It was a rush to get there straight from work.  I ordered a cab as I work a fair distance away from this wonderful venue that I would recommend to anyone.  There was no way I wanted to miss this occasion even though I knew I would be turning up late. 


It started at 5 pm for Registration

I missed the introduction by Madelene Long, Chair, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

5.40 pm – Reflections on SLAM by Stuart Bell CB E, Chief Executive at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.


I missed “More than a merger 6 pm by Professor Sir Robert Lechler, Executive Director King’s Health Partners.

However, I did manage to arrive in time for “Looking to the Future” by Professor Shitij Kapur, Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.  This Professor made some interesting comments however some of them were completely wrong.  For instance he talked about lives being shortened of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia and put it down wrongly to smoking.   He made no mention whatsoever that the drugs themselves lead to addictions such as alcohol, fatty, sugary sweets and of course smoking.   It is thanks to the NHS that my daughter took up smoking in the first place through boredom and the fact that everyone on the ward was smoking to calm their nerves.  He spoke about various other matters such as early intervention – God forbid!  early intervention is nothing but drugs and of course he is bound to praise this.

Last of all the closing complimentary remarks by Madeliene Long.


The room was packed and I noticed some lovely food on the table and unfortunately I was  not sitting down at the table but I missed the bulk of the speeches.  Over to the other side of the room I spotted people I knew from the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry who want to bring about some much needed change in mental health care and about time too.

After the meeting you could mingle with the very people who you would normally not stand a chance of speaking to as you cannot get passed their PA’s.

I had typed a letter to give personally to Stuart Bell in response to his letter which described me as standing up for 1 and half hours and threatening staff.  I wanted to point out to him that I was in fact sitting down on the floor waiting patiently for my book by Dr Candace Pert to be returned and also part of the file I had given.  The team had already called the police and I was looking forward to meeting them and hung around but was most disappointed when noone came.  I had even telephoned the police myself as I felt threatened by the staff and I was awaiting the local press to come as well. I spoke to them later after I had gone in to the Pharmacy Unit to see if I could meet Professor Taylor but I understand he is based at Denmark Hill.  I was disappointed that Professor Taylor was not there to meet me at the AGM. 


Anyway I had an interesting conversation.  I spoke to the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry Professor Shitij Kapur who was constantly smiling although not in a sarcastic way like the Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I showed Professor Shitij my leaflet about the shocking amount of LSD mind altering drugs that my daughter has been plied with and I told him exactly what I thought and I gave him a copy so that he could discuss the matter with everyone at the Institute jof Psychiatry and informed him that I would be delighted to speak there at any time – maybe my daughter could speak alongside me because they need to be informed that these drugs are no good.  I took the opportunity to give out another leaflet informing all about Chy-Sawel and Dr William Walsh and his research into nutrition.  This is what they should be looking into. 

Next I spoke to the newly appointed replacement of Stuart Bell and he seemed very nice and listened politely when I told him about the shocking care my daughter has had and what needs to be done to improve matters.  I mentioned there was nothing for patients to do at weekends and said how I was banned.  I told him how I tried to bring life to a ward that was like a morgue when I got banned and was given 1 hr visiting time.  With all the money they get for funding they  need to look at what can be done for the patients.  I told him that hardly any facilities were in use from what I could see when I visited at weekends.  It is disgusting that the patients are used in clinical trials against their wishes at this research hospital and that with all the funding they must get, they cannot provide some nice things for the patients to do at the weekends.    It would be lovely if a host of celebrities could visit the wards to cheer up the patients in my opinion and I was going to provide some classes but then I got banned.

I have been accused of things in the file that amount to defammation of character and I wanted to speak then to Stuart Bell as he is the one who should  have sorted things out and has not.  He has just sat  back and listened to his staff without properly investigating anything.  I spoke to him and told him of the discrepancies in the file and that I wanted a correction to these errors.   Writing things that are untrue behind someone’s back is not nice at all and I am entitled to see this under the Data Protection Act.  Mr Bell had to admit I did not look threatening but he desperately tried to defend the staff at the same time but if I had anything to hide why on earth would I have called the police out let alone apply to them.  I have nothing to hide and do not mind the world judging me.  The fact of the matter is that in this hospital there are no many staff involved in protecting one another and you should see how many people have been copied in to my letters.   I am just a mother and I am against a huge amount of so called professionals – it makes you wonder when you as a carer get treated like a common criminal how they treat the vulnerable patients behind closed doors.  They should be made more accountable in my opinion and at the moment the law does not go in favour of the patients, many of whom have suffered terrible abuse such as some of the members of Speak Out Against Psychiatry who were present at this meeting.


Anyway I am very happy that I went to this event and the food was lovely by the way and so was the venue.  The only thing I was not so impressed with was the speeches!   However the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry listened to me politely and so did the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Gus Heafield -lets hope he can perform wonders in transforming this ‘prison camp’ of a hospital into something nicer.  I mentioned how the drugs companies involved in the clinical trials taking place there should be chipping in to provide the very best for the patients they use for nothing when they should be advertising for people to be paid to take part in this trials.


Meanwhile Mr Bell has only got a week to reply to my letter and I told him I needed to be assured that suitable corrections have been made to the shocking comments against me in terms of my character.  I need to see the proof of all of this.

I was impressed to speak to people involved in the arts project – this is good and I believe that there should be the opportunity to take part in theatre as this has been the cure not any drugs for someone else in my family.

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  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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