I phoned Elizabeth today but she did not sound at all good and the conversation was brief.  All she said was ” I dont know what to do with myself”.  She sounded completed lost and no doubt she is – miles away from all the family.  Yes, a change of environment was needed I would agree however it is wrong that nothing is being done about the phone despite no end of phone calls and letters to the Manager and staff.  It costs a lot to hang on a mobile whilst staff try and find her around the building.  Then the conversation is very brief –  the phone is still not working and there is no explanation to this and whilst I have spoken to the Manager nothing has changed and I am hoping to at least have the minimal of information but I cannot attend the Tribunal which is next week.    I understand the team will fight for h er to remain on section.  They are already trying to justify this by saying because she has more rights under Section, it will be easier to place her in the community.  This is rubbish because whether you are on a section or not surely you are entitled to the same consideration in terms of care.


Anyway I received another letter from Mr Stuart Bell who is the Chief Executive of SLAM. – to be fair to him I will wait and see what he has to say for himself as the letter has some very serious allegations therein.


I am not afraid to be judged by the public as I have nothing to hide but it is shocking what I have read and I have witnesses who could tesify against this.


I will report in more detail next week as I am hoping to meet him along with others.


Anyway,  I spent the bulk of the day with my younger daughter and visited a fabulous gym in a neighbouring area.  In the evening I had friends come over to see me.  All the time though at the back of my mind is my concern for Elizabeth who does not sound happy where she is.    


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