Going to see Cambian 4 Star Wards for the first time at the weekend.  It is a long time or seems so that I have seen Elizabeth and have only spoken to her on the phone.  The rest of the family and I feel she sounds quite disorientated on the phone and confused and of course there has been plenty of problems getting through as the phone was kept in the office for a while and then appeared to be constantly switched off.  Anyway it will be nice to see her but it would have been even better if I was allowed to take her out.   This is where the doctors control everything –  I asked the ward manager but she said no assessment had been made yet the doctor knew I was coming down and could have done this but her comments were “she would have to see if such a visit would be too distressing to my daughter and the other patients”. 

Both the manager and the doctor are away right now.

I am sure the facilities and the home are very nice as I have had described to me by Elizabeth it is like a 4 star hotel there.  It would be perfect if only they offered care that was not drug pushing of chemicals which Elizabeth was given at the Bethlem Royal Hospital – the worst chemical of all and that is Clozapine which I have read all about.  There are so many people I know who have developed heart problems on this drug and I and the rest of the family are horrified at reading the research papers.   This shows that the Maudsley clearly do not care about the welfare of their patients by giving out this drug based on what I have read.   It is all about raking in the funding from the drugs manufacturing companies and this is probably the reason behind all the high security as I could not blame a patient from running a mile from this prison camp.

Anyway if there are any ill effects to my daughter then it will be down to the prescription of this drug by the Maudsley and I will want some answers to this and proof of her diagnosis as no proper assessment was done and I want to see the proof of what diagnosis she has in light of the way this assessment was carried out.  


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