The above is my newly set up petition but whilst talking about alternative care I wish to draw everyone’s attention to Chy Sawel.  I am attending a forthcoming conference in Cornwall where they have a list of interesting speakers such as Dr William Walsh


Hopefully people like Dr William Walsh, Dr Ann Blake Tracy, Professor David Healy and other professionals will continue to speak out and educate the very many professionals who believe that the best way forward is drugging patients to the hilt. 


There are also more and more alternative care centres opening in the States but there is nothing as yet over here.  Chy Sawel are hoping to do this and so are Soteria.   I personally cannot wait –  if only the funding could be given – experts like Dr Walsh have proven that nutrition and alternative care is the way forward –  people like Peter Bennett over here – a retired police superintendant have also proven that from his research youth offenders behaviour can be cured by correct diet and treatment.


Obviously the care is not working right now under the NHS and something needs to be done.  I know of so many who have put into private hospitals like my daughter – why? –   there simply are no good facilities under the NHS and this is not good.


Drugs are not the answer – they do not solve the problem and cause long term health problems and so the minimal of these drugs should be given .  There is not much respect for the patients and they are treated in a dismissive manner –  I certainly can vouch for that by the way I have been treated. 


I would like to thank “Jizleys” for the recent comment which says it all.  At one time patients were treated better and there was more integration.  


This is what a professional said to me “she would be more happier with her own kind”.  That sums up the way some professionals think and it is entirely wrong in my opinion.  I also do not believe in the labelling of someone and feel this is very very harmful.  There are hundreds and hundreds of diagnoses in the DSM. It is growing all the time and now there is DSM 5 out.  So keen are the pharmaceutical industry to make money out of the misery of many people that they widen the net and create even more diagnoses and how shocking it is when young children are diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  I know all about this in my family too and what a load of rubbish this is!  There are no scientific tests even to prove this fact as I have asked many times for the proof – it looks as if someone has a serious condition at times but this is solely because of the drugs in my opinion – I have seen someone get better on their own without these in the first place but once on them you just cannot come off without professional help and unless you follow the directions of a professional such as Dr Ann Blake Tracy.  The Maudsley failed because they did things completely wrong.  At the aptly named National Psychosis Unit they took her off 150mg of Seroquel –  this is ridiculous and I told them so – this is bound to fail.  Dr Tracy says you should not even skip a tablet – you need to follow her specific instructions to come off these drugs and ideally this should be done in the right environment and under the control of an expert and this is why we need somewhere like Chy Sawel or Soteria who could help someone slowly and gradually over a period of 2 years reduce to the minimal of drugs at least.   

The person I refer to in my family who was a child when given these chemicals and labelled is on top of the world and not on any single drug. The drugs themselves can cause psychosis as Dr Tracy quite rightly says in her book Prozac Panacea Pandora.  Anti-depressants are so dangerous.  They can cause severe violence/aggression or suicidal thoughts – same with all these anti-psychotics as they affect the serotonin levels.  They can also cause severe weight gain, diabetes and long term health problems, Akathisia, sexual dysfunction, cravings for junk food, sugary sweets and alcohol.   They create a dream like state in a person where they act our their nightmares during the day and I have seen this shocking state.  Everything Dr Tracy says in her book is so very true and I can personally vouch for

Dr Healy documents how these drugs can affect pregnancy and have similar outcomes to Thalidomide which is in the news right now – please see link below.   It is also very dangerous to mix the drugs with alcohol or anything else and some foods can enhance the condition if they contain lots of additives.  I have also witnessed this in terms of behaviour.–finance.html



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