Worrying call from Elizabeth.

Today Elizabeth corresponded by text and tonight we spoke on the telephone very late.  She said it is a nice place and the food is lovely but I am concerned.  Cambian are still dishing out harmful drugs and I am worried there is something wrong with Elizabeth’s health as she has complained of some serious effects from this drug Clozapine.  I may have to insist on an independent doctor examining her.   I am very very concerned for her indeed after tonight’s phone call.


I know the countryside and area is lovely but it is a disgrace how the teams did this without allowing her time to say goodbye to family.  Why the rush –  why the panic. 

I am so bitter towards this hospital and the way they  have behaved that I would be happy to give huge worldwide publicity.   On Friday there may well be the opportunity and I intend to make the most of it.

From what I gather Elizabeth has not got half her possessions.  I need to ring the ward tomorrow and find out where they are.


Tonight they have her 2 Lorazepam tablets and this is no good so I will have to have a word with the staff there at Cambion as I thought they were not all about pushing drugs.   It is the NHS cruel wicked care that does just that and then patients are forced to take these chemicals under a section. 


I do not know how long she will be there but she said it is lovely, like a 4 star hotel and food is good.  I am distressed and sorry for my daughter after the phone call I heard from her today.

I feel so helpless now but bitter towards them all for just pushing drug afte drug and not solving anything and how is this affecting the health of my poor daughter.  I must insist on an independent doctor visiting my daughter after tonight’s phone call.



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