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It is good to hear Ed Miliband speak on mental health.   When I called into Parliament myself no-one seemed to care less and could not help in any way.


I would like to see Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street-Porter  spend some time on an acute ward and go and visit some of the patients there.  At the Bethlem Royal Hospital there were hardly any visitors to patients, there was nothing to do at weekends and my daughter referred to this as “prison”.  I also wish they would help me in my campaign for better mental Health care and assessments done by Dr William Walsh to determine the underlying cause rather than dish out all these drugs.   They are entitled to their opinion but obviously know nothing about mental health and it is a pity they do not put their efforts more positively into understanding and caring about others who are suffering deeply.  They should perhaps also read some of the books out like Pharmageddon, David Healy,  Molecules of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert, Nutrient Power by Dr William Walsh, Prozac Panacea Pandor by Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  Anyone who knows nothing about mental health should read up on the facts and go to visit the patients.  Many of these patients have been abused.  Some have suffered severe trauma –  terrible pictures are painted of people diagnosed with serious conditions such as Schizophrenia and there is so much ignorance and this is not helped fueled by the comments of celebrities such as these.

In fact, I have added Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street-Porter on Twitter.   I should really praise them for their outspoken views because is their comments that are drawing attention to mental health which is not a subject anyone likes to talk about. I see their comments in a positive light for this reason as any mention about mental health is good and brings about debate as in this case.   There are of course many who would be deeply offended by their comments however I hope they continue with their onslaught, as there will be more and more publicity as well as the fact their comments can actually educate others.  If these comments make other people curious enough to know more then that is a good thing as I have met the most wonderful people who happen to be mentally ill and it is lack of knowledge that leads to ignorance. 

The plight of people like my daughter drugged up to her neck on chemicals with multiple diagnoses who once had a job, was learning to drive and doing all the normal things and then she had a breakdown is very sad.  She is only in her mid-twenties and is miles away from home and family.  The first cure was drug after drug and none have worked.  There are no alternative care centres in the UK and groups like Chy Sawel and Soteria want to set up more humane care for mental health patients and then there are the wonderful centres in the States such as Earth House – this is what we need over here so that patients can be reduced off the drugs slowly and gradually even if they are kept on a minimal of drugs so that they can at least function and do things.

I wonder what Jeremy Clarkson and Janet Street-Porter think of the drugging of children and the elderly which has also affected my family.

It would be good if they can turn their attention to speaking out against the shocking care on offer in a positive way and to help get projects like Chy Sawel and Soteria off the ground because I stand to lose my daughter on the high level of drugs they are giving. 

No-one likes to admit they have made a mistake and that is the problem. There are multiple diagnoses in the file of my daughter, these being two of them- (Aspergers and Schizophrenia). The drug free period of assessment at Bethlem Royal Hospital would have been a brilliant opportunity for the team of experts to properly explore exactly what was wrong with my daughter and I believe you can only come to a conclusion if this is done as the drugs themselves can actually cause psychosis.  Akathisia is a common example of a serious condition caused by these drugs so how can you come up with a diagnosis unless you have a drug free period of assessment.
I sought advice from Dr Ann Blake Tracy as I already knew that it was impossible to take someone off the drugs and this is very very dangerous if not done properly.  However Dr Tracy’s brilliant website called International Drug Awareness Coalition gives all the advice you need.  You would think that a hospital such as the Maudsley would have the know-how to do this but I provided the information as when I  heard a steep reduction of 150 mg off seroquel was going to be done over 2 weeks, this I told the psychiatrist would never work and I was right.  Dr Ann Blake Tracy told me that this is how they keep people for their establishments and how right she is.  Any steep reduction or change in drugs can cause adverse behaviour and psychosis.  Knowing this, why did the Maudsley put both staff and patients at risk with adverse behaviour caused by coming off the drugs incorrectly when in actual fact it should be done very slowly and gradually over a period of 1 – 2 years as documented by Dr Tracy?.  It is not just her that is giving this advice either.    
Above is the reason I am so upset – my daughter has multiple diagnoses and this cannot be proven because she has not had a proper assessment.  All doctors want to do is push drugs which is easier for them to look back on files and study what happened to that person and test as to whether any long term health problems exist.  Well I am prepared to pay privately for such tests done by Dr William Walsh who has done extensive research into nutrition and he is not the only one.  I am prepared to have these tests done to establish the correct diet and to see if there is chemical imbalance or underlying health problems – he can see exactly what deficiencies there are in nutrients etc and as he quite rightly said at the Chy Sawel Conference – “for every drug there is a  natural remedy”.
This morning I contacted LBC as I heard there was a programme on mental health or discussion “Is mental health being taken as seriously as it should be”.  Unfortunately I a bit late for this in phoning however the team were quite interested and I have written to them to say I would be delighted to appear on a future programme regarding mental health care – I took the opportunity to write about Dr Tracy and Dr Walsh, also Dr Healy.   I mentioned also my blog and the Group Speak Out Against Psychiatry and how many people have suffered under current care both under the NHS and care in the community plus the fact that the law does not protect these patients from abuse and that is why I have compared this example with the current Jimmy Saville case.  That involved a celebrity but how many other cases of abuse get buried in the sand?   I can certainly see how this can happen as people are afraid to speak out and that is the way forward to stop this kind of abuse.  Under the NHS mental health I have heard many instances of abuse.  The Bethlem Royal Hospital is not the only place but there are not many places like this for research purposes to this extent.

There has been much publicity into the shocking ever growing number of cases coming forward of abuse by a leading and once well respected celebrity figure in the UK, namely Jimmy Saville.  The fact that these cases are only just coming to light just goes to show that there is a culture of evil operating within powerful organisations with members of staff preferring to stay silent.  For these cases only just to come to light it is shocking that there has been such a cover up and only right that there should be a full and thorough investigation into this.



I agree that someone who is displaying severe symptoms of psychosis or is a threat to society or themselves should have treatment but what kind of treatment do they get – nothing but these harmful drugs and the way this is conducted in the UK is abusive – there is no choice of treatment apart from soley drugs.  The law does nothing to protect vulnerable patients because once on a section they are forced to take these drugs even if the experts dispute the diagnosis in the files – it is like giving someone a life sentence in prison.    The drugs are the only “cure” under the NHS for these patients who end up in hospital and this is apalling.  There is never any testing to see if that person is allergic to food, has a particular chemical imbalance or underlying  health problems that could be treated with natural remedies. More investigation into the scientific research of Dr William Walsh should be looked at instead of all this drug pushing within the hospitals and the book “Nutrient Power” and the scientific findings of Dr Walsh should be explored and given as treatment in the hospitals as a matter of choice for the patients.

If a world renowned leading scientist/expert such as Dr William Walsh has the scientific evidence that points to the fact that this treatment works then in severe cases where a patient does not respond drugs another approach should be taken.  It would seem that this is not an option in the UK under the NHS due to the closed minds of the bulk of professionals but to those patients who have taken this approach and got well again, (I know of people like this and can vouch for the fact) if carried out in a hospital environment, then there is no harm in looking further into the research of Dr William Walsh.  Dr William Walsh has done research into the very worst cases of serial killers both in the US and over here and through his research has been able to pinpoint the causes, such investigation shoujld be made available to all patients in the UK.  “For every drug there is a natural remedy”  This is very true.  Dr Walsh highlighted certain natural remedies that could be used to the same effect and in the same way as the highly dangerous anti-psychotic drugs currently do.   Do these professionals care to think about the long term health of the person they are drugging?   It is easier and less bother to them to drug someone up to the point they can barely walk unaided and unresponsive without caring that the patient suffers worse anxiety and other serious effects than they have ever suffered before.


Getting back to the court papers there several things stated that are completely untrue  in those court papers and the description of me is a disgrace.   I do not mind the world judging me on my character as I have nothing to hide.    In fact the patients enjoyed my visits and made sure I heard that they were complaining of their human rights.  Also I am NOT putting constant pressure on her to give up the drugs – I am not teleplhoning her on her mobile to do this either.  If it were not for me seeing the files in the first place I would not have known of all these diagnoses but then if a doctor cannot be bothered to read the files and look back on what happened to that person because he wants to start afresh,  it is no wonder a diagnosis is wrong.  

It is also documented wrongly that the “medication” or rather drugs helped her.  In her own words she said she felt like she was “crawling out of her skin”.  This is the one of the effects that 750mg of Seroquel can cause, known as Akathisia.  

Yes she did say that I had put her in hospital but that is not strictly true as situations had led to her being admitted in the first instance and the first instance was when she took herself of Cipralix in one go.  That was what led to the hospital admissions in the first place.

 It is not only the physical abuse but mental abuse that rarely comes before court because of carers and patients being too afraid,  it is also the forced drugging without looking at whether there could possibly be an underlying health problem.   The drugs are given for profit benefitting the pharmaceutical industry and they make it easy for the staff to deal with a patient.  The more drugs the better – every time Elizabethe was admitted into hospital the drugs are increased and against a patient’s wishes.  The drugs do not deal with any underlying problems.  They lead to long term health problems and this abuse is going on. 

 On a different note:

It truly amazed me that people were queuing for so many hours to sample some of the “delights” of the  mazes at a leading adventure park.  Little do they know what really goes on –  Perhaps they should come down to the Bethlem Royal Hospital and see their museum but then people think this kind of treatment is in the past.   I can honestly say that abuse is current and rife under the NHS and also, nor forgetting the abuse by social services who team up with them to harrass and bully, destroying familiies in doing so.   

Disturbingly I believe there has been intervention to replace my daughter’s solicitors as she had given consent to them to liaising with me on basic information.  I hope they make a massive complaint.  I believe my daughter is being manipulated and brainwashed by some of the comments I have heard that I cannot mention at this stage.  

I did want to see the file when I was banned from visiting at the Maudsley Fitzmary II Ward and was entitled to see the file in terms of mention of myself, not my daughter under Data Protection Act however none of the relevant papers were given and I was never given a copy of the minutes of the meetings I attended.  The psychiatrist said when asked “I just want to concentrate on the care”.  I do not want to see every detail in the file and was only really interested in what drugs had been given which I now know.  I already know that the files probably contain details the team do not want me to see such as how they think of me as a mother.  They can write what they like about you behind their backs and get away with it.  If anyone was to write such things that I have read from previous files they would be before the courts forfammation of character.  When I requested solely information relating to me being banned from the Bethlem Royal Hospital under Data Protection Act I was given nothing of relevance and yet the incidents leading up to me being banned were matters where my name was mentioned and this should have been provided under the Data Protection Act.  On each occasion I had a witness present who was apalled and I have been described as aggressive and threatening to the staff when in fact it was the other way round.  When I met the Chief Executive who has now left, Stuart Bell of SLAM he had to admit I did not fit the description of being threatening and aggressive when I introduced myself.   

Anyway, I think Enfield Mental Health deserve a mention and not just the Maudsley Hospital or Cambian Group. It is failure by Enfield on account of their care and social services that have led to my daughter being where she is now, followed of course by the failure of SLAM NHS. 

One thing for sure is there is huge manipulation of weakened drugged up patients and there is cover up of abuse where staff stick together left right and centre protecting their well paid jobs.  For instance it is abusive of nurses to shout at patients and negligent if they cover up for the sake of their jobs when abuse is taking place.  They can get away with slagging you off behind your back and accusing you of abusing the person you care for when that person is suffering abuse under their care.   Just like in the Jimmy Saville case, there are staff who stick together to protect their jobs and nothing is done because there is no decent complaints system in place and noone has any powers to intervene.  Very few cases come to the public attention and of course there is outcry but how many other cases go unmentioned and patients continue to suffer abuse.  This is care under the mental health in the UK. 

The reason I am documenting this is that I want my daughter to know the truth one day –  if I am not around to tell her then I hope she gets to hear that I have tried to fight for her release from this section that is totally unjust as she is not of risk to society but would need one to one care for a while and the key is getting her the correct placement and this takes no end of time under the NHS.  Human rights appear to be non existent under the mental health care system so it would  in the UK if a patient is unlucky enough to be sectioned.

The other reason I am documenting this is that I want to see changes in the mental health care system.  It is not workfor so many and when care does not work it is a waste of public funding –  also more thought should be given to care in the community as I witnessed patients begging to come back into hospital because they feel safe.  It is all wrong in my opinion.  There should be more support for these people and I disagree that they should not be more integrated into society.  The previous social worker felt in the most patronising manner that my daughter would be happier amongst her own kind.

I will next document possible alternatives in care but these may not suit everyone however I was most impressed by some of the speakers at the Chy Sawel Conference and will give this a mention next time.

Take a look at the following link –  if there were more doctors who had an insight like this then there would be less complaints and more happiness and true understanding given towards the patient:

“I EXPECT YOUR FULL COOPERATION TO THE PROCESS”  – this is the actual statement from the new social worker who I knew nothing about until recently because of lack of communication.

So far my daughter’s Tribunal has gone ahead with her father present, rather than myself.  I was not told about this from social services at Enfield (who I know for a fact attended) or the team at Cambian.  However someone from Cambian telephoned her father to invite him to this occasion.  I am fully aware that the first Tribunal is solely for my daughter but she should have been fully represented at this Tribunal by her already appointed solicitors.  I do not think this was the case.

When I telephoned an organisation called Hafal who are supposed to be advocates in Wales for carers they turned around and said they could not help me as I did not live in Wales.  I then turned to the various carers support groups in Enfield and they could not help me also as they could not send someone to Wales.   So, I set about appointing my solicitors as I know full well how unhappy my daughter is on a Section which is just like prison. Bearing in mind my daughter is happy to remain as a voluntary patient, I do not personally see what the problem is.  Cambian apparently so I heard third party want to keep her for up to 18 months.   I understand there is a new law in Wales that allows holistic care and I am seeing and hearing my daughter going downhill because of the high amount of powerful mind-altering drugs she is on and feel that other things shoud be investigated such as the scientific-backed research of Dr William Walsh who I met recently at the Chy-Sawel Conference.  His informative book called “Nutrient Power” describes the way forward .  Everyone should be treated individually and underlying health problems/food intolerance/chemical imbalance looked at thoroughly before dishing out one diagnosis after another.  Elizabeth has about four diagnoses and the Bethlem Royal Hospital took her off as much as 150mg of Seroquel.  Apparently her behaviour became adverse and they just slapped on a section.  “this is how they keep people for their establishments” said Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  How true especially when they get the funding direct from the drugs manufacturers at this research hospital Bethlem Royal Hospital.  Enfield NHS/Social Services referred Elizabeth to this hospital after 8 admissions to the local hospital and being dumped time and time again in a local scheme where the care was obviously not working and where something terrible happened.  The answer was to move her up a floor instead of bothering to look for somewhere else.  I tried to do that as all I wanted as a mother was for my daughter to be in the right environment and at the time could not consider having her home – her behaviour caused solely as a result of Seroquel termed Akathisia meant this was not possible as there were other people around.  However, swapping one drug and mixing it with Olanzapine as was done at the Maudsley first of all caused no end of distress to my daughter who was on the phone often whilst I was at work.  It was so upsetting to hear her talk in such a distressed manner and there was nothing I could do about it. When the Section 2 came to an end at the Maudsley they wanted her to be placed on Section 3 (compulsory treatment order).  Elizabeth again was happy to remain voluntary whilst they looked for a suitable placement but when nothing was done – the very good social worker there (the only one under the mental health I have come across that is good) was off sick.  No placement was given and there was talk about the extension of Section 3 against Elizabeth’s wishes and by this time she seemed to be stable on the Olanzapine and I wanted her home.  I felt I could have coped with her being home at that point but may have had to give up my job.  This is what they did at Enfield Social Services with their legal teams involved:

Email after Email at work.  Phone call after Phone call at Work.   Phone calls at my hairdressers thereafter as I could not talk in an open plan office.  Threats after threats to replace me and court action to the point I had to urgently ask for a day off as I had one day’s notice to get a solicitor which was impossible.  Court papers sent to me at work back in May 2012 stating “Order sought under S29 Mental Health ACt 1983 tht the functions of nearest relative be exercised by her father.” “Unreasonable objections to an application under S3 Mental Health Act  1983 for complulsory detention.  This is littered with spelling mistakes by the way!!  So the previous social worker was taking me to court – the one who tried to push Clozapine at my daughter by trying to persuade her to take it on more than one occasion which caused a lot of distress to my daughter by the way.  They are backed by the legal team of SLAM and stating a difficult relationship between the treating team and myself and that I made numerous complaints.  They stated in contrast to Elizabeth’s initial permissions to the whole family that she requests confidentiality with her file.  They use the word hostility and disruption and placing one member of staff to liaise with me.  That one member of staff was a female nursing staff who just used to phone once a week and gave no information whatsoever.  My daughter had signed about 3 forms giving consent but suddenly no information whatsoever was being allowed.   They mentioned my daughter was conflicted in  taking the drugs but in fact she told me and friends/family that she was suffering some terrible side effects as a result of these drugs and as a mother I just stuck up for her because she was just being ignored.  They mentioned about hallucinations –  in the first instance Elizabeth suffered from none of these but I have watched a gradual decline of her after being on these drugs one after another and none have worked.  She said ” you try taking them, Mum” – “you do not know just how bad they make me feel”  Yes it is true I had a list of complaints  – one of them which  has n ot been answered is WHY WAS MY DAUGHTER’S FACE COVERED IN BRUISES.  To this the Ward Manager at Fitzmary II Ward said “when did that happen” – I gave her the date as I document things on my website here and had the exact date.  Still to this date nothing has been said or done to explain this.  I understand from Elizabeth staff shouted at her on this dreadful ward as well.  I have no doubt listening to other patients who have been under this hospital that abuse goes on and there is even a blogging site dedicated to this ward that reminds me of the mazes in Thorpe Park.  There is even a museum at this hospital but NO WE HAVE NOT COME A LONG WAY WHEN THE LAW DOES NOT PROTECT THE VULNERABLE FROM ABUSE.     

Here is some of the comments from the previous social worker at Enfield Mental Health:

She tries to put blame on me that my contact with her causes distress but in fact Elizabeth is distressed at not being listened to by the team which causes me to be distressed.  She tries to say that I am giving her conflicting advice when in fact I am seeing my daughter in a very very distressed state and know it is not possible for her just to come off the drugs and listening to my daughter’s wishes led me to look for a properly qualified private orthomolecular psychiatrist who is qualified to prescribe the drugs as well as the supplements and I have never seen my daughter so happy.  With this kind of care she could have been reduced but reductions that had been attempted before were unsuccessful because these drugs drain the body of nutrients and that is why you need a proper assessment before going through anything like this and that is what I attempted to do before I got banned from visiting at the scheme.  The reason I got banned was because I requested a copy of an email Elizabeth had written from the office – the email had been ignored by this same social worker and was addresed to her.  I got the copy and then I was accused of being aggressive and threatening to the staff who my daughter did not wish to engage with in the end.  The very good keyworker based there had left and things had gone downhill.  The lack of care here and the drugs combined led to a decline in Elizabeth’s health as I said time and time again she needed more one to one care and her behaviour of course meant it was not possible to have her home at the time.  This social worker goes on to mention in the court papers that her father felt that any allegations of abuse would be dealt with appropriately.  This is not true –  I am in touch with a large group of ex patients “Speak Out Against Psychiatry” – they will tell you the opposite.  The court papers wrongly state I request for the “medication” to be stopped but I admit to wanting a reduction in this with the help of the orthomolecular psychiatrist which I was willing to pay for especially in light of all these different conflicting diagnoses I have seen in the previous file which is probably the reason they do not want me to see the recent files.


My daughter now has a new social worker thank goodness.  I did not get on with the last one as she used to sit there smiling throughout meetings especially at times when I was upset and distressed at a CPA meeting when noone cared to listen and they dismissed the serious side effects my daughter was suffering whilst on Seroquel like they could not have cared less.

The previous social worker was someone who did not listen.  I begged for my daughter not to be put into hospital activities whilst she was living in the community and that was because of her vulnerability and having to make own her way there and back but this was ignored.  This brought trouble to my doorstep in the form of a Section 3 patient who was allowed to go out freely unescorted and turned up at my neighbours house on more than one occasion mistaking it for my house.  He knew my address as my daughter had given it to him and my neighbours as well as myself were subject to threats.  When I complained, I was told that it was Enfield Social Services policy to allow sectioned patients out on their own unescorted due to their human rights.   All well and good but then why is there such a different interpretation in the law at both Bethlem Royal Hospital and Cambian – there they do not allow this sort of thing and patients are controlled completely and not allowed out with their own relatives.  Such was the strict regime of Cambian who are supposed to encourage patient involvement that on the first occasion a member of staff stood over us every second in a small visitors room.  The second occasion a member of staff accompanied myself and her sister out and was there every second.  This is what I call strict control.    

The Section III is nearly up for renewal and then a Section III can be renewed over and over and over again for up to 9 years so I understand.

My daughter is of no risk to society – she is so drugged up on 300mg of Clozapine and 500mg of Metformine which has not been changed since being put on this from the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  The last time the Section 3 was up for renewal, I did not have time to get a solicitor even to defend myself.  They wanted to replace me with her father who I am no longer married to.  He of course is not active in any campaign to improve mental health care and has been inactive in speaking up all along and passive in just going along with what the team want.  Yes, it would certainly suit them but he is not interested in being the Nearest Relative as he has enough to do as he has elderly parents who have not been in good health themselves.  So, when a section 3 is up for renewal, you get advised by the social worker and now my daughter has a new social worker.  There was meant to be a manager’s meeting on the 19th October but this was cancelled as Cambian refused the file to my solicitors as I understand and so an adjournment to the meeting was called.    Right now, her social worker is stating “I understand the current Section 3 is due to expire very soon and I expect your full cooperation into the process.”  She also goes on to sayThe Nearest Relative would be given every opportunity to be involved fully in such discussions/consultantations with the treatment team and AMHP.  In doing all the above if the objection to Section 3 is deemed unreasonable only then the questions arise whether it is in the best interest for hte patient to displace the role of the N/R.” 

Before visiting Elizabeth I went with my younger daughter to a wonderful conference run by the charity Chy Sawel where they had guest speakers and Dr William Walsh was the main speaker.  He has a wonderful book called Nutrient Power – Heal your biochemistry and heal your brain.  Dr Walsh has worked with 30,000 patients with conditions ranging from autism to Schizophrenia. 


The book presents a science-based nutrient therapy system that can help millions of persons diagnosed with mental disorders. 

Depression, schizophrenia and ADHD are umbrella terms that encompass diorders with widely differing brain chemistries and symptoms.   This wonderful book describes nutrient therapies tailored for five depression biotypes, three schizophrenia biotypes and various ADHD conditions.   Dr Walsh’s theory is that schizophrenia is epigenetic and can fully be treatable.  I know there is truth in this having myself appointed an orthomolecular psychiatrist privately.  The book is a MUST to read but unfortunately the team at Cambian did not wish to look at this book and I offered to give it to them and order myself another copy.


Anyway the next day we saw Elizabeth.  I wanted to take her out for the day with us and a trip on a steam railway which was very near by.    I wanted to take her to the wonderful carvery at the hotel where we stayed.  This was not allowed as the carvery started at 6 pm.  All I could do was take her for a meal – that was agreed but not on our own.  The manager from Cambian has to escort us and I was not allowed to spend a minute with my daughter alone.  When asked if they did not trust me I was told it was not the case.


However, I have been looking into the drugs my daughter is on and I AM NOT HAPPY.  I am especially not happy having listened to what Dr Walsh had to say which ties in with the other experts and I want to take my daughter to see Dr Walsh or else have her tested for which type of condition she actually has and have a diet set up for my daughter. 


The meeting that was planned at the Cambian was cancelled and I cannot talk about this right now but I can see there is much in the way of control going on at Cambian which reminds me of the Bethlem Royal Hospital. 

Having listened to the way my daughter speaks and seen how she is I do not feel very happy at all.  The meal we went for was Chinese and in a wonderful retail park with a sports and leisure centre.  I wanted to see inside this leisure centre where apparently staff take Elizabeth for swimming.  Elizabeth is a good swimmer, having had lessons whilst very young however I gather that she was very much afraid of the water.  She could barely walk unaided.  She felt constantly dizzy and is absolutely petrified of heights and suffered a panic attack whilst out because we went upstairs to look at the facilities from above and it was not high either but still this resulted in Elizabeth suffering from severe anxiety.  When you see this and remember how someone once was it makes you question the drugs and the care given in that these drugs have not benefitted my daughter and as I have found out very disturbingly the Metformine is being given OFF LABEL.  


I have had numerous text messages from Elizabeth asking me for chocolates and cds –  so they got her phone to work!  – I lodged a complaint about this as it was an ongoing situation where you could not get through on the telephone.  Anyway I have gone out of my way to arrange time off work to fit in with the Manager’s meeting on the 19th October which means I will be doing a lot of driving to Cornwall and Wales.  The Chy Sawel Conference is on the 18th and that is in Truro Cornwall with some wonderful professionals speaking.  Dr William Walsh is one of them and is over here from the States.  I am looking forward to meeting him for the first time and meeting up with another mother I got to know from a previous ward.  In the evening when this has finished then I plan to drive to Wales and have hotel accommodation booked close to where my daughter is staying in hospital.  It will be a flying visit but I am hoping that Elizabeth will be allowed off the ward to come out for a meal as I am also bringing her sister for the first time.  Elizabeth did not sound too well today when I spoke to her.  I  have listened to some very disturbing things and cannot mention these on my site at this moment in time.

As every day goes by I am thinking of them drugging my daughter up to her neck on 500mg Metformine and 300 clozapine.  What damage is being done to my daughter on these drugs which are given against her wishes.  I have found out some most interesting information from a professional about the Metformine.  I hae been told it is used for weight gain by the team however this professional I am in touch with states that they may be giving it to counter diabetes – the professional goes on to say that it is clearly being given for blood sugar issues which is what generally causes weight gain to begin with.  “What a sneaky bunch they are”.


It is interesting to see that many professionals who are starting to speak out against the drugs are all talking about nutrition and how important this is.  I can see that Elizabeth is craving for the wrong foods whereas once she only liked healthy foods and never like alcohol or smoking and now she is the opposite.  I  have no doubt the drugs lead to unhealthy diet and are the ruin of someone.  I know of people who are now suffering from serious health problems as a result of these drugs.  The awful thing is, there are conflicting diagnoses in Elizabeth’s case and nothing was done properly at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  The psychiatrist there said he “liked to start afresh” – how can you just start afresh and ignore the past and what has happened to that person.  It is as though they just do not care.

As regards how they treat you if you dare to complain and speak out about the care is another matter.  You get treated like dirt.  They all gang up and stick together and noone wishes to apologise or admit to making any mistakes.  Everything is covered up and also files can go missing.  It is easy to manipulate someone whilst on a high level of drugs.  I have no idea what to expect at the  hospital meeting on Friday.  I have never met anyone in the team such as the manager or the doctor involved.  I do not think the psychiatrist likes me as she was very pro the Maudsley but I have no regrets in saying that this supposedly worldwide renowned hospital is the m ost truly horrific place on earth and a place where they experiment on the weak and vulnerable without any regard for their long term health.

It is not right that the pharmaceutical industry do nothing to help such people like my daughter who are put on these awful drugs you cannot just come off easily.   Withdrawal needs to be done extremely slowly and over a long period of time and in the h ospitals they do not do this properly and so a patient ends up extremely ill as a result.  It is very cruel what is going on and there is much money to be made by giving these drugs and labelling someone with a serious condition when in fact where is the proof and evidence.  I have seen someone in my family get better who was really really ill and could do nothing for about 6 months and then recovered as this person refused every scrap of so called medication.  So much for the diagnosis of yet another person in my family who is getting on with life and has got over that period of difficulty and excelled in life.

I hope there will be press and TV reporters at the Chy Sawel Conference.   The world needs to hear what the experts like Dr William Walsh, Dr Ann Blake Tracy and quite a few others are saying as the experts are doubting the effectiveness of the drugs and these people should be listened to.

I hope with all my heart I get to meet Dr Ann Blake Tracy and am willing to go out to Denmark and even the States as I have heard there is so many wonderful alternative care centres being set up in the States unlike here in the UK where there is absolutely nothing.  In the UK Chy Sawel and Soteria wish to set up a place and I so hope this will come about sooner rather than later.


I truly believe that it would be nice if these drugs companies contributed something towards a unique centre – in fact there would have to be more than one unique centre like Earth House in the UK offering residential care and alternative care in terms of less drugs and more emphasis on nutrition and counselling, dealing with the root cause of depression and most importantly listening to the patient which is something that the professionals seem incapable of doing.   


I feel sorry for all the families torn apart through the shocking care on offer that divides families and can control the person who is ill by brainwashing, by chemically drugging that person and forcing them to take the drugs even if a diagnosis is in doubt or the person complains of the most serious side effects the drugging carries on and no-one cares less.  How is that person ever going to get better unless they have something like the unique care on offer at Earth House where patients are treated with respect? 

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