I am so pleased that a leading national newspaper has featured much needed articles and attention on mental health news.

The article appeared this year but I  have just been reading it in depth “Sectioned patients’ deaths hide failures”.  What a brilliant article by Nina Lakhani.   I wish more newspapers would report on what is really going on behind closed doors hidden in secrecy from the rest of the world and how patients are being abused and I have seen at first hand how the staff gang up and stick together and how this sort of thing is commonplace and there seems to be a failure in the complaints procedures and the law to bring about justice. 

It is one thing to treat a carer like myself this way but it must be terrifying for the patient.  I am still waiting for the explanation of what happened to my daughter as her face was covered in bruises at the National Psychosis Unit, Fitzmary II Ward.   

I would like to know why they have hurriedly taken her miles away from home and family and placed her in a private sector hospital and no notification was given until the very last minute.

It must be costing a fortune of public money to supply the drugs of 500mg Metformine and 300mg Clozapine to Elizabeth who quite often feels quite ill and doctors have had to be called out on numerous occasions and she says the Clozapine is putting a strain on  her heart.   It must also cost a fortune to provide expensive care like this in what is described as a four star hotel but then that is what should be provided for all the patients as apparently the food is very nice at Cambian.  That is something I suppose.

I want the world to know that I will blame Enfield Mental Health as well as the Bethlem Royal Hospital for anything that could happen to my daughter and unless the Cambian Group offer the holistic care to my daughter they are just as bad as the rest.   Enfield Mental Health constantly failed to protect my daughter and kept dumping her back into a scheme she was not happy in and I question the security of such a scheme when staff sleep during the night and do not bother when a patient says go away.

The Cambian Group continue to give my daughter  the same level of drugs prescribed by the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  It is a very high level of drugs in my opinion (500mg Metformine and 300mg Clozapine) and anything can happen to her, bearing in mind she has felt very ill on several occasions and commented about “strain to her heart”  Clozapine is notorious for heart problems and despite me telling this to the psychiatrist on Fitzmary II, he just gave it in such a devious manner where she did not even know she had been put on it.  How wicked they are for doing this to my daughter when they did not carry out a proper drug free assessment. Apparently so I have got to hear third party they wish to keep her for 18 months and the Tribunal was unsuccessful because her  solicitor did not appear to be present and I have no doubt my solicitors as well as hers will be looking for answers as to what has gone wrong. A solicitor should have been present and her solicitors should not have been replaced. 


When someone is of no risk to themselves or the public and is willing to remain voluntarily in hospital why should that person be subject to a section.  Under a section the team can continue to dish out the drugs to their hearts content.  Off the section my daughter can choose what is available by law and that is holistic care which you can have by law under Welsh law.  This care seemed to work for her when I appointed the orthomolecular psychiatrist under the private sector – I have never seen my daughter look so happy.  At the moment in the UK there is no choice other than the drug pushing the NHS dish out to the poor patients who are forced to take these highly dangerous chemicals that lead to long term health problems and the shortening of life by 20 years or so. 

A Section III is generally for 6 months but can be longer.  The advocacy IMHA I believe are Government funded but a charity who are supposed to be independent but have no powers to represent someone at a Tribunal but are unwilling to discuss anything with me but what I want to know was her solicitor replaced?  I will soon find out through my solicitors.   It is disgusting if that is what has happened and no doubt they will get huge complaints.  A hospital should NEVER interfere with an already appointed legal representative and they should NOT recommend their own like at the Maudsley.

You get no information from the team whatsoever as a carer and this is against NICE guidelines as you are supposed to be included.  


Abuse is rife under the mental health at local level there was plenty of evidence of this as occurred on mixed wards.  The staff stick together and if you dare to complain like I have done you get labelled yourself as threatening, abusive, upsetting to patients and staff and then they use this excuse to ban you.   One person against so very many staff who have threatened to arrest me no end of times until I decided to apply to the police at local level and that may have been the last straw for them and reason why they had to act so efficiently and move her within 1 day.  I would like to know the reasons for this!  Also, not forgetting the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry who came to my aid whilst I had endured no end of bullying and harrassment by legal teams of both of SLAM and forced to back down over not answering to Agreement on  the Section III otherwise I would be replaced by her father as Nearest Relative.  That would have suited them all so well as he rarely visited.    I was a regular visitor who regularly took my daughter out to the lovely shopping centres of Bromley and Croydon, trying to brighten up her miserable life on the ward.  I was so horrified by this hospital that I requested her to come home and the team then put her under Section III and that is when further experimentation at this research hospital continued this time with Metformine 500mg and 300 Clozapine which is still being given despite the fact there is a new law in Wales offering holistic care.

Because the advocacy IMHA is surrounded in secrecy and will not discuss anything whatsoever with you and push  you aside like you are NOTHING, there is no representation for me as a mother despite my daughter being placed so very far away.  The carers organisation in the area (Hafal) say they cannot help me as I do not live in Wales so I am left with nothing – NO COMMUNICATION NOTHING.  The invitations and communication is being given to her father not me and he is NOT the Nearest Relative.    (since writing this I have today had a call from the IMHA –  it would appear I  have to look into the law in Wales which is different to the UK as far as Tribunals are concerned but what about advocacy).  There seems to be no advocacy available for me even though I  was to pay for that through Hafal and when you get no information it is important to have advocacy in place. 

Amongst the wonderful people who I have met through these terrible circumstances is an outstanding person who is highly intelligent and respectable who contacted my daughter whilst at the Bethlem Royal Hospital and communicated on my behalf and on the behalf of my daughter who is shut off from the rest of the world.  Elizabeth called him a very nice man.  However today yet again there was further problems with her phone and that is despite me giving another phone to Elizabeth that is fully charged up in addition.

As a mother I want to make sure my daughter is not pushed, pulled and manipulated like at the Bethlem Royal Hospital where the advocacy was governed by the team as well!  How come the Tribunal went ahead if the IMHA were involved.  The IMHA were keen to distance themselves from having anything to do with the absence of her already acting firm of solicitors and I know this from speaking to Elizabeth.  Nevertheless how could the Tribunal have gone ahead without her already appointed solicitors being present? according to my daughter.  There is no justification whatsoever because everything Elizabeth agreed to in the first place suddenly there is change and that is why I want to be sure that my daughter is not being pushed and pulled around and too afraid and who better to deal with this than someone who himself has suffered shocking experiences and is extremely used to dealing with teams and understands what it is like to be in my daughter’s position.  The Cambian Group alongside SLAM as well as Enfield Mental Health should embrace the idea of such involvement. 

I respect my daughter’s decision and do not want to know every detail in the file but I did want to know what level of drugs she was on and she did not even know herself and still did not.  They do not tell the patients what is going on – if someone is so drugged up to their necks they have not got the strength to speak up and now I can rest assured that my daughter has got proper support in place.  It is sad to say that such support is not given through any of the Government funded schemes when someone is placed so very far from home. 

I have addressed this subject with the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt in my letters today.

I hope I get a reply as I got nothing in the way of response apart from silence by Andrew Lansley.





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