It would have been nice to have been told about the move for my daughter away from home and away from where she is currently – in fact a long distance away.   I could at least do the journey in a day where she is now but it is so very awful.   Anyway, the move took place today and I had a string of phone calls yesterday but was unable to take them as I was working.  Fancy just giving a day’s notice.  What kind of behaviour is this.  It is cruel and horrible of them not to give at least a week’s notice so that I could have said goodbye to my daughter.

I would be willing to provide and send Elizabeth to another country if there was decent care.  For instance Tornio in Finland is supposed to have unique care and I would have been happy to try and provide this as there is no decent care here.  The care I have in mind is minimal drugs with diet, nutrition emphasised.  Orthomolecular care is what I would like most of all.

She is being moved somewhere nicer but I cannot help but feel this has been done very hastily.  It is unusual for the team to act so quickly.  Why are they panicking so  – is it because of the good work of the new advocate I appointed in place of Rethink.  It made my day when I turned up for the meeting on Saturday with the n ew advocate.


Well I would not like to disappoint anyone at SLAM as there are other patients languishing on that hell on earth ward and one poor patient has been there for 2 years –  I asked a nurse how long patients were left on their ward for and what was the longest time and this is the response I got.  I was horrified.  It was bad enough visiting let alone being a patient.  This is no decent place to get better it is enough to make anyone suffer nightmares.    I will continue to take an interest in things and cannot wait to get my files.   This could be another factor why they have panicked – I am sure they have all said lovely things about me.


However I would not like to disappoint the team and turn my back.  I feel it my duty to continue to take a keen interest  in this hospital.  I want to know exactly how the Consultant Psychiatrist has come up with his diagnosis.  I want evidence.


I also want the files not just here but locally too.


I have not mentioned the local area much but I am so furious with them that they will get a mention next time.


I also want to share the shocking letter from the GMC.  


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