Whilst I am happy Elizabeth is in a nice place albeit a long way away from the family,  I had a distressing phone call from her late at night today.  She complained of severe pains and feels there is something wrong with her heart/liver.   She had to ask for Lorazepam and of course staff gave her this.  I will have to ring them tomorrow as I am not happy as I thought the idea of this place was not to drug people up – I thought Cambian was different.  With the high level of drugs given to my daughter I have every right to be worried.   SLAM could not have cared less and I cannot wait to talk to the press on Friday and tell them exactly what I think.


There are others who also feel strongly about SLAM – for instance there are patients who are most upset about their treatment at this awful place.


Meanwhile I do not know what has happened to all the possessions of Elizabeth –  the lovely oils, the other things seem to have been left behind.  I am now going to write to the very woman – Clinical Service Lead Inpatient Complex Care  to see if she can enlighten me on what has happened to her possessions.   This is the heartless woman who would not let Elizabeth have a couple of items she requested on the ward when they banned me.   I have now decided to deal directly with her on every occasion as a result of her attitude.




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