Before visiting Elizabeth I went with my younger daughter to a wonderful conference run by the charity Chy Sawel where they had guest speakers and Dr William Walsh was the main speaker.  He has a wonderful book called Nutrient Power – Heal your biochemistry and heal your brain.  Dr Walsh has worked with 30,000 patients with conditions ranging from autism to Schizophrenia. 


The book presents a science-based nutrient therapy system that can help millions of persons diagnosed with mental disorders. 

Depression, schizophrenia and ADHD are umbrella terms that encompass diorders with widely differing brain chemistries and symptoms.   This wonderful book describes nutrient therapies tailored for five depression biotypes, three schizophrenia biotypes and various ADHD conditions.   Dr Walsh’s theory is that schizophrenia is epigenetic and can fully be treatable.  I know there is truth in this having myself appointed an orthomolecular psychiatrist privately.  The book is a MUST to read but unfortunately the team at Cambian did not wish to look at this book and I offered to give it to them and order myself another copy.


Anyway the next day we saw Elizabeth.  I wanted to take her out for the day with us and a trip on a steam railway which was very near by.    I wanted to take her to the wonderful carvery at the hotel where we stayed.  This was not allowed as the carvery started at 6 pm.  All I could do was take her for a meal – that was agreed but not on our own.  The manager from Cambian has to escort us and I was not allowed to spend a minute with my daughter alone.  When asked if they did not trust me I was told it was not the case.


However, I have been looking into the drugs my daughter is on and I AM NOT HAPPY.  I am especially not happy having listened to what Dr Walsh had to say which ties in with the other experts and I want to take my daughter to see Dr Walsh or else have her tested for which type of condition she actually has and have a diet set up for my daughter. 


The meeting that was planned at the Cambian was cancelled and I cannot talk about this right now but I can see there is much in the way of control going on at Cambian which reminds me of the Bethlem Royal Hospital. 

Having listened to the way my daughter speaks and seen how she is I do not feel very happy at all.  The meal we went for was Chinese and in a wonderful retail park with a sports and leisure centre.  I wanted to see inside this leisure centre where apparently staff take Elizabeth for swimming.  Elizabeth is a good swimmer, having had lessons whilst very young however I gather that she was very much afraid of the water.  She could barely walk unaided.  She felt constantly dizzy and is absolutely petrified of heights and suffered a panic attack whilst out because we went upstairs to look at the facilities from above and it was not high either but still this resulted in Elizabeth suffering from severe anxiety.  When you see this and remember how someone once was it makes you question the drugs and the care given in that these drugs have not benefitted my daughter and as I have found out very disturbingly the Metformine is being given OFF LABEL.  



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