My daughter now has a new social worker thank goodness.  I did not get on with the last one as she used to sit there smiling throughout meetings especially at times when I was upset and distressed at a CPA meeting when noone cared to listen and they dismissed the serious side effects my daughter was suffering whilst on Seroquel like they could not have cared less.

The previous social worker was someone who did not listen.  I begged for my daughter not to be put into hospital activities whilst she was living in the community and that was because of her vulnerability and having to make own her way there and back but this was ignored.  This brought trouble to my doorstep in the form of a Section 3 patient who was allowed to go out freely unescorted and turned up at my neighbours house on more than one occasion mistaking it for my house.  He knew my address as my daughter had given it to him and my neighbours as well as myself were subject to threats.  When I complained, I was told that it was Enfield Social Services policy to allow sectioned patients out on their own unescorted due to their human rights.   All well and good but then why is there such a different interpretation in the law at both Bethlem Royal Hospital and Cambian – there they do not allow this sort of thing and patients are controlled completely and not allowed out with their own relatives.  Such was the strict regime of Cambian who are supposed to encourage patient involvement that on the first occasion a member of staff stood over us every second in a small visitors room.  The second occasion a member of staff accompanied myself and her sister out and was there every second.  This is what I call strict control.    

The Section III is nearly up for renewal and then a Section III can be renewed over and over and over again for up to 9 years so I understand.

My daughter is of no risk to society – she is so drugged up on 300mg of Clozapine and 500mg of Metformine which has not been changed since being put on this from the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  The last time the Section 3 was up for renewal, I did not have time to get a solicitor even to defend myself.  They wanted to replace me with her father who I am no longer married to.  He of course is not active in any campaign to improve mental health care and has been inactive in speaking up all along and passive in just going along with what the team want.  Yes, it would certainly suit them but he is not interested in being the Nearest Relative as he has enough to do as he has elderly parents who have not been in good health themselves.  So, when a section 3 is up for renewal, you get advised by the social worker and now my daughter has a new social worker.  There was meant to be a manager’s meeting on the 19th October but this was cancelled as Cambian refused the file to my solicitors as I understand and so an adjournment to the meeting was called.    Right now, her social worker is stating “I understand the current Section 3 is due to expire very soon and I expect your full cooperation into the process.”  She also goes on to sayThe Nearest Relative would be given every opportunity to be involved fully in such discussions/consultantations with the treatment team and AMHP.  In doing all the above if the objection to Section 3 is deemed unreasonable only then the questions arise whether it is in the best interest for hte patient to displace the role of the N/R.” 


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