Just a short blog to say that once again the phone was not working, despite me telephoning and speaking to the manager of Cambian 4 Star Wards only yesterday.  Clearly nothing has been done about the situation.  If the phone is with her and not in the office then the charger is in the office and it surely is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that in light of constant requests that the phone is charged and given back to my daughter and not held there in the office for days on end.  It is very upsetting for the family when you cannot get through to  her.

Today I had to hold on for a long time and I am phoning from a mobile eventually Elizabeth came to the communal phone but we were cut off and I then had to go through the same procedure, phoning the office and being put through to the communal phone.

Today I contacted the organisation Hafal who say they cannot help me with any advocacy as I do not live in Wales apparently.  They did recommend an organisation called IMHA but these advocates only act for the patient.  I was more than happy with the former patient who I appointed in London but at the drop of a hat meetings might come up which may be too short notice to attend and it would be good to have both advocates working together and the person I appointed is genuine and truly enthusiastic, trustworthy and responsible and what is more is a former patient.  These are the people who should be encouraged to get involved and help others.  Unfortunately so many highly intelligent people are being kept down because of people’s ignorance. 

Anyway, Elizabeth did not sound too good – completely disorientated.  She seemed not to know what the tribunal was all about but her father will be going and not me as I cannot get time off work to attend.  Anyway I am told this is HER tribunal.  I as Nearest relative can appoint solicitors and call another tribunal if all fails.  There is no way Elizabeth should be on a section and treated like a criminal.

Everything that has happened leading up to the section as been the fault of the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I have a wonderful cd from Dr Ann Blake Tracy and I gave this team all the books and advice I have had from top leading professionals.  It is because they took her off too steeply from a harmful chemical called Seroquel and then went on to mix it with Olanzapine that her behaviour was unstable.  Anybody’s behaviour would be unstable yet the Maudsley seek to punish the likes of my daughter and I am not at all happy with the treatment.  In fact I cannot wait to confront Mr Stuart Bell and I hope the likes of the Professors are going to be present at the forthcoming meeting.

I am happy that Mr Lansley has been replaced.  This man never replied to any of my letters and now Mr Jeremy Hunt is the new Health Secretary  –  GOOD!  – he is into homeopathic care and that is best in my opinion having witnessed at first hand how much damage these chemicals have done to my daughter.  I intend to write to him and tell me all about the conference I am gong on in October – Chy-Sawel with Dr William Walsh as speaker.  I will tell him about the shocking care my daughter has had at the Maudsley and how much things should be changed under mental health care.  What they do is pass the ones they fail completely with like my daughter to the private sector!   If Cambian is like a four star hotel according to my daughter then all hospitals should be like this – when you weigh up how much money is being wasted on care under the NHS that is all about drug pushing and does not work there needs to be more choice available and in Wales apparently there is a legal right to a holistic Care and Treatment Plan under the Mental Health (Wales) Meausre – that sounds good to me.

The conversation with Elizabeth was brief today as she was obviously not herself and seemed distressed. 


    • I don’t really take it that seriously. There are a couple of pieces I could easily re-write – my favourites and most relevant and I just do this in what little spare time I have. Now that I have Elizabeth here at home we try to get out as much as possible. If I lost all of this blog tomorrow I do not care – that is not what is important to me right now.

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