Once again the phone was not working despite telling staff previously.  I got to speak to Elizabeth via the office telephone.

She said she felt tired.  She said she felt fed up and that she had not been out anywhere.  She has made a friend on the ward who is older than her.  She said she wanted to come home one minute but then wanted to stay the next. 

She was disturbingly very confused and mixed up but I am told that is what Clozapine does to you by other patients (see Clozapine not Clozaril) You Tube.    See other disturbing reports highlighted in the brilliant National Psychosis website  There is even a picture of the unit on this wonderful site along with news of the horrific research that is carried out on poor unsuspecting patients whose parents think they are going to a world renowned hospital as I did and would be receiving the very best of care.  How wrong! 

Just to let everyone know that I have appointed solicitors who are prepared to go all the way to Wales and they are applying for a Tribunal as my daughter’s Tribunal has failed.  That is no wonder why her already appointed solicitors were not invited.  WHAT IS GOING ON AT CAMBIAN FOUR STAR WARDS WHEN MY DAUGHTER’S ALREADY APPOINTED SOLICITORS WERE NOT TOLD OF THIS AND YOU CAN BE SURE I INFORMED MY SOLICITORS AS THE BETHLEM ROYAL HOSPITAL recommended solicitors themselves and no hospital should interefere especially when my daughter had shown me documents that the local firm of solicitors were acting for her and no doubt would have been prepared to go to the Tribunal In Wales.  This is shocking.  There is no way on earth that should have happened.  My daughter was so mixed up when I spoke to her today and talked about her confusion that she has got a letter from a Welsh firm of solicitors!  The IMHA stated they thought that a replacement may have come about because the law is different in Wales as regards a tribunal.    How come then that my solicitors have already represented people in Wales before and they are coming to represent me shortly.  I got turned down by every firm in Wales who told me to look locally and I did not think that my firm I was going to ask represent me would come all the way to Wales but yes they are prepared to come to Wales and so her existing solicitors should never ever have been replaced and if any new firm has been appointed then this appointment should now be cancelled as there was already a firm in place that was independent of anything recommended by the hospital.  NOTHING should be recommended by a hospital in this way and that should be up to the patient and what is more there was also an advocate – a marvellous advocate acting for my daughter and liaising with the team at SLAM who was once himself a former patient and knows the score at this hospital only too well.   Whilst the IMHA are involved as they know Welsh law as regards the new law in place for holistic care then that is useful on the one hand but on the other hand who is going to be a mediator?  Who better than Martin who was already involved before and I am going to put this to my solicitors on Tuesday.  Martin is brilliant at writing and knowledgeable like no other professional and has a nice way of talking to patients because he truly understands.  This is something that could compliment the advocacy involved through the IMHA and especially in light of Cambian’s policy of including hte patient as I have seen advertised.   This is the whole reason why I wanted my daughter to come to Cambian Four Star Wards.  I thought that my daughter and other patients could be involved in such a wonderful project.  I am delighted she is in Wales where they have a new law for holistic care and also that Cambian pride themselves in involving the patient so they should welcome such an advocate working alongside the IMHA who could give invaluable advice as to what suffering my daughter would have had on the previous ward.  As I have said to so many psychiatrists you need to thoroughly research what has happened in the past but all too readily they wish to discount this and how on earth can you properly diagnose someone with a condition unless you thoroughly look into the past and what  has happened to that person.

So not only could Martin be a good counsellor for my daughter but I have great respect for him and other patients who have got on with their lives and want to do something to improve mental health services and this is truly admirable especially when so many people are too afraid to speak out and seek reforms that are much needed in mental health care.  The answer is not drugs – the answer is choice and whilst you cannot just come off the drugs, there needs to be special dietary needs, alternative natural remedies, testing for allergies and mineral and vitiman deficiencies as well as chemical imbalance such as copper and lead which can all be rectified by natural remedies nand not by the very harmful mind altering drugs all too readily being forced upon these poor patients.  The patients and people I am in touch with are survivors of psychiatry and have come through terrible experiences and some have managed to withdraw from the drugs and are living decent lives now.   There are also those who advise the professionals themselves and speak at conferences – it is quite an achievement to beat psychiatry but the fact of the  matter is that on a high level of these drugs you cannot possibly give any accurate diagnosis but this is what Professor Robin Murray stated and promised in his letter from the Maudsley – a drug free period of assessment and what did my daughter get instead “its all about Clozapine here”.

Please do look at the video on You Tube I have mentioned above and the National Psychosis Survivor Blog featured dedicated to this place of horror.

I will end my blog by saying I was rather disappointed by a script my younger daughter brought home from a recent audition.  I am not going to mention the name of the attraction but I will feature this in my next blog and I am sure you will agree this sort of thing can breed ignorance.  So many people are misinformed about mental health patients and think that they are all violent and killers.  How very very untrue.  From what I can see, these are the most intelligent people and not dismissive like the majority of people towards one another.  These people try to help others and some are extremely vulnerable and they are treated apallingly and kept down in society because of sheer ignorance.   I was training to go into the police force and wanted to much to work with people like this  –  if someone is violent and aggressive this often has nothing to do with a so called diagnosis, this is because of the drugs that affect serotonin levels.  I would not recommend anyone withdraws from these drugs unless they have a professional doctor involved and any withdrawal has to be done over a period of around 2 years just like Dr Ann Blake Tracy details in her CD and other professionals would know as well that you cannot possibly withdraw by 150mg of Seroquel which is what was done for my daughter at the Maudsley.  The disturbing thing is that there are hundreds of these diagnoses in the DSM and they can even apply to children as young as 4,  there is a label to apply to practically everyone in society because the more people labelled the more profit from the drugs going into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.   Psychiatrists often base their diagnoses on just observation without looking back and studying indepth what has happened to the person concerned.    The fact is that there is no scientific test to prove what causes a mental  illness and that could explain why my daughter has several diagnoses – in fact it seems more and more evident that the cause is down to suffering trauma and that requires counselling and also it is not always down to the family – yes it can be environment because I think that the way forward to recovery is sometimes to get away from the area you live and be somewhere more peaceful not a noisy acute ward with lots of disturbed patients.   When a diagnosis is in question then I believe Professor Murray was right in offering a drug free period of assessment but the Maudsley Bethlem Royal Hospital is a research hospital who get funding from the drugs companies and this is why they did not do such an assessment.  As someone in  my family said to me “you have been tricked!”   I did not know this but if you look at the wonderful websiteabout the Bethlem Royal Hospital above you will see overwhelmingly what this hospital is all about and this should be a warning to everyone.   


It will be interesting to see what outcome I get when I request a donation from each and every drug manufacturing company from which my daughter has had drugs prescribed that did not work/resulting in terrible pain and side effects, leading to so much suffering.  These companies seem to like do a lot of good work in the community and so it would be lovely if they could all get together and help me set up a unique centre for reformed care of mental health patients.  I would like to see a centre based on a community like I heard about locally for the elderly people.  The Bethlem Royal Hospital’s grounds for example would have been perfect as they have a swimming pool, they  have a community hall, I would have shops selling healthy food and doctors open 24 hrs, entertainment going on every evenings, mentors through ex patients, arts and crafts centre and also theatre as this can be very therapeutic to some people.  Such a centre should offer alternative therapies such as Reiki, aromatherapy massage, hypnotherapy, relaxation, meditation as well as outings.  There should be patient involvement at all times for everyone to have a say and the bulk of the running of this should be done by ex patients who should be earning some money that way and many have so much to offer and as I have already mentioned are highly intellingent.  Carers should also be involved and not dismissed like nothing as they are at present.  There should be orthomolecular psychiatrists involved and most importantly nutritionists to take on board what Dr William Walsh and Dr Ann Blake Tracy have to say.  The problem is that the care is all wrong right now and scheme like a community village for people to maintain their independence with individual cottage-like accommodation may work for those considered to be mentally ill.  It is the drugs that all too often cause mental illness themselves, not the conditions as thesse drugs affect serotonin levels (Dr Ann Blake Tracy explains in  her book Prozac Panacea Pandora)  also not being listened to by the professionals does not help either, as they have no idea of what it is like to be kept down like a prisoner with their rights stripped and being controlled all the time and treated like they are nothing.  I can fully understand how these patients must feel form my experience of witnessing this treatment on the wards towards patients and towards myself at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.   What right do they have to do this!  Patients as well as carers have an important role to play and could make a difference in society as many have so much to offer.  They  should be listened to and treated with respect and not dismissed and excluded.  Patients should be encouraged to be involved in the running of the hospitals especially as independent advocates/mentors.   They are after all the people that other patients can most identify with and they are the people who can give encouragement to get better by ex patients who have got back on their feet after terrible experiences.  I will post my letters off this weekend to all these companies and it will be interesting to see what response I get considering the fortune they make out of these drugs.


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