Cambian 4 Star Ward’s Psychiatrist

For the first time I spoke on the phone to Dr W.  AT first the conversation went well but I did not think it ended well.

The minute I criticised the drugs she became defensive and started to praise the Maudsley Bethlem Royal Hospital.   She refused to listen to any words of criticism and is obviously well in with them.  She described them as being world renowned specialist hospital but that could not be farther from the truth.   She praised the drug Clozapine and refused to let me finish my explanation and stuck up 100% for the hospital.

I then tried to address the issue of section and said I was not happy about it.   I asked how it would affect my visits as I only had about an hour escorted leave with my daughter at Bethlem Royal Hospital.   She refused to give me any answer and referred to what she had heard as my “behavioiur” at the Bethlem Royal.  I have explained in full and honestly about what really happened in my blog.  I told her I was hoping to come down on my birthday and asked if I could take her out with me for a meal but she refused to answer to this saying she would have to weigh up what was best for my daughter and bearing in  mind my behaviour is upsetting to my daughter and she had other patients to consider then she did not consent over the phone – instead leaving this to the manager possibly in her absence as she is goIng on holiday Monday until the 14th August which is after my birthday.   So she could turn round and say to the manager DO NOT ALLOW HER OUT OR ME ON THE WARD.  I have no idea but it will be very very bad if this happens as the entire family – all of us are coming down and Elizabeth has asked so many times when I am coming to visit.   The psychiatrist tried to say that Elizabeth herself had expressed distress at my visits.   I want this in my blog because if I never get to see my daughter again my last wish would be that this gets read to her and that it is not because I do not care that I am not visiting but it is because of the powers of Dr W and Dr S of the Maudsley that allow them to inflict such punishment in such a detrimental way that is not helping Elizabeth and tearing the family apart when the family are coming together as none of us think Elizabeth should be sectioned.  She would not run away and is more vulnerable than anything else.   People look at the young man in the papers and think everyone mentally ill is a killer –  I would like to take such people to see what is really going on and they should be educated and the patients are human beings and because they are so vulnerable are being abused terribly by these so called professionals who do not read the files from start to finish and the files in any case are inaccurate because they portray me in a bad light simply because I have been outspoken. 


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