No expense was spared – the food was better at SLAMs AGM,  wine flowed continuously and there was lively entertainment as well as food.  It was more like a Xmas party.  The highlight for me was to hold the Olympic Torch.  In both cases I arrived late and missed most of the speeches – thankfully however I did take some of their abundance of literature to read later.  I would not rate  highly any of their speeches and there were times I felt like giving my own speech but I saved that until later when you could mingle with everyone there and I made the most of this.  I thought to myself if they can throw a nice bash like these then why dont they do more for the patients. For instance my daughter would have loved the North West London NHS Foundation Trust AGM party atmosphere.     All of these Trusts need to save their money and stop wasting it on all this literature they produce and instead concentrate on communication which is something they fail at tremendously.  If some of the leading managers and executives were to come down to the wards and speak to the patients that is the way forward, not the throwing of lavish dos in prime venues.  They should be saving their money – North West London Foundation Trust’s do I must say was the liveliest and even had singers – I took the opportunity to speak to lots of people but found some of the leading managers a bit dismissive and the pharmacists – obviously I did not agree there at all.  Elizabeth would have enjoyed the lively nature of this do and I am hoping the picture of me holding the Olympic Torch has come out well.  I cannot way to see this!

If they can organise such nice dos then they should do something like this except for the speeches for the patients who have nothing to do at the weekends.

I still cannot get through to Elizabeth on the phone and that is despite her having another phone fully charged.  Despite repeated requests to staff the phone is still not working.  This is not like Elizabeth at all and I fear she is being discouraged from speaking to me.  Who knows what goes on behind closed doors in this private hospital that is funded probably at enormous cost by the NHS for patients that they themselves FAIL.

After pushing the maximum of drugs they can and leaving the patient fit for nothing and severely ill they dump that patient under the private sector.  THIS IS THE NHS FOR YOU!   I would like to know how much such care is costing as what is described like a four star hotel with nice food cannot be cheap.  There is nothing like this under the NHS yet they can provide it for their AGMs which incidentally I thoroughly enjoyed going to and would recommend the after speech buffets and limitless wine to anyone.   Why arent all wards like this – they should all be like a four star hotel in my opinion.

I do not come under North West London NHS Foundation Trust but I  went along to  try to educate them from the failings of SLAM and Enfield Mental Health Trust and showed them my leaflet and also told them about the Chy Sawel conference in Cornwall where Dr William Walsh will be speaking.    That is what I tried to do but I noticed some of the executives seemed in a hurray to get away from me but I made sure they had a copy of my leaflet before they rushed off.

I have had to appoint solicitors to contest the failure of the Tribunal on the 12 September.  You apparently get only 14 days to do that from the date of refusal.  This is the Tribunal that I was not told about or invited despite being Nearest Relative and on writing to the Psychiatrist she was not prepared to budge on this section despite my daughter’s willingness to remain informal.  I found out also that her solicitor was not present for some strange reason.  It is truly shocking if they replaced that solicitor trying to make out that my daughter agreed to this.  I will soon find out now I have got solicitors involved and also there is much interest in the outcome of this case as she also had an extremely good advocate who replaced Rethink at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.   I am thrilled that this same person is willing to travel to Wales and represent my daughter and act as mediator as well as there seems to be no communication going on.   


Anyway, now it is my turn as Nearest Relative and I have appointed my solicitors who are prepared to go to Wales to represent me.  My daughter has the IMHA involved but this organisation gives not one spec of information (I think they may be Government funded despite being a charity!)  so I now need a further advocate for my daughter/mediator as there is no communication between myself and team –  it is ridiculous. 


When I think of all the printing of publications that  North West London NHS Foundation and SLAM provide to promote their “services” what they should be doing instead is to actually get on and provide the services instead of waste money on brochures and never ending meetings that go nowhere.  They should instead concentrate on communicating with carers like myself and the patients but what they do constantly is to play on patient confidentality which can be used time and time again to protect one another and incidents of abuse can then go unanswered.  The complaints procedures are all geared to protect the staff – it is a waste of time as you get nowhere and I understand they are inundated with complaints anyway and have shut my case down on numerous occasions.  I do not know whether the CQC have carried out their investigation yet and hope they have and intend to find out.   I feel that the staff protect one another, they think they can get away with writing about you whichever way they like behind you back and I have seen what they have written about me in the past and that is not nice.   Now I know about the shocking level of drugs she is on there is nothing else for them to hide other than comments about me that amount to defammation of character.   It is very sad but lack of communication leads to lack of trust.  Lack of trust leads to bad relationships between carers, patients and staff.  It is all about control and at the centre is a vulnerable patient who is very ill and stuck on a sentence worse than prison.  There needs to be complete reform in mental health care which I see as extremely cruel and abusive.  Patients should  be included, not excluded and I have listened to what so many ex patients have had to say and mostly they do not have a good word for the care – this is where the professionals get it all wrong as they do not like to listen to any form of criticism.  They are afraid to lose their jobs.  This is all very wrong in my opinon.  Carers are also afraid to speak out like I am doing but if noone takes on this challenge how will there ever be any change for the better.   



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