Antipscyhotics – time to introduce change

This link to a most interesting article in BJPsych   bjp.rcpsych

Well it is a good thing they are having a forum on this as I would have plenty to say on the subject and I have noted down the dates of their conventions and if at all possible may attend in future.  They need to listen to the patients and carers who witness at first hand what these drugs do.  It is all very well for the doctors who just prescribe them and then are not even based there at the hospital to see what is going on.   In any case how on earth can someone get a clear opinion and base their views on guesswork and especially as it would appear many do not read the files or want to know the family but assume that it is the family at fault or else cannot be bothered and just base their diagnoses on observations.

I have been asked many times about how my daughter did at school.  Well what on earth has this got to do with matters.  I can see that Dr Jame MacCabe is doing some more research.  I personally think he needs to concentrate on the dangers of these drugs and look at the real thing to aid recovery and that is correct care and that extends not just to hospital but in the community.  For this correct care you need the patients to be involved because the experts do not listen to the patients half the time and that is the main problem.  They also do not work with the families and are dismissive in every way.

Yes it is time to introduce change in the form of orthomolecular psychiatry as I could see a huge improvement in my daughter with decent care and a doctor who actually listened.

I have just had a call from Elizabeth to say there is a Tribunal (so her phone must now be with her – that is something!) and solicitors have written to her but the solicitors are not her solicitors so they must have been from the hospital.  It is shocking and disgusting that you have to go through this procedure when someone is of no risk to the public and would not just go out and disobey rules etc – she may well be in a strange area but if told to stay in she would but why keep someone a prisoner.   I am most bitter about this because if it was not for the previous shocking care in a so called worldwide renowned hospital then if they had done things properly and reduced by miniscule amounts on a day to day basis as I showed in a wonderful book and cd by Dr Tracy – things would not have got to this stage and I would have been happy.  As it is I am not at all happy as I blame this hospital for my daughter’s current situation as they are the ones who have not done things properly and plied with even more drugs against my daughter’s human rights.   I also do not like the way they are using the patients for their clinical trials.


Whilst this publication is a start it is action that is needed – action speaks louder than words and whilst the NHS do nothing apart from have endless meetings after meetings – nothing is achieved as there would not be such a mess under the mental health otherwise.

Whilst I can see why so many people are afraid to complain fortunately I am not.  I want to see action and change and I am prepared to go down to a meeting at the Royal College of Psychiatry and speak my mind.  They also need to listen to the many others who feel the same way and do something.


There is a way psychiatry can be involved in helping a patient and that is NOT through these awful chemicals and I have made sure that my daughter will know who is responsible one day and hopefully there may be something like an Alternative Care Centre like Earth House over here.  Patients have a lot to offer and are the most highly intellligent people from what I have seen.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is narrow minded or else ignorant as to what is going on and they should do some proper research and I have certainly done that into these drugs that are so highly damaging and extremely dangerous.  I wish I had done that in the beginning but I know full well you cannot just come off them and if someone is on the minimal of these drugs rather than maximum and has experts involved in looking at nutrition/diet, tests at bio lab – this is what should be done for the patients.


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