One good thing is that my basic website not only helps me keep a record of what is going on with Elizabeth’s care but as a result of this and by using Facebook I have come into contact with such marvellous people who I feel I have known for years and have true understanding of what things are really like under the awful mental health system.  I am told it is such people like patients leading newspapers want to hear from.  I think it is extremely brave of any patient to speak out against this abuse.  Anyway I am glad I have made so many nice friends as a result in campaigning for better mental health care.

I received a telephone call from Elizabeth tonight and she was very happy.  The ward she described as like a luxury hotel.  The food she described as delicious and very good.


The peacefulness of the environment is good for someone who stressed out and unwell.  The local acute wards are apalling –  Cambion 4 Star Wards are what is needed.   ALL WARDS SHOULD BE LIKE CAMBION FOUR STAR WARDS. 


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