My daughter is in a place she describes as like a four star hotel and in beautiful countryside.  I am happy for that at least however all is not well.

At first everything seemed lovely and I thought she had been just transferred although it was very sudden.  This is most unusual as most patients end up on the wards of Fitzmary II for longer than my daughter but it seemed they were anxious to let her go.  The family hardly had any notice given to them and other people involved in her care such as her newly appointed advocate thought it was highly strange.

At first I was happy to think of Elizabeth in a nice surround and peaceful setting.  The rest of the family were told not to visit for the first two weeks and this did not seem unreasonable however time has gone on now and I am keen that Elizabeth does not think that whilst she is miles away noone cares for h er in the family or else we have forgotten but suddenly things are becoming increasingly difficult.

I spoke to the new psychiatrist Dr W……………………. a few days ago and I do not think she liked me very much.   When I mentioned about the section I told her that she would not have been put on section if the reduction off medication had been done properly.  Any doctor would have to admit in a court of law that you cannot just take someone off as much as 150mg and reduce in 2 weeks without adverse reaction.  This caused no end of upset and pain for my daughter.  Constant phone calls at work whilst they had mixed Seroquel with Olanzapine were extremely upsetting.  She did not have the promised drug free assessment like Prof Murray said. 

This new psychiatrist under Cambian never bothered to introduce herself by a phone call to the family or anything.  I just found out who she was.    Anyway there were times in the conversation she cut me short and would not let me finish what I was saying.  She then went on to say about my “behaviour” at the Bethlem Royal and would not have a word said against them and that shows just how they support one another and stick together.   I am neither threatening or abusive but have got upset with this team on more than one occasion and then they are the ones who have threatened me.  The police would have records as I rang them when the staff threatened to call and have been arrested.  One such incident was when I brought the pet kitten and a chinese meal for my daughter.  On all these occasions I have witnesses to back me up.

I have given an honest account of the shocking care at the Bethlem Royal and have reports to prove it.  This is a research hospital and that is that.  They get their funding from the drugs companies to experiment on poor vulnerable patients.  They would normally have to pay to do this kind of research for volunteers but they just dish out the drugs they know full well are highly dangerous and risky to the lives of the patients and they do not go anywhere near enough to inform the patients and relatives of the risks involved.  I have proof of everything.

The ultimate abuse is to have your phone taken away and the phone is always in the office charging.  So I questioned the manager and insisted that Elizabeth should have her phone with her at all times in case other members of the family were trying to contact her.  The manager then went on to say she was keeping the phone at Elizabeth’s request.   How very very odd.  I find this so hard to believe –  I only recently was asked by Elizabeth to get credit for her phone and now she is not allowed to have it with her.  Anyway I am sure the truth will come out soon.    When I have phoned before I have been put on the phone to my daughter – a pay phone on the ward and I am phoning from a mobile and this is quite costly to hang on and wait till they find her as she is probably in her room.   


The other thing is the consultant psychiatrist Dr W……………………….could not give me an answer whether I would even be allowed to visit on my Birthday or take my daughter out.  This Consultant Psychiatrist is based there at this supposedly patient-friendly hospital that boasts of patient involvement.  I think the staff have been instructed from above not to allow the phone to be given to my daughter and that means if she is being abused in this so called wonderful hospital she is totally isolated form the world but truth has a way of coming to the surface.   I can tell something is desperately wrong at the Cambian Four Star Wards in that the phone is not with my daughter and I simply do not believe what I have been told.  This is a real infringement of human rights _ I thought I had seen it all on that dreadful past ward Fitzmary II but it appears not.   I have not met a single member of staff but I feel that they are being told not to give my daughter her phone in fact she admitted today she has been told not to speak to me.   She could not say by whom but I am documenting this so very well.  My daughter sounded distant and worried – probably worried for reprisals in terms of speaking out against WHOM told her not to speak to me but the fact she has not got her phone with her time and time again would make anyone suspicious in light of what Dr W refers to my behaviour on the previous ward and that she would have to weigh up  the distress such a visit would cause by me to my daughter and the rest of the patients.  It would seem that Dr W                    is yet another psychiatrist desperate to keep my daughter away from me and this will need a full investigation and unfortunately it will damage Cambian’s image completely unless the phone is handed back and the rest of the family have no further problems in getting through and also if my visit is allowed on my Birthday as if it is not, then how will htis make the Cambian Four Star Wards look particularly when my daughters wants to see her family and that includes all of us as ALL of us are coming down.      

If this ban is longstanding then I will put out an appeal for many many people to check on my daughter’s wellbeing and report back to me.  All I want to know is that she is OK having seen her face covered  in bruises at the last hospital for which NO explanation was given.

AT the moment I cannot even put in for any holiday because I do not know if I will be allowed to see my own daughter and when I asked previously at the Fitzmary II ward why I was being given 1 hr escorted leave only and offered to provide character references  and dont forget I had vigourous security checks through my application to be a police officer – they quickly turned round and said it was nothing to do with that yet noone seemed to be able to communicate and that is the trouble with the NHS mental health care.  There is o inclusion for relatives and they especially do not like it when you speak out or challenge what they are doing and I feel I had every right to do this.  It is supposed to be a country that encourages free speech but this would seem not to apply in the world of psychiatry.  I will now go on to write some extracts of a wonderful informative piece I have seen on Facebook by Professor David Healy.  Thank goodness for people like him and Dr Ann Blake Tracy for their honesty. 



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