this time she seemed to be stable on the Olanzapine and I wanted her home.  I felt I could have coped with her being home at that point but may have had to give up my job.  This is what they did at Enfield Social Services with their legal teams involved:

Email after Email at work.  Phone call after Phone call at Work.   Phone calls at my hairdressers thereafter as I could not talk in an open plan office.  Threats after threats to replace me and court action to the point I had to urgently ask for a day off as I had one day’s notice to get a solicitor which was impossible.  Court papers sent to me at work back in May 2012 stating “Order sought under S29 Mental Health ACt 1983 tht the functions of nearest relative be exercised by her father.” “Unreasonable objections to an application under S3 Mental Health Act  1983 for complulsory detention.  This is littered with spelling mistakes by the way!!  So the previous social worker was taking me to court – the one who tried to push Clozapine at my daughter by trying to persuade her to take it on more than one occasion which caused a lot of distress to my daughter by the way.  They are backed by the legal team of SLAM and stating a difficult relationship between the treating team and myself and that I made numerous complaints.  They stated in contrast to Elizabeth’s initial permissions to the whole family that she requests confidentiality with her file.  They use the word hostility and disruption and placing one member of staff to liaise with me.  That one member of staff was a female nursing staff who just used to phone once a week and gave no information whatsoever.  My daughter had signed about 3 forms giving consent but suddenly no information whatsoever was being allowed.   They mentioned my daughter was conflicted in  taking the drugs but in fact she told me and friends/family that she was suffering some terrible side effects as a result of these drugs and as a mother I just stuck up for her because she was just being ignored.  They mentioned about hallucinations –  in the first instance Elizabeth suffered from none of these but I have watched a gradual decline of her after being on these drugs one after another and none have worked.  She said ” you try taking them, Mum” – “you do not know just how bad they make me feel”  Yes it is true I had a list of complaints  – one of them which  has n ot been answered is WHY WAS MY DAUGHTER’S FACE COVERED IN BRUISES.  To this the Ward Manager at Fitzmary II Ward said “when did that happen” – I gave her the date as I document things on my website here and had the exact date.  Still to this date nothing has been said or done to explain this.  I understand from Elizabeth staff shouted at her on this dreadful ward as well.  I have no doubt listening to other patients who have been under this hospital that abuse goes on and there is even a blogging site dedicated to this ward that reminds me of the mazes in Thorpe Park.  There is even a museum at this hospital but NO WE HAVE NOT COME A LONG WAY WHEN THE LAW DOES NOT PROTECT THE VULNERABLE FROM ABUSE.     

Here is some of the comments from the previous social worker at Enfield Mental Health:

She tries to put blame on me that my contact with her causes distress but in fact Elizabeth is distressed at not being listened to by the team which causes me to be distressed.  She tries to say that I am giving her conflicting advice when in fact I am seeing my daughter in a very very distressed state and know it is not possible for her just to come off the drugs and listening to my daughter’s wishes led me to look for a properly qualified private orthomolecular psychiatrist who is qualified to prescribe the drugs as well as the supplements and I have never seen my daughter so happy.  With this kind of care she could have been reduced but reductions that had been attempted before were unsuccessful because these drugs drain the body of nutrients and that is why you need a proper assessment before going through anything like this and that is what I attempted to do before I got banned from visiting at the scheme.  The reason I got banned was because I requested a copy of an email Elizabeth had written from the office – the email had been ignored by this same social worker and was addresed to her.  I got the copy and then I was accused of being aggressive and threatening to the staff who my daughter did not wish to engage with in the end.  The very good keyworker based there had left and things had gone downhill.  The lack of care here and the drugs combined led to a decline in Elizabeth’s health as I said time and time again she needed more one to one care and her behaviour of course meant it was not possible to have her home at the time.  This social worker goes on to mention in the court papers that her father felt that any allegations of abuse would be dealt with appropriately.  This is not true –  I am in touch with a large group of ex patients “Speak Out Against Psychiatry” – they will tell you the opposite.  The court papers wrongly state I request for the “medication” to be stopped but I admit to wanting a reduction in this with the help of the orthomolecular psychiatrist which I was willing to pay for especially in light of all these different conflicting diagnoses I have seen in the previous file which is probably the reason they do not want me to see the recent files.


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