Once again could not get Elizabeth on the phone today so have no idea how she is.  

Every time I have spoken to her she has asked when I am coming down.   Two days ago she sounded a bit distressed and said she was not happy on the Clozapine and wanted to come off it.

I was horrified to learn she is still on Section – WHATEVER FOR –  She is happy to remain there for the time being – at least it is not like that prison camp.   I have not seen Cambian Four Star Wards yet but planned to visit on my Birthday coming up in August.

Anyway I have had numerous conversations with staff and the manager who are extremely nice.  My only complaint being that I could not get through to her on the phone.  I thought they had sorted things out.  Anyway, I decided to find out the name of the psychiatrist who happens to be based there.   I will refer to the psychiatrist as Dr W.

Dr W spoke to me and I was so hoping we would get on.  The conversation started well but did not end well.  I questioned what my daughter was doing on Meformine and asked if she had diabetes but was told no and she was a bit vague but the Manager had already told me –  it was to counteract the tremendous weight gain caused by the Clozapine.  These two drugs are drugs that are in the first instance prescribed by the Maudsley  but according to the presentation it would appear they are very both mentioned in terms of experimentation and at the beginning of the prsentation it gives the n ames of the drug companies involved in providing funding for such experimentation.   So that is two people saying she does not have diabetes but I then went on to say about the oils and she said they were allowed and were being given.   I then went on to say about the supplements and she said SOME were being given.    All the supplements I obtained from the States had been prescribed by a properly qualified psychiatrist but an orthomolecular psychiatrist.  I told Dr W that I had a prescription that my daughter should have included on the ward and I do not think this went down too well.   The other thing I got to find out is how supportive Dr W is towards the Maudsley describing this hell on earth place as a top leading renowned hospital that knew what they were doing and offered excellent care.  When I said this was not true she cut me short in my conversation.  I told her about the abuse going on there but she refused to listen to this.  I told her about my fears re the medication but straight away she leapt to the defense of these harmful chemicals.   I told her that I had seen shocking research papers but again she cut me short in conversation and did not want to know. 

 I then got on to the subject of the section and said I was not happy about it.  I am sure my daughter is happy in what she describes as a four star hotel but is probably missing the family.  Every time she has asked when I am going to visit and I was planning to come in August but when I asked the question whether I would be able to take her out for dinner – no answer was given and she even tried to push the decision on the manager who she would give orders to herself.    She quickly announced she would be going on holiday Monday until 14 August and that does not tie in with  my birthday – that means I could go all the way there and find I am not allowed to visit and my daughter is not allowed out.   As it happens the rest of the family are all together with me for once and do not like the section either.      They too are not convinced about the drugs as her father said “she has been put on so many ” and they have not worked.  Her father also wants to visit at the same time and we are consulting solicitors.  He is the person they wanted to replace me with but we happened to agree on more than one issue tonight when we spoke about the situation.     Dr W referred to “my behaviour” on the previous ward.    If you have looked at previous blogs you will have seen reference to what really happened based on how I was treated and how my daughter was treated.  This is apalling abuse what is going on under Bethlem Royal Hospital and yet the psychiatrist from Cambian 4 Star Wards was praising and in favour of the drugs and seemed to be against me because she would not give me a firm decision.  It will be interesting to see what happens.     So solicitors are getting involved not just for my daughter and I told CAmbian that whilst I am very happy that she is there rather than Bethlem Royal Hospital I am not happy for any further drugs to be given.  That is against my daughters wishes.    The one thing that worries me is that this psychiatrist could turn my daughter against me by putting words into her head as she tried to twist one or two things I said – I used the word evil to describe care at Bethlem Royal Hospital – she tried to make out I was referring these comments to her and would not let me finish sentences and often talked over me when she did not want to hear the whole sentence.        If it was not for her I would be 100% happy as I am sure the staff and manager are extremely nice at this hospital. 


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