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Every day is the same, am up early and home late.  My journey  to work each day consists of standing on a crowded underground train for the duration of getting to work and you are lucky if you get a seat.

My thoughts often turn to my daughter during the day wondering what she is doing and I assume she is stuck in most of the time from what she told me.  It is pointless ringing her early in the morning – in fact it is pointless ringing at all because it is as though something is desperately wrong at the Cambian Group.  It is as though they do not want you to be in contact.   It is out of character that Elizabeth does not ring or get in touch with anyone from the family.  She is completely isolated and surrounded by the team of “professionals”.   These professionals have many others to look after and my daughter is just a number to them.   If I need to speak to my daughter I have to go through the office and wait for a long time sometimes I have given up because the staff go to find her and all the time I am holding on and ringing from a mobile phone.    Despite repeated requests noone seems to care less.  There is much secrecy and the team do not seem willing to have me along at the next meeting and perhaps they are trying to replace me again but this time they could be using my daughter as a tool to say that she does not want me there.  I know for a fact that Elizabeth wants me to visit her but I am getting more and more concerned that this team at Cambian working closely with Enfield Mental Health and maybe SLAM are perhaps trying to isolate my daughter from me and it would suit them no end if they replaced me as Nearest Relative.  I have been concerned at some of the things that Elizabeth has been saying lately which is out of character and I know for a fact that somecan can be brainwashed on these drugs and judging by the files which I have they can write what they like about you and slate you as a person which they have done in my case and the prime reason is they do not like to be challenged.  This is the NHS for you and of course social services are just the same.  They ignore NICE guidelines – they do not care about familiies and have not got a clue how to communicate.  All they do is to play on the issues of “confidentiality” to cover their backs. For instance they allowed a unsuitable guest to visit my daughter at the Maudsley and I got to find out about it by chance.  This person threatened to kill my next door neighbours and yet they banned me.  They tried to make out my visits were upsetting to the patients when all I could hear was the patients complaining of their human rights not being listened to.  They ignored all the books and cds and treated me like dirt. 

Mr Gus Heafield Chief Executive has a mammoth task to put things right there and I would suggest he starts from scratch.  I would suggest he includes the very people the staff look down on like myself as carer and a patient who has bombarded them with complaints but in fact could be very useful in terms of inclusion and addressing discrimination against the disabled which is something that is rife under the NHS especially in the case of mental health patients who are just left on the scrap heap but in fact are highly intelligent or artistic and should be given the help and encouragement to do something but there is not the support and patients are left on these powerful drugs that often leaves them incapable of doing much however someone can quickly lose confidence if they do not get the help and encouragement instead of drug pushing in order to get back on their feet.  I know that mental health patients have a lot to offer and some are highly capable and could be very useful if included in the running of the wards and liaising with patients and professionals.  They should be included not excluded.  

The next thing for me to do is exercise my rights as Nearest Relative.  I believe they have to call a manager’s meeting – however they are not willing to fit in with the date I said I would be coming down to tie in with my younger daughter.  The meeting is up in the air and in the hands of my solicitors but I was  most concerned on speaking to my daughter that they have tried to exclude me in such a way involving my daughter and again the plan may be to replace me as the nearest relative which they seem desperate to do.  

I now have no idea what will  happen if that meeting does not go ahead. 

I definitely feel like everything is affecting my  health and feel a strain to my heart.  I have had a couple of occasions where I felt like I was having a heart attack but put this down to stress.

 I get to hear any news third party as no-one bothers to tell me but  I have no regrets on being outspoken.  People are afraid to be outspoken for fear of this sort of exclusion happening when the team come between family and the vulnerable person –  once surrounded by the team that person can easily be manipulated and pressurised into saying certain things and obeying their rules.  If someone does not obey their rules they produce more drugs or even worse ECT.  I hope they did not do this to Elizabeth whilst at the Maudsley.  They drug a patient up to their necks and then make out they have capacity and get them to sign papers when in fact there are times when Elizabeth has not had capacity judging from her conversation to me on the phone. 


 I cannot believe that the UK is such an uncaring country but living in London the pace of life is very fast – there is no time for people and if they are bringing her home because they do not want to pay any more for Cambian at local level then this is something else.  I heard of another meeting arranged on the 21st  and this is the one my daughter told me about.

Once again what is the point in  having NICE guidelines.  The professionals quite often ignore NICE guidelines and if there is nothing to enforce such guidelines it is just a waste of time.




Once again the phone was not working despite telling staff previously.  I got to speak to Elizabeth via the office telephone.

She said she felt tired.  She said she felt fed up and that she had not been out anywhere.  She has made a friend on the ward who is older than her.  She said she wanted to come home one minute but then wanted to stay the next. 

She was disturbingly very confused and mixed up but I am told that is what Clozapine does to you by other patients (see Clozapine not Clozaril) You Tube.    See other disturbing reports highlighted in the brilliant National Psychosis website  There is even a picture of the unit on this wonderful site along with news of the horrific research that is carried out on poor unsuspecting patients whose parents think they are going to a world renowned hospital as I did and would be receiving the very best of care.  How wrong! 

Just to let everyone know that I have appointed solicitors who are prepared to go all the way to Wales and they are applying for a Tribunal as my daughter’s Tribunal has failed.  That is no wonder why her already appointed solicitors were not invited.  WHAT IS GOING ON AT CAMBIAN FOUR STAR WARDS WHEN MY DAUGHTER’S ALREADY APPOINTED SOLICITORS WERE NOT TOLD OF THIS AND YOU CAN BE SURE I INFORMED MY SOLICITORS AS THE BETHLEM ROYAL HOSPITAL recommended solicitors themselves and no hospital should interefere especially when my daughter had shown me documents that the local firm of solicitors were acting for her and no doubt would have been prepared to go to the Tribunal In Wales.  This is shocking.  There is no way on earth that should have happened.  My daughter was so mixed up when I spoke to her today and talked about her confusion that she has got a letter from a Welsh firm of solicitors!  The IMHA stated they thought that a replacement may have come about because the law is different in Wales as regards a tribunal.    How come then that my solicitors have already represented people in Wales before and they are coming to represent me shortly.  I got turned down by every firm in Wales who told me to look locally and I did not think that my firm I was going to ask represent me would come all the way to Wales but yes they are prepared to come to Wales and so her existing solicitors should never ever have been replaced and if any new firm has been appointed then this appointment should now be cancelled as there was already a firm in place that was independent of anything recommended by the hospital.  NOTHING should be recommended by a hospital in this way and that should be up to the patient and what is more there was also an advocate – a marvellous advocate acting for my daughter and liaising with the team at SLAM who was once himself a former patient and knows the score at this hospital only too well.   Whilst the IMHA are involved as they know Welsh law as regards the new law in place for holistic care then that is useful on the one hand but on the other hand who is going to be a mediator?  Who better than Martin who was already involved before and I am going to put this to my solicitors on Tuesday.  Martin is brilliant at writing and knowledgeable like no other professional and has a nice way of talking to patients because he truly understands.  This is something that could compliment the advocacy involved through the IMHA and especially in light of Cambian’s policy of including hte patient as I have seen advertised.   This is the whole reason why I wanted my daughter to come to Cambian Four Star Wards.  I thought that my daughter and other patients could be involved in such a wonderful project.  I am delighted she is in Wales where they have a new law for holistic care and also that Cambian pride themselves in involving the patient so they should welcome such an advocate working alongside the IMHA who could give invaluable advice as to what suffering my daughter would have had on the previous ward.  As I have said to so many psychiatrists you need to thoroughly research what has happened in the past but all too readily they wish to discount this and how on earth can you properly diagnose someone with a condition unless you thoroughly look into the past and what  has happened to that person.

So not only could Martin be a good counsellor for my daughter but I have great respect for him and other patients who have got on with their lives and want to do something to improve mental health services and this is truly admirable especially when so many people are too afraid to speak out and seek reforms that are much needed in mental health care.  The answer is not drugs – the answer is choice and whilst you cannot just come off the drugs, there needs to be special dietary needs, alternative natural remedies, testing for allergies and mineral and vitiman deficiencies as well as chemical imbalance such as copper and lead which can all be rectified by natural remedies nand not by the very harmful mind altering drugs all too readily being forced upon these poor patients.  The patients and people I am in touch with are survivors of psychiatry and have come through terrible experiences and some have managed to withdraw from the drugs and are living decent lives now.   There are also those who advise the professionals themselves and speak at conferences – it is quite an achievement to beat psychiatry but the fact of the  matter is that on a high level of these drugs you cannot possibly give any accurate diagnosis but this is what Professor Robin Murray stated and promised in his letter from the Maudsley – a drug free period of assessment and what did my daughter get instead “its all about Clozapine here”.

Please do look at the video on You Tube I have mentioned above and the National Psychosis Survivor Blog featured dedicated to this place of horror.

I will end my blog by saying I was rather disappointed by a script my younger daughter brought home from a recent audition.  I am not going to mention the name of the attraction but I will feature this in my next blog and I am sure you will agree this sort of thing can breed ignorance.  So many people are misinformed about mental health patients and think that they are all violent and killers.  How very very untrue.  From what I can see, these are the most intelligent people and not dismissive like the majority of people towards one another.  These people try to help others and some are extremely vulnerable and they are treated apallingly and kept down in society because of sheer ignorance.   I was training to go into the police force and wanted to much to work with people like this  –  if someone is violent and aggressive this often has nothing to do with a so called diagnosis, this is because of the drugs that affect serotonin levels.  I would not recommend anyone withdraws from these drugs unless they have a professional doctor involved and any withdrawal has to be done over a period of around 2 years just like Dr Ann Blake Tracy details in her CD and other professionals would know as well that you cannot possibly withdraw by 150mg of Seroquel which is what was done for my daughter at the Maudsley.  The disturbing thing is that there are hundreds of these diagnoses in the DSM and they can even apply to children as young as 4,  there is a label to apply to practically everyone in society because the more people labelled the more profit from the drugs going into the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.   Psychiatrists often base their diagnoses on just observation without looking back and studying indepth what has happened to the person concerned.    The fact is that there is no scientific test to prove what causes a mental  illness and that could explain why my daughter has several diagnoses – in fact it seems more and more evident that the cause is down to suffering trauma and that requires counselling and also it is not always down to the family – yes it can be environment because I think that the way forward to recovery is sometimes to get away from the area you live and be somewhere more peaceful not a noisy acute ward with lots of disturbed patients.   When a diagnosis is in question then I believe Professor Murray was right in offering a drug free period of assessment but the Maudsley Bethlem Royal Hospital is a research hospital who get funding from the drugs companies and this is why they did not do such an assessment.  As someone in  my family said to me “you have been tricked!”   I did not know this but if you look at the wonderful websiteabout the Bethlem Royal Hospital above you will see overwhelmingly what this hospital is all about and this should be a warning to everyone.   


It will be interesting to see what outcome I get when I request a donation from each and every drug manufacturing company from which my daughter has had drugs prescribed that did not work/resulting in terrible pain and side effects, leading to so much suffering.  These companies seem to like do a lot of good work in the community and so it would be lovely if they could all get together and help me set up a unique centre for reformed care of mental health patients.  I would like to see a centre based on a community like I heard about locally for the elderly people.  The Bethlem Royal Hospital’s grounds for example would have been perfect as they have a swimming pool, they  have a community hall, I would have shops selling healthy food and doctors open 24 hrs, entertainment going on every evenings, mentors through ex patients, arts and crafts centre and also theatre as this can be very therapeutic to some people.  Such a centre should offer alternative therapies such as Reiki, aromatherapy massage, hypnotherapy, relaxation, meditation as well as outings.  There should be patient involvement at all times for everyone to have a say and the bulk of the running of this should be done by ex patients who should be earning some money that way and many have so much to offer and as I have already mentioned are highly intellingent.  Carers should also be involved and not dismissed like nothing as they are at present.  There should be orthomolecular psychiatrists involved and most importantly nutritionists to take on board what Dr William Walsh and Dr Ann Blake Tracy have to say.  The problem is that the care is all wrong right now and scheme like a community village for people to maintain their independence with individual cottage-like accommodation may work for those considered to be mentally ill.  It is the drugs that all too often cause mental illness themselves, not the conditions as thesse drugs affect serotonin levels (Dr Ann Blake Tracy explains in  her book Prozac Panacea Pandora)  also not being listened to by the professionals does not help either, as they have no idea of what it is like to be kept down like a prisoner with their rights stripped and being controlled all the time and treated like they are nothing.  I can fully understand how these patients must feel form my experience of witnessing this treatment on the wards towards patients and towards myself at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.   What right do they have to do this!  Patients as well as carers have an important role to play and could make a difference in society as many have so much to offer.  They  should be listened to and treated with respect and not dismissed and excluded.  Patients should be encouraged to be involved in the running of the hospitals especially as independent advocates/mentors.   They are after all the people that other patients can most identify with and they are the people who can give encouragement to get better by ex patients who have got back on their feet after terrible experiences.  I will post my letters off this weekend to all these companies and it will be interesting to see what response I get considering the fortune they make out of these drugs.

No expense was spared – the food was better at SLAMs AGM,  wine flowed continuously and there was lively entertainment as well as food.  It was more like a Xmas party.  The highlight for me was to hold the Olympic Torch.  In both cases I arrived late and missed most of the speeches – thankfully however I did take some of their abundance of literature to read later.  I would not rate  highly any of their speeches and there were times I felt like giving my own speech but I saved that until later when you could mingle with everyone there and I made the most of this.  I thought to myself if they can throw a nice bash like these then why dont they do more for the patients. For instance my daughter would have loved the North West London NHS Foundation Trust AGM party atmosphere.     All of these Trusts need to save their money and stop wasting it on all this literature they produce and instead concentrate on communication which is something they fail at tremendously.  If some of the leading managers and executives were to come down to the wards and speak to the patients that is the way forward, not the throwing of lavish dos in prime venues.  They should be saving their money – North West London Foundation Trust’s do I must say was the liveliest and even had singers – I took the opportunity to speak to lots of people but found some of the leading managers a bit dismissive and the pharmacists – obviously I did not agree there at all.  Elizabeth would have enjoyed the lively nature of this do and I am hoping the picture of me holding the Olympic Torch has come out well.  I cannot way to see this!

If they can organise such nice dos then they should do something like this except for the speeches for the patients who have nothing to do at the weekends.

I still cannot get through to Elizabeth on the phone and that is despite her having another phone fully charged.  Despite repeated requests to staff the phone is still not working.  This is not like Elizabeth at all and I fear she is being discouraged from speaking to me.  Who knows what goes on behind closed doors in this private hospital that is funded probably at enormous cost by the NHS for patients that they themselves FAIL.

After pushing the maximum of drugs they can and leaving the patient fit for nothing and severely ill they dump that patient under the private sector.  THIS IS THE NHS FOR YOU!   I would like to know how much such care is costing as what is described like a four star hotel with nice food cannot be cheap.  There is nothing like this under the NHS yet they can provide it for their AGMs which incidentally I thoroughly enjoyed going to and would recommend the after speech buffets and limitless wine to anyone.   Why arent all wards like this – they should all be like a four star hotel in my opinion.

I do not come under North West London NHS Foundation Trust but I  went along to  try to educate them from the failings of SLAM and Enfield Mental Health Trust and showed them my leaflet and also told them about the Chy Sawel conference in Cornwall where Dr William Walsh will be speaking.    That is what I tried to do but I noticed some of the executives seemed in a hurray to get away from me but I made sure they had a copy of my leaflet before they rushed off.

I have had to appoint solicitors to contest the failure of the Tribunal on the 12 September.  You apparently get only 14 days to do that from the date of refusal.  This is the Tribunal that I was not told about or invited despite being Nearest Relative and on writing to the Psychiatrist she was not prepared to budge on this section despite my daughter’s willingness to remain informal.  I found out also that her solicitor was not present for some strange reason.  It is truly shocking if they replaced that solicitor trying to make out that my daughter agreed to this.  I will soon find out now I have got solicitors involved and also there is much interest in the outcome of this case as she also had an extremely good advocate who replaced Rethink at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.   I am thrilled that this same person is willing to travel to Wales and represent my daughter and act as mediator as well as there seems to be no communication going on.   


Anyway, now it is my turn as Nearest Relative and I have appointed my solicitors who are prepared to go to Wales to represent me.  My daughter has the IMHA involved but this organisation gives not one spec of information (I think they may be Government funded despite being a charity!)  so I now need a further advocate for my daughter/mediator as there is no communication between myself and team –  it is ridiculous. 


When I think of all the printing of publications that  North West London NHS Foundation and SLAM provide to promote their “services” what they should be doing instead is to actually get on and provide the services instead of waste money on brochures and never ending meetings that go nowhere.  They should instead concentrate on communicating with carers like myself and the patients but what they do constantly is to play on patient confidentality which can be used time and time again to protect one another and incidents of abuse can then go unanswered.  The complaints procedures are all geared to protect the staff – it is a waste of time as you get nowhere and I understand they are inundated with complaints anyway and have shut my case down on numerous occasions.  I do not know whether the CQC have carried out their investigation yet and hope they have and intend to find out.   I feel that the staff protect one another, they think they can get away with writing about you whichever way they like behind you back and I have seen what they have written about me in the past and that is not nice.   Now I know about the shocking level of drugs she is on there is nothing else for them to hide other than comments about me that amount to defammation of character.   It is very sad but lack of communication leads to lack of trust.  Lack of trust leads to bad relationships between carers, patients and staff.  It is all about control and at the centre is a vulnerable patient who is very ill and stuck on a sentence worse than prison.  There needs to be complete reform in mental health care which I see as extremely cruel and abusive.  Patients should  be included, not excluded and I have listened to what so many ex patients have had to say and mostly they do not have a good word for the care – this is where the professionals get it all wrong as they do not like to listen to any form of criticism.  They are afraid to lose their jobs.  This is all very wrong in my opinon.  Carers are also afraid to speak out like I am doing but if noone takes on this challenge how will there ever be any change for the better.   


I am so pleased that a leading national newspaper has featured much needed articles and attention on mental health news.

The article appeared this year but I  have just been reading it in depth “Sectioned patients’ deaths hide failures”.  What a brilliant article by Nina Lakhani.   I wish more newspapers would report on what is really going on behind closed doors hidden in secrecy from the rest of the world and how patients are being abused and I have seen at first hand how the staff gang up and stick together and how this sort of thing is commonplace and there seems to be a failure in the complaints procedures and the law to bring about justice. 

It is one thing to treat a carer like myself this way but it must be terrifying for the patient.  I am still waiting for the explanation of what happened to my daughter as her face was covered in bruises at the National Psychosis Unit, Fitzmary II Ward.   

I would like to know why they have hurriedly taken her miles away from home and family and placed her in a private sector hospital and no notification was given until the very last minute.

It must be costing a fortune of public money to supply the drugs of 500mg Metformine and 300mg Clozapine to Elizabeth who quite often feels quite ill and doctors have had to be called out on numerous occasions and she says the Clozapine is putting a strain on  her heart.   It must also cost a fortune to provide expensive care like this in what is described as a four star hotel but then that is what should be provided for all the patients as apparently the food is very nice at Cambian.  That is something I suppose.

I want the world to know that I will blame Enfield Mental Health as well as the Bethlem Royal Hospital for anything that could happen to my daughter and unless the Cambian Group offer the holistic care to my daughter they are just as bad as the rest.   Enfield Mental Health constantly failed to protect my daughter and kept dumping her back into a scheme she was not happy in and I question the security of such a scheme when staff sleep during the night and do not bother when a patient says go away.

The Cambian Group continue to give my daughter  the same level of drugs prescribed by the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  It is a very high level of drugs in my opinion (500mg Metformine and 300mg Clozapine) and anything can happen to her, bearing in mind she has felt very ill on several occasions and commented about “strain to her heart”  Clozapine is notorious for heart problems and despite me telling this to the psychiatrist on Fitzmary II, he just gave it in such a devious manner where she did not even know she had been put on it.  How wicked they are for doing this to my daughter when they did not carry out a proper drug free assessment. Apparently so I have got to hear third party they wish to keep her for 18 months and the Tribunal was unsuccessful because her  solicitor did not appear to be present and I have no doubt my solicitors as well as hers will be looking for answers as to what has gone wrong. A solicitor should have been present and her solicitors should not have been replaced. 


When someone is of no risk to themselves or the public and is willing to remain voluntarily in hospital why should that person be subject to a section.  Under a section the team can continue to dish out the drugs to their hearts content.  Off the section my daughter can choose what is available by law and that is holistic care which you can have by law under Welsh law.  This care seemed to work for her when I appointed the orthomolecular psychiatrist under the private sector – I have never seen my daughter look so happy.  At the moment in the UK there is no choice other than the drug pushing the NHS dish out to the poor patients who are forced to take these highly dangerous chemicals that lead to long term health problems and the shortening of life by 20 years or so. 

A Section III is generally for 6 months but can be longer.  The advocacy IMHA I believe are Government funded but a charity who are supposed to be independent but have no powers to represent someone at a Tribunal but are unwilling to discuss anything with me but what I want to know was her solicitor replaced?  I will soon find out through my solicitors.   It is disgusting if that is what has happened and no doubt they will get huge complaints.  A hospital should NEVER interfere with an already appointed legal representative and they should NOT recommend their own like at the Maudsley.

You get no information from the team whatsoever as a carer and this is against NICE guidelines as you are supposed to be included.  


Abuse is rife under the mental health at local level there was plenty of evidence of this as occurred on mixed wards.  The staff stick together and if you dare to complain like I have done you get labelled yourself as threatening, abusive, upsetting to patients and staff and then they use this excuse to ban you.   One person against so very many staff who have threatened to arrest me no end of times until I decided to apply to the police at local level and that may have been the last straw for them and reason why they had to act so efficiently and move her within 1 day.  I would like to know the reasons for this!  Also, not forgetting the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry who came to my aid whilst I had endured no end of bullying and harrassment by legal teams of both of SLAM and forced to back down over not answering to Agreement on  the Section III otherwise I would be replaced by her father as Nearest Relative.  That would have suited them all so well as he rarely visited.    I was a regular visitor who regularly took my daughter out to the lovely shopping centres of Bromley and Croydon, trying to brighten up her miserable life on the ward.  I was so horrified by this hospital that I requested her to come home and the team then put her under Section III and that is when further experimentation at this research hospital continued this time with Metformine 500mg and 300 Clozapine which is still being given despite the fact there is a new law in Wales offering holistic care.

Because the advocacy IMHA is surrounded in secrecy and will not discuss anything whatsoever with you and push  you aside like you are NOTHING, there is no representation for me as a mother despite my daughter being placed so very far away.  The carers organisation in the area (Hafal) say they cannot help me as I do not live in Wales so I am left with nothing – NO COMMUNICATION NOTHING.  The invitations and communication is being given to her father not me and he is NOT the Nearest Relative.    (since writing this I have today had a call from the IMHA –  it would appear I  have to look into the law in Wales which is different to the UK as far as Tribunals are concerned but what about advocacy).  There seems to be no advocacy available for me even though I  was to pay for that through Hafal and when you get no information it is important to have advocacy in place. 

Amongst the wonderful people who I have met through these terrible circumstances is an outstanding person who is highly intelligent and respectable who contacted my daughter whilst at the Bethlem Royal Hospital and communicated on my behalf and on the behalf of my daughter who is shut off from the rest of the world.  Elizabeth called him a very nice man.  However today yet again there was further problems with her phone and that is despite me giving another phone to Elizabeth that is fully charged up in addition.

As a mother I want to make sure my daughter is not pushed, pulled and manipulated like at the Bethlem Royal Hospital where the advocacy was governed by the team as well!  How come the Tribunal went ahead if the IMHA were involved.  The IMHA were keen to distance themselves from having anything to do with the absence of her already acting firm of solicitors and I know this from speaking to Elizabeth.  Nevertheless how could the Tribunal have gone ahead without her already appointed solicitors being present? according to my daughter.  There is no justification whatsoever because everything Elizabeth agreed to in the first place suddenly there is change and that is why I want to be sure that my daughter is not being pushed and pulled around and too afraid and who better to deal with this than someone who himself has suffered shocking experiences and is extremely used to dealing with teams and understands what it is like to be in my daughter’s position.  The Cambian Group alongside SLAM as well as Enfield Mental Health should embrace the idea of such involvement. 

I respect my daughter’s decision and do not want to know every detail in the file but I did want to know what level of drugs she was on and she did not even know herself and still did not.  They do not tell the patients what is going on – if someone is so drugged up to their necks they have not got the strength to speak up and now I can rest assured that my daughter has got proper support in place.  It is sad to say that such support is not given through any of the Government funded schemes when someone is placed so very far from home. 

I have addressed this subject with the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt in my letters today.

I hope I get a reply as I got nothing in the way of response apart from silence by Andrew Lansley.




This is the exact amount of mind altering LSD like drugs my daughter has been put on thanks to the apalling “care” under the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Beckenham which is a research hospital.  I intend to write to ALL the drugs companies concerned as I would like them to make a donation as their drugs peddled by the likes of Dr S and the Professors at the Maudsley, have ruined my daughter’s life.  With all their profits they could help fund a place where my daughter can go in and be reduced of these chemicals. There are projects such as Soteria and Chy Sawel and I would like these places to get off the ground.

This level of drugs was not the only thing that upset me today.  Today was the date of the Tribunal – I was not invited to this and kept in the dark but now an Organisation called IMHA are involved.  I thought at first it was a good idea although Martin at local level had been so supportive he may not always be able to attend a meeting at the drop of a hat.  However, now I am far from sure about this organisation who are dismissive towards me as Nearest Relative.  I already know the shocking truth about the drugs but then I got to find out something even more disturbing.   Advocates have no powers at the Tribunal so where on earth was her solicitors.    I am very suspicious that they have been dismissed like I have been and there is no way that I intend to sit back and do nothing. 


There is no other way but solicitors and I am appointing mine as of now as I want a fair tribnunal next time for my daughter.  There is no way my she should be sectioned.  She is of no risk to anyone or to herself.    The doctor at the Maudsley was at fault as he did not do things properly with the reduction of the drugs.  This organisation keeps forever going on about the Data Protection Act which I am currently challenging as I want the bulk of the files –  anything where my name is mentioned as it would appear that I have not been portrayed in a decent manner judging by the false reporting I saw in the latest letter by Stuart Bell.  It is a  disgusting lie to say I stood outside the ward threatening staff for 1 and a half hours.  I was in fact sitting down on the floor as I was fed up with waiting for them to return my book by Dr Candace Pert called Molecules of Emotion and also I gave them some papers for their information.  I have worked nicely to communicate with tthem but not vice versa.   The team threatened me with arrest several times.  This is something I will be looking into further – what I have read surmounts to defammation of character.


So I have just written to IMHA telling them that my daughter’s solicitor should be present in future alongside them and Mr Camden if he can attend at the Tribunal.  There is no way I meant for an organsation of advocates to replace her solicitor who is already appointed and now I have felt the need to contact Mr Camden who was acting for my daughter brilliantly before but n ow of course she is miles away and I would like some explanation as to why she is on all these drugs and why she has been moved so very far away. As far as I am concerned I need full and asbolute reassurance that my daughter is being fairly represented as most of these organisations get Government funding and are not “independent”.    If she is happy at Cambian then so am I however I AM NOT HAPPY THAT IT WOULD APPEAR THE NEW LAW IN WALES FOR HOLISTIC CARE IS BEING IGNORED – PERHAPS MR JEREMY HUNT CAN LOOK INTO THIS FOR ME.

Despite being Nearest Relative I was not invited to this Tribunal by Cambian Four Star Wards.  It would have been nice to be told but I got to hear about it third party.   I tried to telephone my daugther today but was prevented from speaking to her as I was told she had her social worker with her.  The phone was constantly not working throughout the rest of the day and I did not get to speak to her until very late in the evening.


A Tribunal is a very important meeting and my daughter seemed to have no understanding of what a Tribunal was all about and that it is a chance to be considered to come off a section.  I am worried the team are ALWAYS going to keep her a prisoner and what for?  She is not of any risk to anyone or herself.  At one time she was suffering from Akathisia as a direct result of the drug yet she was not sectioned and should have been at that time.  Now she is being sectioned unfairly and against her human rights.  She should have had representation by way of a solicitor but Hafal recommended IMHA as advocates and they were requested to act at meetings but this was certainly not meant to replace her acting solicitors who were appointed some time ago.  I know they were not present as I finally got to speak to my daughter in the end.  Hafal are an organisation of advocates supposed to support the carer but because I do not live in Wales they say they cannot offer me any support and the IMHA are not willing to discuss anything and this is not what I want as you are entitled to certain information as the Nearest Relative and if the IMHA are only advocates they they have no powers to represent my daughter at a Tribunal and I heard from her today that her solicitors were not present – that is all I know at this stage but I intend to find out everything.

An advocate does not have the same powers as a solicitor and I as Nearest Relative  can now call for another Tribunal which I am most certainly going to do – there was no way on earth that I wanted advocates to replace a solicitor and this appears to be what has happened.  A solicitor who was first and foremost appointed by my daughter before going to this private hosital funded by the NHS, should not be replaced.  The previous solicitor was recommended by the hospital.  Any solicitor recommended by the hospital or by any organisation who gets funding does not appear to be fairly representing my daughter. 

Anyway I am always one to listen to my daughter’s wishes and I am not at all happy as a mother that she is being sectioned and she should not be on a section any more. 


As I told the Chief Executive of SLAM it was their fault that my daughter went downhill because of the way they messed around with her drugs ie 150mg reduction. 

I had brought my cds in by Dr Ann Blake Tracy to show everyone at SLAM and I showed to Gus Heafield information about the Chy Sawel conference and the cd on HOW TO COME OFF THE DRUGS –  I told him my daughter was promised a drug free period of assessment and how on earth can you call this a drug free period – three more mind altering LSD drugs were given under this hospital –  I told him exactly how things should be done to get someone off the drugs as Dr Ann Blake Tracy herself shared on her CD. It is about time they listened.  I also told Gus Heafield that they should respect the patients and include them – people like Martin – the trouble is they do not.  He said they tried to do this but I could not see any evidence at all.  They certainly have not treated me at all well and there needs to be much in the way of change so I told him.

So now we have to wait for my Tribunal.  In the meantime I want a full explanation as to what has gone wrong here and the only way to get this is via solicitors because all the time  a team play on the issue of confidentiality especially when they do not want you to know anything and that is when you also get a wall of silence.  I have come across this many times before.  

It was a rush to get there straight from work.  I ordered a cab as I work a fair distance away from this wonderful venue that I would recommend to anyone.  There was no way I wanted to miss this occasion even though I knew I would be turning up late. 


It started at 5 pm for Registration

I missed the introduction by Madelene Long, Chair, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

5.40 pm – Reflections on SLAM by Stuart Bell CB E, Chief Executive at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.


I missed “More than a merger 6 pm by Professor Sir Robert Lechler, Executive Director King’s Health Partners.

However, I did manage to arrive in time for “Looking to the Future” by Professor Shitij Kapur, Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.  This Professor made some interesting comments however some of them were completely wrong.  For instance he talked about lives being shortened of those diagnosed with Schizophrenia and put it down wrongly to smoking.   He made no mention whatsoever that the drugs themselves lead to addictions such as alcohol, fatty, sugary sweets and of course smoking.   It is thanks to the NHS that my daughter took up smoking in the first place through boredom and the fact that everyone on the ward was smoking to calm their nerves.  He spoke about various other matters such as early intervention – God forbid!  early intervention is nothing but drugs and of course he is bound to praise this.

Last of all the closing complimentary remarks by Madeliene Long.


The room was packed and I noticed some lovely food on the table and unfortunately I was  not sitting down at the table but I missed the bulk of the speeches.  Over to the other side of the room I spotted people I knew from the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry who want to bring about some much needed change in mental health care and about time too.

After the meeting you could mingle with the very people who you would normally not stand a chance of speaking to as you cannot get passed their PA’s.

I had typed a letter to give personally to Stuart Bell in response to his letter which described me as standing up for 1 and half hours and threatening staff.  I wanted to point out to him that I was in fact sitting down on the floor waiting patiently for my book by Dr Candace Pert to be returned and also part of the file I had given.  The team had already called the police and I was looking forward to meeting them and hung around but was most disappointed when noone came.  I had even telephoned the police myself as I felt threatened by the staff and I was awaiting the local press to come as well. I spoke to them later after I had gone in to the Pharmacy Unit to see if I could meet Professor Taylor but I understand he is based at Denmark Hill.  I was disappointed that Professor Taylor was not there to meet me at the AGM. 


Anyway I had an interesting conversation.  I spoke to the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry Professor Shitij Kapur who was constantly smiling although not in a sarcastic way like the Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I showed Professor Shitij my leaflet about the shocking amount of LSD mind altering drugs that my daughter has been plied with and I told him exactly what I thought and I gave him a copy so that he could discuss the matter with everyone at the Institute jof Psychiatry and informed him that I would be delighted to speak there at any time – maybe my daughter could speak alongside me because they need to be informed that these drugs are no good.  I took the opportunity to give out another leaflet informing all about Chy-Sawel and Dr William Walsh and his research into nutrition.  This is what they should be looking into. 

Next I spoke to the newly appointed replacement of Stuart Bell and he seemed very nice and listened politely when I told him about the shocking care my daughter has had and what needs to be done to improve matters.  I mentioned there was nothing for patients to do at weekends and said how I was banned.  I told him how I tried to bring life to a ward that was like a morgue when I got banned and was given 1 hr visiting time.  With all the money they get for funding they  need to look at what can be done for the patients.  I told him that hardly any facilities were in use from what I could see when I visited at weekends.  It is disgusting that the patients are used in clinical trials against their wishes at this research hospital and that with all the funding they must get, they cannot provide some nice things for the patients to do at the weekends.    It would be lovely if a host of celebrities could visit the wards to cheer up the patients in my opinion and I was going to provide some classes but then I got banned.

I have been accused of things in the file that amount to defammation of character and I wanted to speak then to Stuart Bell as he is the one who should  have sorted things out and has not.  He has just sat  back and listened to his staff without properly investigating anything.  I spoke to him and told him of the discrepancies in the file and that I wanted a correction to these errors.   Writing things that are untrue behind someone’s back is not nice at all and I am entitled to see this under the Data Protection Act.  Mr Bell had to admit I did not look threatening but he desperately tried to defend the staff at the same time but if I had anything to hide why on earth would I have called the police out let alone apply to them.  I have nothing to hide and do not mind the world judging me.  The fact of the matter is that in this hospital there are no many staff involved in protecting one another and you should see how many people have been copied in to my letters.   I am just a mother and I am against a huge amount of so called professionals – it makes you wonder when you as a carer get treated like a common criminal how they treat the vulnerable patients behind closed doors.  They should be made more accountable in my opinion and at the moment the law does not go in favour of the patients, many of whom have suffered terrible abuse such as some of the members of Speak Out Against Psychiatry who were present at this meeting.


Anyway I am very happy that I went to this event and the food was lovely by the way and so was the venue.  The only thing I was not so impressed with was the speeches!   However the Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry listened to me politely and so did the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Gus Heafield -lets hope he can perform wonders in transforming this ‘prison camp’ of a hospital into something nicer.  I mentioned how the drugs companies involved in the clinical trials taking place there should be chipping in to provide the very best for the patients they use for nothing when they should be advertising for people to be paid to take part in this trials.


Meanwhile Mr Bell has only got a week to reply to my letter and I told him I needed to be assured that suitable corrections have been made to the shocking comments against me in terms of my character.  I need to see the proof of all of this.

I was impressed to speak to people involved in the arts project – this is good and I believe that there should be the opportunity to take part in theatre as this has been the cure not any drugs for someone else in my family.

I have been hearing these comments more and more.  I telephoned Elizabeth today who has not been anywhere except in the garden.  It would seem she is too ill to do anything and her telephone is constantly not working and so I gave an alternative phone fully charged to her father to take down as he is attending the Tribunal this week.  This is the Tribunal I got to find out about that noone knew about supposedly at Cambian yet someone at Cambian telephoned her father and invited him a month ago.  It makes me wonder exactly what is going on behind closed doors when constantly my request for the phone to be sorted out is being ignored – it seems as though noone could care less there and Elizabeth does not seem too happy despite the better surroundings.  Lets face it anyone would be begging to come out of the last hospital which I can honestly say is compared to “hell on earth”.  I really feel the time has come for change to be made to the mental health system and perhaps the Government recognise this as the new Health Secretary The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt approves of holistic care and this is what I and the other mothers and patients would like to see as choice – there should be choice and there needs to be an urgent change in the law. 

I am extremely concerned about Clozapine.  Take a look at just some of the information I found out about this drug. 

 “Clozapine was voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer in 1975 after it was shown to cause agranulocytosis, a condition involving a dangerous decrease in the number of white blood cells that led to death in some patients..   The FDA requires Clozapine to carry five black box warnings for agranulocytosis, seizures, myocarditis for other adverse cardiovascular and respiratory effects.  


This chemical is currently being given to my daughter and is the chosen drug of the Bethlem Royal Hospital because they get their funding from the drugs manufacturers so I have seen in their presentation.  This research hospital even experiments using this terrible drug on patients who already have blood dyscrasius and cardiovascular problems and Dr James MacCabe is responsible for these experimentations and Professor Taylor is involved.   Professor Taylor and Dr James MacCabe are carrying out their experimentations cheaply on patients who are under Section by the law and this is a disgrace –  now my daughter seems to be constantly ill and constantly feels dizzy – I want the world to know what is going on under the secrecy of this RESEARCH HOSPITAL and I want the world to know that the Chief Executive Stuart Bell has just written to me.  He says that he is sorry I am still unhappy that my concerns regarding my daughter’s care have not been addressed .  He asked the Ward Manager for Fitzmary II to investigate and I am even more unhappy and I would like to place myself in front of the world to judge my character – I have nothing to hide but to think that behind my back I am being labelled as making threats for one and a half hours.  I would be happy to challenge that in court as my witnesses who were present are prepared to testify against the false accusations –  for instnace I was not standing outside the door making threats.  I was sitting on the floor asking for my book by Dr Candace Pert called Molecules of Emotion back as well as the file which I left for staff to see what actually happened to my daughter in the first place to bring her under mental health care.  In the letter there are so many things that have not been stated correctly by the Ward  Manager – ie I ws sitting quietely on the floor and in response to the constant threats of arrest members of staff were making I myself called the police and wanted to meet them as I had applied to them as a volunteer and also I contacted the press as I was very concerned at the menacing way staff behaved towards me and all the time I had a witness present.  The fact is my daughter did NOT want to go upstairs and sign the book she wanted to come back over the canteen and have dinner there for another hour and she felt dizzy. I spoke up for her and two nurses, not one as documented in the letter were surrounding my daughter pushing and pulling her to go with them as they did not want me to be left alone with my daughter whilst I suggested one of them went upstairs and brought the book downstairs for her to sign as she felt dizzy and could hardly walk and this has been the effect of Clozapine on my daughter.   You should have seen the way the staff were pressuring my daughter and there was I sticking up for her in front of a friend of the family who was absolutely horrified by what she saw.  So, what happened next was she yelled and shouted at the female nurse and yes she did throw a drink at me but was forced to go upstairs where the two nurses spoke about Rethink waiting to speak to her – these are the advocates who never turn up at meetings where a patient is outnumbered 9 – 1 and they have psychiatrists on their Board – they were completed domineered by the Consultant Psychiatrist as they were supposed to be present as arranged at this meeting and therefore they were once again used as an excuse for not giving any information because of patient confidentiality.   You should see the names copied in to this letter –  I am just 1 person – a mother who has DARED TO SPEAK UP TO THE BULLIES and stuck up for my daughter.  Later my daughter texted me to apologise.  Anyway under the Data Protection Act I should be entitled to see what is written about me but there is such secrecy at the Bethlem Royal Hospital Fitzmary II Ward who only supplied a portion of the paperwork as they are all too scared to let me see what has been written about me behind my back.  My name is probably like mud like in the rest of the files I have but what is worrying is tht they can say what they like about you and label you as a parent behind your back and whilst a patient could be suffering abuse by a member of staff who knows – staff stick up for one another and they all gang up.  This is care for you at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I have further evidence from patients and mothers who I am in touch with of the cruel treatment not just on this ward but on others throughout the country. Where is the CQC and what are they doing about it.  They were supposed to carry out an investigation but they have not even been in touch to inform me that this has at least been carried out, if nothing else.  They were quick to say they cannot investigate individual cases and this is ridiculous – they should be given more powers and Trusts should suffer penalties if they cover up incidents of abuse – apparently the PHSO are inundated and they h ave shut down my daughter’s case and done NOTHING.  They have no powers neither do NICE, neither does any of these so called complaints bodies and that is why abuse to the most vulnerable patients is rife under these hospitals.  It is all wrong.

I wanted to know why my daughter’s face was covered in bruises and received no satisfactory answer – in fact the Ward Manager had to ask me when this happened – she did not even know but the lead nurse knew and said “I am happy with that” – I said “well I am not”.  I am not asking to see all the file but for an explanation as I know abuse goes on and have heard so many cases of patients being abused by staff themselves –  a member of staff was keen to hide his ID card and this is far from professional.  The fact is that behind the closed doors of this top secret research hospital where they not only abuse animals but people in their experimentation they do not want press attention.    Even though thankfully my daughter has been moved within about a day miles away from the family and her phone is for the most part not working despite repeated requests, I am still going to take an interest in the Maudsley as I am shocked to hear from other patients how badly they were treated too and unless people speak out about this nothing will ever improve.  There is dispute that my daughter gave consent not just to me but the rest of her family to know information and the Nearest Relative should be given the very basic of information but I got nothing except they tried desperately to replace me and bullied and harrassed me in front of my work colleagues who were shocked and horrified and witness to all of this behaviour and then at the hairdressers in front of customers – they are witness to this bullying going on by the legal teams of SLAM who were desperate to retain my daughter under S3 so they could ply her with their chosen drug of Clozapine against her wishes.  There are patients on the ward of all nationalities and faiths – I am not sure that their religion is being catered for – in fact what religion in the world would approve of the pushing of drugs against a patient’s wishes.

Hopefully The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, new Health Secretary will do something about this and maybe he will take an interest in Chy Sawel.  The Chy Sawel project is holding a One Day conference and there are going to be press there.  The conference is about bringing mental illness into the 21st Century.  It is being held at the Alverton Manor Hotel, Tregolis Road, Truro Cornwll  TR1 1SZ.  I am going to this and my younger daughter who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia as a child is coming as well – it is interesting to note she is on top of the world so where do all these diagnoses come from .  Take a look at DSM 5 for instance.  The more diagnoses the more profits for the pharmaceutical industry who I would like to see chip in and get this Chy-Sawel project and Soteria off the ground – there would be huge demand for this and there are professionals willing to get involved.  The Maudsley must be raking in the profits from the drugs companies through people like my daughter who are told you have to be on them for the rest of your life and that is utter rubbish.  However I would not advise anyone to take themselves off the drug.  There are more and more professionals who want to help and if the funding can be found for Chy Sawel and Soteria then for so called “treatment resistant patients” then these people can have choice.  It will be interesting to see if the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt will step in and do something good. 

The speakers at this wonderful conference are Dr William J Walsh PhD.  He has done studies on 25000 patients with mental disorders and has reduced violent behaviour following nutrient therapy and the 1999 discovery of undermethylation and copper/zinc imbalances in autism as well as the 2000 finding of metallothionein protein depreltion in autism, the 2007 published study linking copper overloand and post-partum depression, the identification of five biochemical subtypes of clinical depression, the 2011 development of the Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia and the direction of the Beethoven Research project that revealed the compuser suffered from severe lead posioning.  Dr Walsh has done chemical analysis of more than 25 serial killers and mass murderes including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill and Arthur Shawcross.


Also Brendan Hickey is attending – he studied social work at the University College Cork.  He has worked in the fields of mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.  Also David Kennard – clinical psychologies and group analyst. his is an all day conference and I am looking forward to attending.  Sandra Breakspear has set up this wonderful charity in order to educate the professionals and there are many many more professionals speaking out like Professor Healy – I hope Dr Ann Blake Tracy attends in the future – this goes to show there is dispute about the current care available and I as a mother can vouch for the fact the drugs DO NOT WORK AND HAVE CAUSED NO END OF PAIN, DISCOMFORT AND ILLNESS TO MY DAUGHTER MAKING HER WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE AND DESTROYING WHAT WAS ONCE A HAPPY PERSON WHO WAS FULL OF ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE.

I have today invited some very important people to come and join me at this conference that could bring huge press attention if only!.


The telephone number for booking this wonderful conference is 01736 795748.    I am now going to write to the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt to tell him all about this wonderful project and how much I would like to see this place up and running as I am worried for my daughter’s life on these chemicals.

Anyone who praises Clozapine out there?    Please watch on You Tube clozapine not clozaril and this tells you what it is like to be a patient put on this awful chemical that causes huge weight gain that another drug has to be issued at the same time and that is called Metformin.   I am now going to write to Dr Tracy Head of the International Drug Awareness Coalition for her advice and I hope that Mr Jeremy Hunt can come to this conference and also come to the meetings  of the wonderful group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry and listen to what the former patients have to say.  



I phoned Elizabeth today but she did not sound at all good and the conversation was brief.  All she said was ” I dont know what to do with myself”.  She sounded completed lost and no doubt she is – miles away from all the family.  Yes, a change of environment was needed I would agree however it is wrong that nothing is being done about the phone despite no end of phone calls and letters to the Manager and staff.  It costs a lot to hang on a mobile whilst staff try and find her around the building.  Then the conversation is very brief –  the phone is still not working and there is no explanation to this and whilst I have spoken to the Manager nothing has changed and I am hoping to at least have the minimal of information but I cannot attend the Tribunal which is next week.    I understand the team will fight for h er to remain on section.  They are already trying to justify this by saying because she has more rights under Section, it will be easier to place her in the community.  This is rubbish because whether you are on a section or not surely you are entitled to the same consideration in terms of care.


Anyway I received another letter from Mr Stuart Bell who is the Chief Executive of SLAM. – to be fair to him I will wait and see what he has to say for himself as the letter has some very serious allegations therein.


I am not afraid to be judged by the public as I have nothing to hide but it is shocking what I have read and I have witnesses who could tesify against this.


I will report in more detail next week as I am hoping to meet him along with others.


Anyway,  I spent the bulk of the day with my younger daughter and visited a fabulous gym in a neighbouring area.  In the evening I had friends come over to see me.  All the time though at the back of my mind is my concern for Elizabeth who does not sound happy where she is.    

Just a short blog to say that once again the phone was not working, despite me telephoning and speaking to the manager of Cambian 4 Star Wards only yesterday.  Clearly nothing has been done about the situation.  If the phone is with her and not in the office then the charger is in the office and it surely is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that in light of constant requests that the phone is charged and given back to my daughter and not held there in the office for days on end.  It is very upsetting for the family when you cannot get through to  her.

Today I had to hold on for a long time and I am phoning from a mobile eventually Elizabeth came to the communal phone but we were cut off and I then had to go through the same procedure, phoning the office and being put through to the communal phone.

Today I contacted the organisation Hafal who say they cannot help me with any advocacy as I do not live in Wales apparently.  They did recommend an organisation called IMHA but these advocates only act for the patient.  I was more than happy with the former patient who I appointed in London but at the drop of a hat meetings might come up which may be too short notice to attend and it would be good to have both advocates working together and the person I appointed is genuine and truly enthusiastic, trustworthy and responsible and what is more is a former patient.  These are the people who should be encouraged to get involved and help others.  Unfortunately so many highly intelligent people are being kept down because of people’s ignorance. 

Anyway, Elizabeth did not sound too good – completely disorientated.  She seemed not to know what the tribunal was all about but her father will be going and not me as I cannot get time off work to attend.  Anyway I am told this is HER tribunal.  I as Nearest relative can appoint solicitors and call another tribunal if all fails.  There is no way Elizabeth should be on a section and treated like a criminal.

Everything that has happened leading up to the section as been the fault of the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  I have a wonderful cd from Dr Ann Blake Tracy and I gave this team all the books and advice I have had from top leading professionals.  It is because they took her off too steeply from a harmful chemical called Seroquel and then went on to mix it with Olanzapine that her behaviour was unstable.  Anybody’s behaviour would be unstable yet the Maudsley seek to punish the likes of my daughter and I am not at all happy with the treatment.  In fact I cannot wait to confront Mr Stuart Bell and I hope the likes of the Professors are going to be present at the forthcoming meeting.

I am happy that Mr Lansley has been replaced.  This man never replied to any of my letters and now Mr Jeremy Hunt is the new Health Secretary  –  GOOD!  – he is into homeopathic care and that is best in my opinion having witnessed at first hand how much damage these chemicals have done to my daughter.  I intend to write to him and tell me all about the conference I am gong on in October – Chy-Sawel with Dr William Walsh as speaker.  I will tell him about the shocking care my daughter has had at the Maudsley and how much things should be changed under mental health care.  What they do is pass the ones they fail completely with like my daughter to the private sector!   If Cambian is like a four star hotel according to my daughter then all hospitals should be like this – when you weigh up how much money is being wasted on care under the NHS that is all about drug pushing and does not work there needs to be more choice available and in Wales apparently there is a legal right to a holistic Care and Treatment Plan under the Mental Health (Wales) Meausre – that sounds good to me.

The conversation with Elizabeth was brief today as she was obviously not herself and seemed distressed. 


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