“I’ve got to go, I do not feel very well, Mum”

I have been hearing these comments more and more.  I telephoned Elizabeth today who has not been anywhere except in the garden.  It would seem she is too ill to do anything and her telephone is constantly not working and so I gave an alternative phone fully charged to her father to take down as he is attending the Tribunal this week.  This is the Tribunal I got to find out about that noone knew about supposedly at Cambian yet someone at Cambian telephoned her father and invited him a month ago.  It makes me wonder exactly what is going on behind closed doors when constantly my request for the phone to be sorted out is being ignored – it seems as though noone could care less there and Elizabeth does not seem too happy despite the better surroundings.  Lets face it anyone would be begging to come out of the last hospital which I can honestly say is compared to “hell on earth”.  I really feel the time has come for change to be made to the mental health system and perhaps the Government recognise this as the new Health Secretary The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt approves of holistic care and this is what I and the other mothers and patients would like to see as choice – there should be choice and there needs to be an urgent change in the law. 

I am extremely concerned about Clozapine.  Take a look at just some of the information I found out about this drug. 

 “Clozapine was voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer in 1975 after it was shown to cause agranulocytosis, a condition involving a dangerous decrease in the number of white blood cells that led to death in some patients..   The FDA requires Clozapine to carry five black box warnings for agranulocytosis, seizures, myocarditis for other adverse cardiovascular and respiratory effects.  


This chemical is currently being given to my daughter and is the chosen drug of the Bethlem Royal Hospital because they get their funding from the drugs manufacturers so I have seen in their presentation.  This research hospital even experiments using this terrible drug on patients who already have blood dyscrasius and cardiovascular problems and Dr James MacCabe is responsible for these experimentations and Professor Taylor is involved.   Professor Taylor and Dr James MacCabe are carrying out their experimentations cheaply on patients who are under Section by the law and this is a disgrace –  now my daughter seems to be constantly ill and constantly feels dizzy – I want the world to know what is going on under the secrecy of this RESEARCH HOSPITAL and I want the world to know that the Chief Executive Stuart Bell has just written to me.  He says that he is sorry I am still unhappy that my concerns regarding my daughter’s care have not been addressed .  He asked the Ward Manager for Fitzmary II to investigate and I am even more unhappy and I would like to place myself in front of the world to judge my character – I have nothing to hide but to think that behind my back I am being labelled as making threats for one and a half hours.  I would be happy to challenge that in court as my witnesses who were present are prepared to testify against the false accusations –  for instnace I was not standing outside the door making threats.  I was sitting on the floor asking for my book by Dr Candace Pert called Molecules of Emotion back as well as the file which I left for staff to see what actually happened to my daughter in the first place to bring her under mental health care.  In the letter there are so many things that have not been stated correctly by the Ward  Manager – ie I ws sitting quietely on the floor and in response to the constant threats of arrest members of staff were making I myself called the police and wanted to meet them as I had applied to them as a volunteer and also I contacted the press as I was very concerned at the menacing way staff behaved towards me and all the time I had a witness present.  The fact is my daughter did NOT want to go upstairs and sign the book she wanted to come back over the canteen and have dinner there for another hour and she felt dizzy. I spoke up for her and two nurses, not one as documented in the letter were surrounding my daughter pushing and pulling her to go with them as they did not want me to be left alone with my daughter whilst I suggested one of them went upstairs and brought the book downstairs for her to sign as she felt dizzy and could hardly walk and this has been the effect of Clozapine on my daughter.   You should have seen the way the staff were pressuring my daughter and there was I sticking up for her in front of a friend of the family who was absolutely horrified by what she saw.  So, what happened next was she yelled and shouted at the female nurse and yes she did throw a drink at me but was forced to go upstairs where the two nurses spoke about Rethink waiting to speak to her – these are the advocates who never turn up at meetings where a patient is outnumbered 9 – 1 and they have psychiatrists on their Board – they were completed domineered by the Consultant Psychiatrist as they were supposed to be present as arranged at this meeting and therefore they were once again used as an excuse for not giving any information because of patient confidentiality.   You should see the names copied in to this letter –  I am just 1 person – a mother who has DARED TO SPEAK UP TO THE BULLIES and stuck up for my daughter.  Later my daughter texted me to apologise.  Anyway under the Data Protection Act I should be entitled to see what is written about me but there is such secrecy at the Bethlem Royal Hospital Fitzmary II Ward who only supplied a portion of the paperwork as they are all too scared to let me see what has been written about me behind my back.  My name is probably like mud like in the rest of the files I have but what is worrying is tht they can say what they like about you and label you as a parent behind your back and whilst a patient could be suffering abuse by a member of staff who knows – staff stick up for one another and they all gang up.  This is care for you at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I have further evidence from patients and mothers who I am in touch with of the cruel treatment not just on this ward but on others throughout the country. Where is the CQC and what are they doing about it.  They were supposed to carry out an investigation but they have not even been in touch to inform me that this has at least been carried out, if nothing else.  They were quick to say they cannot investigate individual cases and this is ridiculous – they should be given more powers and Trusts should suffer penalties if they cover up incidents of abuse – apparently the PHSO are inundated and they h ave shut down my daughter’s case and done NOTHING.  They have no powers neither do NICE, neither does any of these so called complaints bodies and that is why abuse to the most vulnerable patients is rife under these hospitals.  It is all wrong.

I wanted to know why my daughter’s face was covered in bruises and received no satisfactory answer – in fact the Ward Manager had to ask me when this happened – she did not even know but the lead nurse knew and said “I am happy with that” – I said “well I am not”.  I am not asking to see all the file but for an explanation as I know abuse goes on and have heard so many cases of patients being abused by staff themselves –  a member of staff was keen to hide his ID card and this is far from professional.  The fact is that behind the closed doors of this top secret research hospital where they not only abuse animals but people in their experimentation they do not want press attention.    Even though thankfully my daughter has been moved within about a day miles away from the family and her phone is for the most part not working despite repeated requests, I am still going to take an interest in the Maudsley as I am shocked to hear from other patients how badly they were treated too and unless people speak out about this nothing will ever improve.  There is dispute that my daughter gave consent not just to me but the rest of her family to know information and the Nearest Relative should be given the very basic of information but I got nothing except they tried desperately to replace me and bullied and harrassed me in front of my work colleagues who were shocked and horrified and witness to all of this behaviour and then at the hairdressers in front of customers – they are witness to this bullying going on by the legal teams of SLAM who were desperate to retain my daughter under S3 so they could ply her with their chosen drug of Clozapine against her wishes.  There are patients on the ward of all nationalities and faiths – I am not sure that their religion is being catered for – in fact what religion in the world would approve of the pushing of drugs against a patient’s wishes.

Hopefully The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, new Health Secretary will do something about this and maybe he will take an interest in Chy Sawel.  The Chy Sawel project is holding a One Day conference and there are going to be press there.  The conference is about bringing mental illness into the 21st Century.  It is being held at the Alverton Manor Hotel, Tregolis Road, Truro Cornwll  TR1 1SZ.  I am going to this and my younger daughter who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia as a child is coming as well – it is interesting to note she is on top of the world so where do all these diagnoses come from .  Take a look at DSM 5 for instance.  The more diagnoses the more profits for the pharmaceutical industry who I would like to see chip in and get this Chy-Sawel project and Soteria off the ground – there would be huge demand for this and there are professionals willing to get involved.  The Maudsley must be raking in the profits from the drugs companies through people like my daughter who are told you have to be on them for the rest of your life and that is utter rubbish.  However I would not advise anyone to take themselves off the drug.  There are more and more professionals who want to help and if the funding can be found for Chy Sawel and Soteria then for so called “treatment resistant patients” then these people can have choice.  It will be interesting to see if the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt will step in and do something good. 

The speakers at this wonderful conference are Dr William J Walsh PhD.  He has done studies on 25000 patients with mental disorders and has reduced violent behaviour following nutrient therapy and the 1999 discovery of undermethylation and copper/zinc imbalances in autism as well as the 2000 finding of metallothionein protein depreltion in autism, the 2007 published study linking copper overloand and post-partum depression, the identification of five biochemical subtypes of clinical depression, the 2011 development of the Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia and the direction of the Beethoven Research project that revealed the compuser suffered from severe lead posioning.  Dr Walsh has done chemical analysis of more than 25 serial killers and mass murderes including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill and Arthur Shawcross.


Also Brendan Hickey is attending – he studied social work at the University College Cork.  He has worked in the fields of mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.  Also David Kennard – clinical psychologies and group analyst. his is an all day conference and I am looking forward to attending.  Sandra Breakspear has set up this wonderful charity in order to educate the professionals and there are many many more professionals speaking out like Professor Healy – I hope Dr Ann Blake Tracy attends in the future – this goes to show there is dispute about the current care available and I as a mother can vouch for the fact the drugs DO NOT WORK AND HAVE CAUSED NO END OF PAIN, DISCOMFORT AND ILLNESS TO MY DAUGHTER MAKING HER WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE AND DESTROYING WHAT WAS ONCE A HAPPY PERSON WHO WAS FULL OF ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE.

I have today invited some very important people to come and join me at this conference that could bring huge press attention if only!.


The telephone number for booking this wonderful conference is 01736 795748.    I am now going to write to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt to tell him all about this wonderful project and how much I would like to see this place up and running as I am worried for my daughter’s life on these chemicals.

Anyone who praises Clozapine out there?    Please watch on You Tube clozapine not clozaril and this tells you what it is like to be a patient put on this awful chemical that causes huge weight gain that another drug has to be issued at the same time and that is called Metformin.   I am now going to write to Dr Tracy Head of the International Drug Awareness Coalition for her advice and I hope that Mr Jeremy Hunt can come to this conference and also come to the meetings  of the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry and listen to what the former patients have to say.  



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  1. s parnell said:

    dear sue i am sorry things are still not going so well for you but now elizabeth dad will all so see what you have been putting up with all this time and as you know we have had the same problems for the last six years with our daughter i asked the so called professinals to test our daughter for wilsons diesiese but as you know once deemed a mental patient no one wants to admit it could be something underlying that causes some to have mental health problems they the professinals dont seem too get how important that every thing in your system needs too be in balnce well we have had a break through one of our daughters sisters has just on friday been diognosed with wilsons diesiese which is a copper build up in the system which is an inheritied condition which affects the liver and the brain they now have no choice but too test our poor daughter who is not being treated with the right treament like i said 6 years ago yes she did experiment with cannibis but over my years of trying too find the answer i also researched cannibis of all kinds and the one link for that was it is grown in copper rich soil and if you had a field that was over loaded with heavy metals if you planted cannibis plants in that fileld they would soak all the metals out of the soil and it would then be ok to grow in that field again but because our daughter had smoked cannibis no one in the mental health team would listen too us well they can not ignore us now as it is infact a gene that both parents carry and in your children it copys the gene twice and that is wilsons desiese which means it takes quite a few years for the copper overload to show but thats not all it creates pyscosis but is not treated with antipyscotic drugs it is treated with copper chelaters and zinc and the tests for this problem is all so simple blood test to check bilibrubin levels and a 24 hour collection of urine so i hope more and more people will realise that they shuold ask for propper tests and assesments before they are just put on all these nasty antipyscotic drugs every one is entitled to propper care not just dumped on pyschiatric wards and given drugs that can do more harm than good hope your tribunal goes well also i have found out today that one of the wards our daughter was on a couple of years back has just shut down some one done some secret filming and showed it to some one at the bbc so i was told today dont know ifit will get air time i will keep you up to date with that but that is one less place for poor inocent people to be locked up take care sue

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