I got some of the file but should have received copies of the minutes as I attended several meetings.  I should have also had copies of conversations and the incidents where I was labelled as threatening to the team but got none of these, only select papers which I already  have in any case.

 If there was decent communication none of this would be necessary.


The CQC have powers to investigate complaints but only limited and they are not interested in individual cases but as I pointed out I heard many patients complaining of their rights and not being listened to which could be another factor why I was banned. 

I certainly  have listened to my daughter but the more drugs they dished out there were times when she was confused and mixed up and I felt at times she was being manipulated.  The CQC have a duty to intervene but it looks from the letter that they are passing matters to the PHSO and this is no good in my opinion.  The need to send down their inspectors and interview all the patients and take a look at the advocacy there that is wholly unfair and not independent.

The CQC sent me some of the file but it contains nothing –  I should have had copies of the minuts of every meeting I attended and copies of the report/investigation that led to me being banned.  Surely I am entitled to have some explanation and noone has given me anything.


The whole system is no unfair and does not go far enough to ensure that patients are not being abused.   Patients should also be listened to and are not fairly represented.    The advocates were far from independent and this needs to be looked at as well.   My daughter has a fabulous new advocate and I am happy that he is the best and fair representative for her as he is not attached to hospitals that dish out the funding for such advocacy. 

Today I tried to speak to my daughter but the phone was again off and despite you telling the staff at Cambian things are right, you just cannot get through.   A letter has been received by my daughter so she told me about the tribunal but I have not heard anything from anyone in the team.   I am still waiting to hear if I can visit her but that involves meetings being held. 

The fact is there is no reason why I should be prevented from seeing or taking out my daughter as I hardly see her now.  She has human rights and I have never seen such treatment before and fail to see how this could benefit my daughter just because they do not like the mother.  When I asked this question previously at the Maudsley the staff were quick to say it is not because they are worried about her safety in my company –  so it would all seem to be personal.  However if Cambian did not have anything to do with the NHS/social services then this hospital would be perfect – I am sure it is much nicer than all the acute wards put together.  As nearest relative surely I should be told about the date of the Tribunal. 


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