The nearest relative is determined by age out of parents and I happen to be the eldest but the team have tried to replace me before now.    As the nearest relative you have rights.  You have the right for a written assessment and to be kept informed to a certain extent on matters regarding the care.  Certainly I should have been told about the forthcoming Tribunal.  However increasingly I am finding that the team are blocking me out.   Today once again, the same problem in not being able to contact my daughter and three phone calls later to Cambian Four Star Wards, each time NOTHING had been sorted out.  It is a few days now since I last spoke to Elizabeth and the last I want is for her to think I am not caring any longer as I cannot get over there so quickly as she has been placed so far away.   I am not unhappy about the placement a long distance away.  It is a much nicer environment however I am extremely worried as I know right now Elizabeth is not feeling too good.  Apparently Clozapine is one of the worse drugs to be reduced and come off and I do not know what is going on – this drug causes worse psychosis than any other so I have heard.  It was against her wish and Bethlem Royal Hospital ignored the fact there are heart problems in the family and Elizabeth has already told me it is putting a strain on her heart.  She feels weak and constantly dizzy and I am bitter what they did to her as they knew full well it was against her wish.   I have not met the manager of Cambian Four Star Wards yet but saw another senior member of staff.  None of these staff have given me any information whatsoever.  It is as though they just want to push me out as mother and nearest relative. I went out and bought a new phone and Elizabeth is not allowed this new phone because it is a camera phone even though the camera cannot be used as the memory card has been taken out.  She is NOT allowed this phone and there is nothing but trouble with all the family trying to get through and constantly this is being ignored by the team.  I have to say that the guy who sat with me all the time during my visit to Elizabeth and would not leave us alone for 1 minute appeared to be helpful but none of the other staff have looked into the phone and got back to me and I understand it could well be because they are instructed not to contact me or maybe they do not want my daughter to speak to me and that is exactly how it appears.  When you telephone 3 times and do not get so much as a call back HOW DOES THIS LOOK.   A couple of times two members of staff have refused to put my daughter on the phone and when they do it is on the public phone and I asked for her mobile which WAS being kept in the office charging for days on end to be given back to her.   So, if she has the phone why is the phone not working as this is TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER OF ELIZABETH WHO WAS FOREVER TEXTING THE FAMILY PERHAPS NOW SHE IS BEING DISCOURAGED TO KEEP IN CONTACT AND WHAT IS MORE I HAVE FOUND OUT SOME VERY DISTURBING INFORMATION TONIGHT AND THAT IS ALL I AM GOING TO SAY AT THIS STAGE.  I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AS TIME GOES ON AND AM KEEPING A FIRM RECORD OF WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.


Under NICE guidelines familiies should be included and there is no excuse because neither the manager or doctor have met me and yet it would seem that I am not being communicated with at all.  I will report the rest later on but for  now I am watching with great interest what is going on here.




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