This is the exact amount of mind altering LSD like drugs my daughter has been put on thanks to the apalling “care” under the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham which is a research hospital.  I intend to write to ALL the drugs companies concerned as I would like them to make a donation as their drugs peddled by the likes of Dr S and the Professors at the Maudsley, have ruined my daughter’s life.  With all their profits they could help fund a place where my daughter can go in and be reduced of these chemicals. There are projects such as Soteria and Chy Sawel and I would like these places to get off the ground.

This level of drugs was not the only thing that upset me today.  Today was the date of the Tribunal – I was not invited to this and kept in the dark but now an Organisation called IMHA are involved.  I thought at first it was a good idea although Martin at local level had been so supportive he may not always be able to attend a meeting at the drop of a hat.  However, now I am far from sure about this organisation who are dismissive towards me as Nearest Relative.  I already know the shocking truth about the drugs but then I got to find out something even more disturbing.   Advocates have no powers at the Tribunal so where on earth was her solicitors.    I am very suspicious that they have been dismissed like I have been and there is no way that I intend to sit back and do nothing. 


There is no other way but solicitors and I am appointing mine as of now as I want a fair tribnunal next time for my daughter.  There is no way my she should be sectioned.  She is of no risk to anyone or to herself.    The doctor at the Maudsley was at fault as he did not do things properly with the reduction of the drugs.  This organisation keeps forever going on about the Data Protection Act which I am currently challenging as I want the bulk of the files –  anything where my name is mentioned as it would appear that I have not been portrayed in a decent manner judging by the false reporting I saw in the latest letter by Stuart Bell.  It is a  disgusting lie to say I stood outside the ward threatening staff for 1 and a half hours.  I was in fact sitting down on the floor as I was fed up with waiting for them to return my book by Dr Candace Pert called Molecules of Emotion and also I gave them some papers for their information.  I have worked nicely to communicate with tthem but not vice versa.   The team threatened me with arrest several times.  This is something I will be looking into further – what I have read surmounts to defammation of character.


So I have just written to IMHA telling them that my daughter’s solicitor should be present in future alongside them and Mr Camden if he can attend at the Tribunal.  There is no way I meant for an organsation of advocates to replace her solicitor who is already appointed and now I have felt the need to contact Mr Camden who was acting for my daughter brilliantly before but n ow of course she is miles away and I would like some explanation as to why she is on all these drugs and why she has been moved so very far away. As far as I am concerned I need full and asbolute reassurance that my daughter is being fairly represented as most of these organisations get Government funding and are not “independent”.    If she is happy at Cambian then so am I however I AM NOT HAPPY THAT IT WOULD APPEAR THE NEW LAW IN WALES FOR HOLISTIC CARE IS BEING IGNORED – PERHAPS MR JEREMY HUNT CAN LOOK INTO THIS FOR ME.


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