I have had numerous text messages from Elizabeth asking me for chocolates and cds –  so they got her phone to work!  – I lodged a complaint about this as it was an ongoing situation where you could not get through on the telephone.  Anyway I have gone out of my way to arrange time off work to fit in with the Manager’s meeting on the 19th October which means I will be doing a lot of driving to Cornwall and Wales.  The Chy Sawel Conference is on the 18th and that is in Truro Cornwall with some wonderful professionals speaking.  Dr William Walsh is one of them and is over here from the States.  I am looking forward to meeting him for the first time and meeting up with another mother I got to know from a previous ward.  In the evening when this has finished then I plan to drive to Wales and have hotel accommodation booked close to where my daughter is staying in hospital.  It will be a flying visit but I am hoping that Elizabeth will be allowed off the ward to come out for a meal as I am also bringing her sister for the first time.  Elizabeth did not sound too well today when I spoke to her.  I  have listened to some very disturbing things and cannot mention these on my site at this moment in time.

As every day goes by I am thinking of them drugging my daughter up to her neck on 500mg Metformine and 300 clozapine.  What damage is being done to my daughter on these drugs which are given against her wishes.  I have found out some most interesting information from a professional about the Metformine.  I hae been told it is used for weight gain by the team however this professional I am in touch with states that they may be giving it to counter diabetes – the professional goes on to say that it is clearly being given for blood sugar issues which is what generally causes weight gain to begin with.  “What a sneaky bunch they are”.


It is interesting to see that many professionals who are starting to speak out against the drugs are all talking about nutrition and how important this is.  I can see that Elizabeth is craving for the wrong foods whereas once she only liked healthy foods and never like alcohol or smoking and now she is the opposite.  I  have no doubt the drugs lead to unhealthy diet and are the ruin of someone.  I know of people who are now suffering from serious health problems as a result of these drugs.  The awful thing is, there are conflicting diagnoses in Elizabeth’s case and nothing was done properly at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  The psychiatrist there said he “liked to start afresh” – how can you just start afresh and ignore the past and what has happened to that person.  It is as though they just do not care.

As regards how they treat you if you dare to complain and speak out about the care is another matter.  You get treated like dirt.  They all gang up and stick together and noone wishes to apologise or admit to making any mistakes.  Everything is covered up and also files can go missing.  It is easy to manipulate someone whilst on a high level of drugs.  I have no idea what to expect at the  hospital meeting on Friday.  I have never met anyone in the team such as the manager or the doctor involved.  I do not think the psychiatrist likes me as she was very pro the Maudsley but I have no regrets in saying that this supposedly worldwide renowned hospital is the m ost truly horrific place on earth and a place where they experiment on the weak and vulnerable without any regard for their long term health.

It is not right that the pharmaceutical industry do nothing to help such people like my daughter who are put on these awful drugs you cannot just come off easily.   Withdrawal needs to be done extremely slowly and over a long period of time and in the h ospitals they do not do this properly and so a patient ends up extremely ill as a result.  It is very cruel what is going on and there is much money to be made by giving these drugs and labelling someone with a serious condition when in fact where is the proof and evidence.  I have seen someone in my family get better who was really really ill and could do nothing for about 6 months and then recovered as this person refused every scrap of so called medication.  So much for the diagnosis of yet another person in my family who is getting on with life and has got over that period of difficulty and excelled in life.

I hope there will be press and TV reporters at the Chy Sawel Conference.   The world needs to hear what the experts like Dr William Walsh, Dr Ann Blake Tracy and quite a few others are saying as the experts are doubting the effectiveness of the drugs and these people should be listened to.

I hope with all my heart I get to meet Dr Ann Blake Tracy and am willing to go out to Denmark and even the States as I have heard there is so many wonderful alternative care centres being set up in the States unlike here in the UK where there is absolutely nothing.  In the UK Chy Sawel and Soteria wish to set up a place and I so hope this will come about sooner rather than later.


I truly believe that it would be nice if these drugs companies contributed something towards a unique centre – in fact there would have to be more than one unique centre like Earth House in the UK offering residential care and alternative care in terms of less drugs and more emphasis on nutrition and counselling, dealing with the root cause of depression and most importantly listening to the patient which is something that the professionals seem incapable of doing.   


I feel sorry for all the families torn apart through the shocking care on offer that divides families and can control the person who is ill by brainwashing, by chemically drugging that person and forcing them to take the drugs even if a diagnosis is in doubt or the person complains of the most serious side effects the drugging carries on and no-one cares less.  How is that person ever going to get better unless they have something like the unique care on offer at Earth House where patients are treated with respect? 


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