Travelled from Cornwall to Wales today – could not tell Cambian an exact time because did not know how long it would take.  However was told room book between 2 and 4 so arrange between 4pm and 5 pm and told it was OK.  On arrival brought in things Elizabeth had requested sat down – they made me a coffee but all the time a member of staff was standing there listening to every single word of  conversation and it was like she was stood next to me all the time.  When I asked if I could spend some time with my daughter on my own I was told firmly “no”.   So I tried to sort out the problem with her phone which has been ongoing and has caused no end of distress to the whole family as we have been unable to get through to her and still after all this time nothing has been sorted out.  Anyway the mailbox was full so cleared that. Elizabeth went to get my Birthday cake and I had brought no end of cup cakes which Cambian said that they would not accept however no sooner had Elizabeth brought my Birthday cake out to me in a container and I could only have stayed about 10 minutes the people who were supposed to have arrived at 3pm turned up and I was told to leave and Elizabeth was told to get back to her room.

It is my Birthday today and I am extremely upset at how I have been treated.  I have done nothing but praise this private hospital thinking on reading their description it was a wonderful place that listened to patients and even took on board patient’s ideas who have been on acute wards but this seems now far from accurate in reality.    I have been in tears today on my Birthday as I hardly get to see my daughter and have travelled a long way.  I am not happy now that Elizabeth is in such a place where the psychiatrist has referred to “my behaviour”.  Now I want it in writing from the doctors and teams individually everything in terms of my behaviour and reason why I was treated like a criminal today and not even allowed to have a conversation with my own daughter without a member of staff standing practically next to me.   I see this as an infringement of human rights and shocking treatment.   It is clear that Cambian 4 Star Wards do not care less about the family and there is no guarantee that I will be able to see her tomorrow which will mean a telephone call direct to the CQC to investigate what is going on under the closed doors of this private hospital who I thought was the very best  place from their description as compared to what I have seen on a local acute ward.

When a family do not get to see someone who is ill because they are miles away I just cannot believe what happened today.  I was told because I did not book in advance they had to honour someone who turned up late who did book and I did not want to mess anyone around and so did not want to give a time and then get delayed and hold up anyone else but nevertheless they knew I was coming and I had actually booked between 4 and 5 pm. There has been time to assess her and time to consider even just a couple hours leave to be with her family but the psychiatrist Dr W……………………. referred to what she called “my behaviour from the previous ward and perhaps she would like to come out and say exactly what she thinks of me when she has not even met me and has chosen to go off on holiday refusing flatly to even consider a visit or leave and leaving everything in the hands of the manager who is also on holiday and who had to call meetings to get this visit agreed.    I like Wales as an area as it is peaceful but the drugs of Clozapine and Metformine are causing Elizabeth a lot of pain and she has complained of feeling a strain on her heart.  I am far from happy with what is going on and noone would even show us round.  I can understand they do not want you in their bedrooms but the whole element of control and their behaviour towards the family is disgusting and an infringement of human rights and if my daughter suffers from any problems with her heart as a result of these drugs then they deserve to be investigated in court and I have solicitors lined up.

  1. kelly said:

    iam in northern ca and having similair experience and complaints. where are those holistic treatment centers you mentioned.

  2. Susan Bevis said:

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