The letter was just as I would have expected.  The points were investigated by the Ward Manager but I have today spoken to the CQC and will phone them tomorrow as well now that I have these letters.

They are obviously panic stricken not to allow myself or anyone else in the family sight of the medical files and this is despite the fact my daughter agreed at a time when she was not drugged up to her neck like she is now.  Talk about manipulation on their part!   I can just imagine the contents of these files and would have been amused to see what I had been described as –  I have seen it all before – the minute you challenge these people the minute they slag you off behind your back and say what they like about you.

I got an apology for the rudeness I encountered by a member of nursing staff.


The answers to the bruising on my daughter’s face was totally unsatisfactory as the Ward Manager had not seen her until much later than the date this occurred.  I keep a meticulous record of what is going on.  She was not referred to the ward manager and the lead nurse said she was happy but they would give no further reasons for this extensive bruising. 

I did not say she was bloated becasue she had not eaten –  I was concerned that she was gaining weight – and felt she was not getting enough fresh air or exercise.  The bloating is caused by the medication.  He tries to reassure me that they check on her temperature, pulse etc and that they were normal FOR THAT DAY! That means that it may not be normal at other times as I know they have had to call doctors out several times since they forced the Clozapine on her.

The Consultant Psychiatrist was stubborn and obstinate.  YES – that is perfect – they have got something right.  They discussed these comments with him and of course it was not his intention to be this way  and it was clear that this was the case!  and of course the rest of the team stick together in his defense.  Typical – any misunderstanding – he apologises for.


I then get accused of being aggressive at the ward round on 4th May witnessed by a friend who will tell you the complete opposite but at one point I stood up and was in tears and very upset quite rightly so as I had heard something he was dong re the medication and witnessed him and the pharmacist smiling.  The way this team manipulate everything as they are doing  right now is in breach of human rights.  He said it was distressing to stff and patients but there was no patients around as we were in the meeting room not in the main ward amonst other patients.   


What about the considerable distress this team is causing to me and my daughter as she was so upset when she was not even allowed downstairs for 5 minutes to see her pet kitten on Sunday –  I think they are disgusting the way they behave. I was threatened to be physically removed and again arrested several times.  One of the nurses was panic stricken when I tried to look at who he was on his identity card  – he clearly was petrified and it was amusing to see him frantically try to hide this from me!  He goes on to warn me of zero tolerance for aggression or violence but I am the one who is outnumbered and if they are doing this to me then what the hell are they doing to the poor patients that I have heard go on about their human rights not being listened to.  A wholly unsatisfactory letter but what can you expect.    They have been very busy writing to me as I have another letter form the ward manager – I have been banned for 3 weeks!  dated 27 June and received today.  I do not want ever to go on that ward so they need not worry but at the same time they should allow visits and this was denied when I came on Sunday and that is disgusting as my daughter was deprived of a bit of fresh air and was only able to see her pet kitten through the glass door.  What kind of care is this!  I have to be escorted like a child by staff.  I will save them the bother as I am really serious now about the prospect of volunteering for the local police station – even if I work on their desk doing the paperwork, that way I can inform the staff there and police officers of what is going on at this ward.  They will not have far to go when it comes to arresting me!  I have lost count how many times I h ave been threatened with arrest but I waited and waited on Friday for the police but they did not come and I was waiting for paperwork to be given back to me and refused to leave the ward.    It is laughable when they say the MDT are happy to continuewith the current communication plan and I will get a phone call weekly on my regular slot which should have been today however I got no phone call and the communication is laughable as you do not get any information.  I have been the one to give them information and get nothing in return!  

Out of a bad situation comes a good one.  This has put me in touch with so many wonderful people, some of whom I have not even had the pleasure to meet as yet but I hope to soon.  It has put me in contact with wonderful websites – one in particular who has given me so much good advice – Psychiatric abuse scotland, REvelations UK, Irish Voices for Reform in Mental Health Care – CCHR, Revelations UK –  there are just so many and all are united in seeing changes brought about for the better.    I would personally like to see Earth House over here giving choice to patients and treating them with respect unlike the NHS.      I would like a special appeal to go out to find celebrities to visit and cheer up the patients on this terrible ward.   If I am banned from visiting then I would just like to see the patients entertained and kept happy at the weekends.  I was going to bring in such entertainment myself such as zumba teachers, fitness experts etc.  There is nothing to do at the weekends and the patients are wandering up and down aimlessly.  Behind closed door the team continue to do what they are good at best and that is CONTROL.  Anyway if I volunteer for local police services then I have some good ideas and outings would be nice like they have at Cambion 4 Star Wards.  The Police did a wonderful outing for my younger daughter once and I would like to see something like this for the patients or at least visits from people but there are hardly any visitors.  It is truly horrible there. 


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