Despite being Nearest Relative I was not invited to this Tribunal by Cambian Four Star Wards.  It would have been nice to be told but I got to hear about it third party.   I tried to telephone my daugther today but was prevented from speaking to her as I was told she had her social worker with her.  The phone was constantly not working throughout the rest of the day and I did not get to speak to her until very late in the evening.


A Tribunal is a very important meeting and my daughter seemed to have no understanding of what a Tribunal was all about and that it is a chance to be considered to come off a section.  I am worried the team are ALWAYS going to keep her a prisoner and what for?  She is not of any risk to anyone or herself.  At one time she was suffering from Akathisia as a direct result of the drug yet she was not sectioned and should have been at that time.  Now she is being sectioned unfairly and against her human rights.  She should have had representation by way of a solicitor but Hafal recommended IMHA as advocates and they were requested to act at meetings but this was certainly not meant to replace her acting solicitors who were appointed some time ago.  I know they were not present as I finally got to speak to my daughter in the end.  Hafal are an organisation of advocates supposed to support the carer but because I do not live in Wales they say they cannot offer me any support and the IMHA are not willing to discuss anything and this is not what I want as you are entitled to certain information as the Nearest Relative and if the IMHA are only advocates they they have no powers to represent my daughter at a Tribunal and I heard from her today that her solicitors were not present – that is all I know at this stage but I intend to find out everything.

An advocate does not have the same powers as a solicitor and I as Nearest Relative  can now call for another Tribunal which I am most certainly going to do – there was no way on earth that I wanted advocates to replace a solicitor and this appears to be what has happened.  A solicitor who was first and foremost appointed by my daughter before going to this private hosital funded by the NHS, should not be replaced.  The previous solicitor was recommended by the hospital.  Any solicitor recommended by the hospital or by any organisation who gets funding does not appear to be fairly representing my daughter. 

Anyway I am always one to listen to my daughter’s wishes and I am not at all happy as a mother that she is being sectioned and she should not be on a section any more. 


As I told the Chief Executive of SLAM it was their fault that my daughter went downhill because of the way they messed around with her drugs ie 150mg reduction. 

I had brought my cds in by Dr Ann Blake Tracy to show everyone at SLAM and I showed to Gus Heafield information about the Chy Sawel conference and the cd on HOW TO COME OFF THE DRUGS –  I told him my daughter was promised a drug free period of assessment and how on earth can you call this a drug free period – three more mind altering LSD drugs were given under this hospital –  I told him exactly how things should be done to get someone off the drugs as Dr Ann Blake Tracy herself shared on her CD. It is about time they listened.  I also told Gus Heafield that they should respect the patients and include them – people like Martin – the trouble is they do not.  He said they tried to do this but I could not see any evidence at all.  They certainly have not treated me at all well and there needs to be much in the way of change so I told him.

So now we have to wait for my Tribunal.  In the meantime I want a full explanation as to what has gone wrong here and the only way to get this is via solicitors because all the time  a team play on the issue of confidentiality especially when they do not want you to know anything and that is when you also get a wall of silence.  I have come across this many times before.  


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