Since my last visit to Elizabeth which was a disaster on the first day I came, the next day I visited again and this was a Monday so of course there were management on duty – not THE manager as she was away on holiday.  I was told to ring back at 7.30 the next morning as I was turfed out of the meeting room because someone came late to visit their relative.  The only thing I would say is that someone was there ALL the time with my daughter and insisted on staying throughout the meeting. This may be their rules but in my opinion it is like an infringement of human rights because if for instance the parents were to blame for abuse or harming their relative that person is less likely to want to see them but Elizabeth was looking forward.  It is not every day I can come and we could not talk or go out or do anything and I thought that was bad.  There is no way that I would have taken Elizabeth away or anything else she is on a Section right now and I respect that even though I think it is APALLING.    She has been put on a section because of the way the previous psychiatrist dealt with her taking her off a huge amount of drugs and mixing it with another.   This is enough to make anyone go off balance.


Anyway from what I gather the food is very very  nice at Cambian and that is something.    Why the NHS cannot provide decent food and facilities is amazing when they can sit there having so many of their meetings and no end of staff who get good benefits from their job.   I am so pleased she is not in that place of horror Bethlem Royal Hospital but the one good thing is that my blog came to the attention of more than one patient who attended this hospital who have suffered alongside my daughter because of the shocking treatment.  


I have requested the file under Data Protection and I am entitled to the bulk of it only I have just been given a proportion and where are the minutes.  If you attend a meeting you should be en titled to a copy of the minutes.   The Consultant psychiatrist on Fitzmary II said he preferred to concentrate on the care.   I nearly choked with  laughter when I hear this “care!”  WHAT CARE –  the care is all about drug pushing in my opinion and this hospital were not at all grateful to the contribution I made when I brought so many interesting ideas to the ward and was even prepared to pay for entertainment for the patients at the weekend.  Patients who hardly have any visitors and virtually have nothing to do at weekends.  What good is this!   



Anyway the good thing is this bad exprience brought me into contact with a wonderful group called Speak Out AGainst Psychiatry and I am in huge admiration of this group of people who have helped themselves – mainly ex-patients all of whom have suffered apalling care and gave me support like I have never had before.  I am truly grateful.  I now have the most wonderful advocate through this group who I would not hesitate in recommending to anyone as this is a person who has experience of what it is like to be on a dreadful ward under the care of professionals who do not care to listen.   He has written so many wonderful emails to SLAM and has come to a meeting to support me.   If I feel such a meeting daunting with a team how does that make a patient feel.  I commend his braveness and unselfishness in helping me in such a wonderful way and now my daughter is miles away.  A wonderful organisation called Hafal can help me as regards advocacy but I still would like this person to be the advocate for my daughter as this person would know exactly everything about the previous care and would be truly independent.   I see some good changes coming about in Wales and Ireland as regards the law.  Now a patient can have an independent advocate and this is so important.  I am trying to find out more about these changes as I have heard that a patient can have choice of care in Wales and holistic care is the way forward without a doubt.   I am hoping to go to a conference soon through Chy-Sawel in Cornwall where a Dr William Walsh along with other professionals will be talking about his research and I believe that every care provider should attend such a conference and adapt these changes.  The conference is aimed at educating professionals to bring about much needed change.


Anyway, I spoke to Elizabeth at the weekend.   She is OK and when I visited she looked better.  God knows what dosage of chemicals she is on and if it is Cambian’s policy to ply thse drugs like the Maudsley then this is not the right care and I am looking in to other things right now as hollistic care would be the answer and that is not to say I would ever tell my daughter to stop taking these chemicals as I know that is not possible unless you have a doctor to help you.  THIS IS NOT ENCOURAGED AND THERE IS NO FACILITY IN THE WHOLE OF THIS COUNTRY TO PROVIDE SUCH CARE.  I stand by what I say that Clozapine is the worse drug of all but they are all very harmful.   I would like to see Elizabeth on the minimal of chemicals but with a dietician and nicer living accommodation and decent care and encouragement to eat the correct foods.  I believe that Wales is better for her to get well than the stressful environment of London.   I still miss her though and still worry but hope that she makes a decent life for herself.  I cannot be around forever but so far none of these professionals I have come across previously have given me much confidence.  It is hard to trust anyone now.  Hafal though are supposed to have patient involvement and this is what I like.  FAIRNESS. If Eliazbeth  is treated fairly then what more can I ask for. 


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