I telephoned Elizabeth tonight as I do every evening.   She is miles away but I do not want her to feel that noone in the family is bothering even though have not yet been to see her – for this I would prefer to stay overnight and make a long weekend of it.

She seemed confused and disorientated – much the same as when her father spoke to her last.   Elizabeth mentioned the drug – Clozapine tonight and how she wanted to come off this awful drug.  It is obviously affecting her quite badly.    

Noone tells you anything –  even on these better wards which Elizabeth described as a four star hotel I have had trouble in getting through night after night after night.  Every time there has been a problem and I have been phoning on my mobile and every time I had to ask staff to look into matters.  Apparently I finally got to find out the phone was left charging in the office but this not being able to get through has been awful not only for me but for the rest of the family as it is not possible to just pop down there in 5 minutes.

The other thing that bothers me is she keeps saying she has not got her possessions.  She has asked me several times but needs to ask the staff – where is everything.  Where are the expensive oils and supplements.  Where are all her clothes and possessions?  Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get to find out. I have asked this question before but got no answer.


Anyway the conversation was brief and over a pay phone in the communal lounge no doubt.  I have no idea how long Elizabeth is going to be at this centre for rehab but she is not missing anything much back home.   It is very very busy –  the Olympics are approaching and the tube is awful to travel on and so packed.  This kind of atmosphere would be no good for Elizabeth as I remember taking her up to Westminster Abbey on the day of William and Kate’s wedding.  Even though the crowds had died down there were a few frightening moments as Elizabeth got worked up through sheer panic and stress.  I thought I would have to order a taxi home but luckily there was a lift at Westminster Tube Station.

I miss Elizabeth very much even though I was only seeing her at the weekend and my time was cut to 1 her escorted leave by that apalling hospital that is supposedly world renowned. 

 Today I got a reply back from my letter to CNN – I have written to a few organisations and newspapers relating to the shocking shootings.   However,  what is not reported are true facts surrounding so many cases of this sort.  I too  have witnessed behavioural changes and psychosis and Akathisia.   It is all to easy to blame the psychosis on a so called condition.  However this is not true.   Mental illness is not something that causes this kind of violence however it is the psychiatric drugs that are to blame.  I have witnessed this in more than 1 person in the family who has been on these drugs.  I believe this is all played down because there is so m uch money to be made by  the pharmaceutical industry.   People are not fully warned about these drugs and all the dangers but Dr Ann Blake Tracy has explained everything in her book Prozac Panacea Pandora and interviews I have on CDs.

On a separate blog I am going to write now about the latest shocking presentation I have seen by the Bethlem Royal Hospital. 


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