Elizabeth’s phone call today:

I did not go and see Elizabeth because the team have banned me as I explained previously in the most cruel way.  Also they treat you like rubbish and in the most patronising and threatening manner when you dare to challenge their so called “care”.

I have quite rightly done just this and I believe that EVERYONE should speak up about the care but the trouble is most people do not have the strength to do so but somehow I do because I like justice especially for those who are vulnerable.

Witnessed by who will hopefully become my daughter’s new advocate in place of Rethink who have psychiatrists on their Board (who have been domineered by the consultant psychiatrist who is using them in every instance nearly to get out of answering questions).  I have decided that these advocates are not independent  and do not want them for her.  I want fair representation for my daughter who is outnumbered completely and I am lucky to have found just the ideal person in the form of someone who has great experience in dealing in the most appropriate manner with a team who do not listen and do not put anything into place and then the next meeting takes place, the one after takes place and no change or anything is done.  This is “care” under the Bethlem Royal Hospital.  Anyway I am so thankful to the “new advocate/representative for being such a great support to me at the meeting on Saturday and speaking up for my daughter in the most brilliant manner which even I would not have done so greatly.  Thank you so much. 

So I have been quite tearful today because I have  had to clear out Elizabeth’s possessions from the team and try and make room in my house for these.  This has been very hard and very sad.  It is not that it was a dreadful place but unfortunately Elizabeth was not happy here –  there was one thing lacking – in the evenings she was isolated and had no company.  They refused to allow me any involvement through direct payments otherwise none of this would have happened.  She was in hospital for so long she had become very dependent on other people to do things for her but drugged up to your neck on 750mg on powerful mind-altering  LSD like drugs would have an affect on anyone.  It made her feel constantly tired. to the point she could not function.  She was not eating properly, living off junk food etc.  Every weekend I would spare time to see her and make sure she had shopping in and things were clean and washing was not overflowing which is something I have come across.   There would be rotting food in the fridge, bins overflowing, washing overflowing.  Elizabeth could not seem to function on the high dosage of drugs and needed to be reduced.  That is why I appointed the Orthomolecular Psychiatrist and she seemed to improve  until I got banned yet again!.  Still the scheme such as this is a good idea for people who can manage a bit.

I am completely banned from seeing Elizabeth now and have to wait to see what this decide after 2 weeks but Elizabeth is extremely distressed.   She rang me today and wants out of that dreadful place.  This is cruel vile vindictive “care” and abusive.  I was so shocked at what the Clinical Service Lead Inpatient Complex Care said to me when I mentioned Elizabeth had asked for a couple of things and how would I get them to her “she has everything she needs on the ward”.  Who is this heartless woman to say something like this so my solicitors and my daughter’s solicitors will be writing to her directly from now on as I am so apalled at these comments.

So I think that the only way forward is through litigation sadly unless I get to hear that for one the ban is lifted so that Elizabeth can go to the Pets Day she has requested at the local  pets shop.  If not then I will contact my solicitors they will have to liaise with my daughter’s solicitors as I want them to work very very closely as I want justice  100% for my daughter.

The text message I got from Elizabeth was that she felt a bit better today because yesterday she could barely walk and felt so ill but she had not been out anywhere and staff were constantly listening and watching all the time.   So much for human rights – there does not seem to be any in this place.

The text message from Elizabeth read that she was feeling better and that she loved me.  I have offered to show the staff these messages but they just carry on with their abusive behaviour depriving my daughter the right to see me because of 1 incident.  If anything both incidents which they try to blame me for would point to them themselves for being aggressive, threatening and they wanted to have me arrested so many times the police sounded apalled.  They have got more importnat things to deal with than a team like this.  They could soon check my character themselves and come to the conclusion that this is nonsense and then the team could be accused of wasting police time.  If they had been reasonable there would be no incidents and in any case when they call me threatening and this kind of description I am completely outnumbered by them and so resentful of their threats to have me arrested especially bearing in mind I wanted to go into the police.  All of this has made me decide to look again at such a prospect.  After all I got half way through the training course and I have discovered the police may need volunteers at local level.  I have volunteered and am now looking forward to hearing from them.  I will then be able to take a special interest in the mental health care of the area especially and have first hand knowledge of what is going on here.  There will not no need for further escorts and no need to suggest that I have to go running in an area where staff could see me.  THIS IS SO LAUGHABLE – when I put out my appeal for all the celebrities to get involved and visit the likes of my daughter this could be a standing joke as I would like a host of comedians to come and cheer the patients up.

The fete was very nice but my daughter was too ill to go to it and of course how would then have reacted if I had bumped into her in the grounds.   The wonderful new advocate and I enjoyed looking round the fete and he knew everyone in sight.  Everyone was speaking to him both patients and senior members of staff.  I could not be more lucky in finding someone as ideal as this as who could be better than someone who has experienced himself how dreadful it is to be under this shocking awful care for mental health in this country.  I shudder to think of this horror and would be frightened to go and see any doctor that could come up with some diagnosis as there are hundreds and hundreds  


 I could come up with a diagnosis of my own to this Consultant Psychiatrist in one word  “Paranoid”!  This is an ideal description of a man who demands that I do running with my daughter in sight and not disappear behind any trees or bushes.  Suddenly I am laughing my head off because this is what a member of staff told me and they must have their orders from “God” above  in this respect.     


I have a tape recording with a psychiatrist form the Maudsley starring that it takes him just 2 minutes to colme up with a diagnosis.  This is ludicrous.  Diagnoses should not be given just by looking at someone or assuming.  YOU SHOULD NEVER ASSUME.  This needs to be backed by scientific evidence.



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