Every day is the same, am up early and home late.  My journey  to work each day consists of standing on a crowded underground train for the duration of getting to work and you are lucky if you get a seat.

My thoughts often turn to my daughter during the day wondering what she is doing and I assume she is stuck in most of the time from what she told me.  It is pointless ringing her early in the morning – in fact it is pointless ringing at all because it is as though something is desperately wrong at the Cambian Group.  It is as though they do not want you to be in contact.   It is out of character that Elizabeth does not ring or get in touch with anyone from the family.  She is completely isolated and surrounded by the team of “professionals”.   These professionals have many others to look after and my daughter is just a number to them.   If I need to speak to my daughter I have to go through the office and wait for a long time sometimes I have given up because the staff go to find her and all the time I am holding on and ringing from a mobile phone.    Despite repeated requests noone seems to care less.  There is much secrecy and the team do not seem willing to have me along at the next meeting and perhaps they are trying to replace me again but this time they could be using my daughter as a tool to say that she does not want me there.  I know for a fact that Elizabeth wants me to visit her but I am getting more and more concerned that this team at Cambian working closely with Enfield Mental Health and maybe SLAM are perhaps trying to isolate my daughter from me and it would suit them no end if they replaced me as Nearest Relative.  I have been concerned at some of the things that Elizabeth has been saying lately which is out of character and I know for a fact that somecan can be brainwashed on these drugs and judging by the files which I have they can write what they like about you and slate you as a person which they have done in my case and the prime reason is they do not like to be challenged.  This is the NHS for you and of course social services are just the same.  They ignore NICE guidelines – they do not care about familiies and have not got a clue how to communicate.  All they do is to play on the issues of “confidentiality” to cover their backs. For instance they allowed a unsuitable guest to visit my daughter at the Maudsley and I got to find out about it by chance.  This person threatened to kill my next door neighbours and yet they banned me.  They tried to make out my visits were upsetting to the patients when all I could hear was the patients complaining of their human rights not being listened to.  They ignored all the books and cds and treated me like dirt. 

Mr Gus Heafield Chief Executive has a mammoth task to put things right there and I would suggest he starts from scratch.  I would suggest he includes the very people the staff look down on like myself as carer and a patient who has bombarded them with complaints but in fact could be very useful in terms of inclusion and addressing discrimination against the disabled which is something that is rife under the NHS especially in the case of mental health patients who are just left on the scrap heap but in fact are highly intelligent or artistic and should be given the help and encouragement to do something but there is not the support and patients are left on these powerful drugs that often leaves them incapable of doing much however someone can quickly lose confidence if they do not get the help and encouragement instead of drug pushing in order to get back on their feet.  I know that mental health patients have a lot to offer and some are highly capable and could be very useful if included in the running of the wards and liaising with patients and professionals.  They should be included not excluded.  

The next thing for me to do is exercise my rights as Nearest Relative.  I believe they have to call a manager’s meeting – however they are not willing to fit in with the date I said I would be coming down to tie in with my younger daughter.  The meeting is up in the air and in the hands of my solicitors but I was  most concerned on speaking to my daughter that they have tried to exclude me in such a way involving my daughter and again the plan may be to replace me as the nearest relative which they seem desperate to do.  

I now have no idea what will  happen if that meeting does not go ahead. 

I definitely feel like everything is affecting my  health and feel a strain to my heart.  I have had a couple of occasions where I felt like I was having a heart attack but put this down to stress.

 I get to hear any news third party as no-one bothers to tell me but  I have no regrets on being outspoken.  People are afraid to be outspoken for fear of this sort of exclusion happening when the team come between family and the vulnerable person –  once surrounded by the team that person can easily be manipulated and pressurised into saying certain things and obeying their rules.  If someone does not obey their rules they produce more drugs or even worse ECT.  I hope they did not do this to Elizabeth whilst at the Maudsley.  They drug a patient up to their necks and then make out they have capacity and get them to sign papers when in fact there are times when Elizabeth has not had capacity judging from her conversation to me on the phone. 


 I cannot believe that the UK is such an uncaring country but living in London the pace of life is very fast – there is no time for people and if they are bringing her home because they do not want to pay any more for Cambian at local level then this is something else.  I heard of another meeting arranged on the 21st  and this is the one my daughter told me about.

Once again what is the point in  having NICE guidelines.  The professionals quite often ignore NICE guidelines and if there is nothing to enforce such guidelines it is just a waste of time.



  1. lesley said:

    did you it resolved? we have a cambian care home next to us and it is terrible how they treat the residents

    • Wales is a lovely area but a long distance from home. There is no help or assistance given when someone is moved a long way from home and luckily I work as I know some people who cannot afford to visit people sent miles away and then of course you cannot monitor what is going on but that is the idea – get someone away from the family – it is all about control. My daughter was moved to Cambian from the shocking Bethlem Royal Hospital (FM2 Ward) National Psychosis Unit. This is a hospital where “its all about Clozapine” and where they experiment with disregard to a patient’s health by trying out sprays and giving off label drugs such as Metformine and Clozapine. I actually wanted my daughter to go to Cambian as I thought they had 4 star wards with patient involvement. Their glossy brochure sounded so good. However Elizabeth was not allowed out and this has led to her suffering Agoraphobia. She did get taken out occasionally but to begin with they discouraged leave and contact, we could not get through on the phone and I was given restricted contact by phone once a week supervised phone calls at a time I could not even phone. They were reminded of the human rights of my daughter and a letter was sent to the hospital and local CEO notifing them of breach of Article 8. The Tribunal was long and drawn out as my daughter weakened by the drugs finds it hard to speak u0. They recommended replacement of her firm of solicitors to one no doubt they recommended in Wales. Solicitors and advocates were doing nothing and solicitor did not go near her. There were patients in private sector Cambian who had been there 3 years- my daughter has been speaking of shocking things. However not all the staff were bad and some could barely look me in the face. I had the feeling others were behind this – I cannot believe locally that they had no knowledge of what was going on that is for sure. All along they were attempting for the second time to displace me as NR but luckily I found out and appointed solicitors. Now off the section and CTO first of all they sent her to a care home and once again coercion was going on under their care and this is run by social services. Social services have a lot of power which they can use to destroy a whole family and to section someone even if they are not of risk to themselves or others. They can use the law to their own ends and they are professionals who can say and do what they like and get away with it. A previous social worker spent much of her time smiling at meetings and they all stick together. Social services even have the power to delay medical treatment and it would seem they control this as well because my daughter did not want to go back to the care home and has always wanted to stay at home but if a team do not like you they go out of their way to use their powers against you. It is not Cambian who must get a fortune by holding on to someone for 3 yrs or so at how much per week – no doubt thousands – it is the system that is failing to protect the weak and vulnerable – instead it is a system that protects professionals in many cases. Since being at home Elizabeth is doing well but she has been away and sectioned for many years and it seemed to take forever to bring things to the tribunal. I know of some parents who have sons and daughters trapped in the system and some do not have the strength to go through a tribunal. Instead of support within home and family money is being raked in by private sector hospitals and care homes – no help to the family – it is a system that is in need of change and should be open and honest like in Tornio, Finland.

  2. Martin Cope said:

    i have direct experience of inpatient psychiatric care at the hands of the Cambian group. I have never come across such systemic ineptitude. Granted some of the support staff and staff nurses are genuinely nice people. There are nice people everywhere – even in psychiatric care (that was a joke) – but there IS something very wrong in Cambian.
    Staff morale is very low – new contracts which oblige anti-social working hours on employees with families mean that many staff have chosen to resign and go onto bank. Experienced staff have left – no to go to other better jobs but just because they can’t bare the lack of organisation any more. This doesn’t make for a secure therapeutic environment when there are so many inexperienced staff doing the mainstay of the work which is engaging in patient contact.
    The smoking policy is a joke and quite possibly illegal – but seeing as most of the staff smoke there’s no real motivation to provide a smoke free environment for patients and staff. Groups off staff gathering together smoking inside the clinical area would be unthinkable in a NHS hospital. Its the norm in Cambian psychiatric care. But look at it this way – if staff were barred from smoking within the clinical area (as they should be) then Cambian would have to work in breaks for those members of staff who do smoke – which would expose the chronic understaffing in potentially riotus ways.
    But the real scandal of Cambian (or at least as it appears to myself and others i have spoken to who suffer Cambian’s care) is that the senior clinical managers are terrible at their jobs. Its difficult to believe any other branch of medicine where this could be allowed to continue. Clinical managers are to the greater part untouchable no matter how incompetent. And the unfortunate patients – usually on one form of mental health section or another – are pretty much powerless by the nature of their position and the degradation in human rights that comes with being sectioned.
    And why should this bother Cambian at all if they can get away with it?
    If the Doctors are inept then the patients in their care (and lets face it Cambian have an excellent admissions procedure) stay occupying the beds and Cambian gets paid -£3500 per week. It is not in the interest of Cambian to employ psychiatrists who are at all successful in getting their patients safely moved on. Better to block all the beds than to hold the beds open for those unfortunate patients undergoing an active crisis who would truly benefit from a supportive secure environment for a short while.
    There’s a huge shortage of beds in psychiatric care – a situation in which Cambian is culpable. If all patients that go through their psychiatric hospitals stay twice the time that they actually need to (and it may be worse than that) how many crises are not averted because an unfortunate soul desperate for help is denied an appropriate bed?
    But counting their coins is a much more important activity for Cambian bosses than ensuring their patients have quality care.
    They profit from the misery of disenfranchised and often powerless people who have suffered enough from a psychiatric illness as it is, only to have the illness compounded by the hopeless that becomes part of the seemingly impossible task of being allowed to recover their lives.

    I hope Elizabeth continues to thrive.
    Martin C

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