It is one thing getting away with controlling patients who are too weak to defend themselves whilst drugged up to their necks on chemicals.  It is another thing trying to control me in this way or anyone else who feels strongly in this connection.


I have already discussed the letters I have received with sanctions against me and that I was NOT satisfield with the letter from the Chief Executive.


So, apparently another letter is in the post to me which bans me for about two more weeks not allowing me ANY contact with my daughter and once again Rethink are brought into this.  


You have only got to look on their Board to see why I am not happy and the fact that Rethink were meant to come to the last meeting on Friday and did not says it all.  Someone has told them NOT to come to the meeting as they would have been put in a position that they would have to deny any involvement in preventing the Consultant Psychiatrist for answering my questions.


My questions were mainly about medication:

Why is she on a diabetes medication;

Why is she on Clozapine when she particularly did not want to go on this and besides, I already warned that this carries 5 black box warnings for heart problems in the family and this would apply to her.

I then wanted answers to when the sanction of escorted leave and restricted leave would be lifted as Elizabeth liked going to Bromley with me.   Again he used Rethink.  


I thought to myself –Right…………..I am going to have to reluctantly appoint legal representatives and thanks to my huge amount of new friends I have acquired I have found an excellent firm to represent me.  I will definitely be using this firm in the very near future.

Secondly I have found the most wonderful independent advocate for my daughter rather than REthink who are obviously domineered by  the Consultant Psychiatrist who has refused me a copy of the minutes by saying that he would rather concentrate on the care.

Unfortunately I am not happy with this –  I have therefore requested under the Data Protection Act every little thing with my name on it which I am entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act and the CQC have had no choice but to agree with me.

Today I am meeting with the new representative and looking forward to a meeting with the lead nurse and some psychologist.  I do not know what this can achieve! 

I am not allowed anywhere near my daughter and no doubt if I ventured anywhere near they would call the police!!!

I have therefore decided to offer my services to the local police who are apparently constantly in need of volunteers as I have already checked this out for myself.

I am going to contact my web designer to do something better for me on my site and I need a page to attrack leading celebrities in order that the patients can have some visitors to cheer them up.

So I will let you know how I get on with all of htis later as there is also a carers meeting afterwards which I am going to attend unless I get arrested in the meantrime.

Professor Murray is writing to me – one line emails whereas mine go into details and I have provided him with the shocking links to Prof Taylor’s research and told him to put himself in my shoes.  I also suggested that the Consultant Psychiatrist himself and the team should try out these harmful chemicals BEFORE plying them to vulnerable patients against their wishes.  If this was done then they could do much more thorough research as they would know how it feels.  The fact is that they are NOT doing this which would point to concerns that they are afraid to.

Anyway my ban is because of my “behaviiour” when I visited the ward at the weekend and I have had to report them to the Police myself as I am just one person against all of them and most of them are men.  I felt totally threatened especially when I was told that I would be physically removed by two threatening members of staff.  Each time I reported matters to the police and so I have come to the conclusion that it would be beneficial all round for me to re-join.

I am only imagine what must be written about me in the files and cannot wait to see this –  I hope they do not lose any of the files because this has been done before once.  I know this sort of horrifiedl  In fact I could not stand any m ore after just 2 weeks!

I have had two text messages from my daughter requesting things and now I haev new contacts in the area – how good is that – something good has come out of a bad situation.  Now that I have contacts like this I can rest assured that my daughter will be kept an eye on  because who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  The ugly truth always comes out in the end and I like to get to the bottom of the truth and this is the reason I wanted to be in the police plus I have got some good ideas on improvements as regards this hospital.











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