Rethink are supposed to be independent advocates but never attend the meetings as far as I have seen.  A patient is outnumbered by about 8 or 9 people and this can be very daunting.  There should be a representative at all meetings for all patients especially those who are very vulnerable like my daughter.  Rethink cannot possibly be independent advocates because of who they have on their Board and close ties with the hospital so I have found out.

Every question I asked the Consultant Psychiatrist he referred to Rethink and whilst Rethink deny standing in the way of the Consultant Psychiatrist’s questioning, they have nevertheless close ties to the hospital with whom they have on their Board. 

Now the Consultant Psychiatrist wants to stand in the way so it would appear of new solicitors being appointed  which has already been agreed by Elizabeth’s text message to the firm and to me.  What is he playing at – the previous firm of solicitors were recommended by the hospital and I was not pleased with them and did not feel they were representing my daughter fairly and also they seemed to be overly friendly with the team.  “I wonder where you got them from?” said the Consultant Psychiatrist.


I quoted to the team some shocking extracts from the research papers of Professor Taylor which I have looked up and read and I am apalled he is plying my daughter with a drug when he has done research into this drug as to how dangerous it is and overwhelmingly I could see by the various research papers this is a hospital that is not looking after patient’s welfare but gaining money through funding given by the drug manufacturer and using these poor vulnerable patients as human guinea pigs against their wishes.  I have heard they give drugs at dangerous levels above BNF recommendations.  I spoke to my daughter on the telephone today and she wants to be moved to downstairs as she feels so dizzy and is now petrified on heights.  She also said she wanted to move back to the local area but the care is so awful there in addition.  She now needs one to one care thanks to the NHS with the hopeless drugging up on powerful mind altering LSD-type highly addictive drugs they dish out to poor unsuspecting patients whose parents are often brainwashed and believe these doctors know what they are doing but they are experimenting at the Bethlem Royal Hospital against  a patient’s wishes.  

People think they are admitted to somewhere where it is world renowned and offers the very best in care like I did but how wrong I was!  This is the worst place on earth – like hell.  It is horrific how they treat the patients and now the CQC are involved – the chief executive will be investigating and I am not the only one unhappy here.  Some of the nurses are very nice – they are just doing their jobs but I think it is cruel and wrong to experiment on extremely vulneralble patients knowingly giving them drugs that would not comply with NICE guidelines if they were to read the research papers I have seen. They are putting patient’s lives at risk by this experimentation and I am furious this is allowed to go on and have written to the Royal Family.  THEY SHOULD PAY IF THEY WANT TO DO THEIR CLINICAL TRIALS FOR SOMEONE TO UNDERGO THEIR EXPERIMENTS AND NOT USE THE WEAK AND VULNERABLE PATIENTS AGAINST THEIR WISHES. 


Hopefully the CQC will do a thorough investigation as my daughter has been denied a drug free period and there is no way Professor Murray should be allowed to get away with this and wash his hands of the situation.  By putting someone on section whether they need it or not, it is wrong that a patient should be forcibly made to take medication against their wishes that is so highly dangerous and at risk to their lives.  They should pay for volunteers and not use the most weakened vulnerable people and then try to manipulate them and come between their families by saying he/she says the opposite of what has been said to the family.


The new solicitors are very good and I just want fair representation and now the Consultant Psyhiatrist and team are trying to stand between this appointment by saying it is up to Rethink.   They were saying she already had solicitors but these were recommended by the hospital and I was not impressed and could see how friendly they were with the team.    The CQC needs to look into this kind of manipulation and it is against NICE guidelines to exclude the family in the way they are doing.


When I refused to leave the premises and waited outside for the file I had left on the ward.  I was treated apallingly and all I wanted to do was to wait whilst the close family friend asked my daughter if she still wished to come back to the restaurant for a further 1 hr as she was keen to earlier on but I could see that the staff were NOT keen for her to go out again and insisted she went upstairs to sign their book.  Eventually she was pushed into this and got very upset and took it out on me which is exactly what they want to see.   It was comical the way they behaved as they were desperate she was not left alone with me for 2 minutes but my daughter was not prepared to do what they wanted in the first instance and I stuck up for her and said she should be allowed to remain with me but in the end she just flipped!  It was thanks to this male nurse constantly going on that this happened.  I bet they have not put this in their notes accurately but this was witnessed by a close family friend and she would agree with these comments and was extremely shocked at what she saw.   I was told the team would call the police if I did not leave the premises and that I would be escorted from the premises and I said I was going nowhere until I got my file back and offered that the close family friend came onto the ward to speak to my daughter herself and see if she wanted to go out for the agreed second hour allowed but she was not let on the ward to speak to my daughter.  Dissapointingly the Police did not call and I got fed up with waiting because it was obvious they did not call the police.  How shameful what is going on at this so called leading hospital.  

I did not visit today but tomorrow I will be calling with my daughter’s lovely pet kitten as I now have my car on the road.  I have a lead for this kitten and the grounds are beautiful.   No doubt I will not be welcome to take him onto the ward and I will take someone with me as my witness as to what is going on.  AS Elizabeth is so ill now she will like to see her pet kitten and driving does not take long to get there. 

They have dogs that come round to sniff for drugs –  how funny this is  –  it is the likes of the Professor Taylor and the consultant psychiatrist who are the culprits here with regard to the pushing of drugs – this is laughable. 

  1. sp said:

    sue i am so sorry that yet again you had a bad day at the hospital yesterday but try and keep calm and i know it is easy to say and not so easy to do i can not for the life of me think why so many people are still suffering under mental health and why when there are so many people that have been trapped by it and like you i would so like for some one who works in this present system to be brave enough to speak out and i feel there must be some and yet they choose to keep quiet they choose to turn a blind eye i am hoping that one day those people will speak out and all this bad stuff that happens will come to an abrupt end but for now i think you need to get some one who will help you as far as your visits go before it goes to far and you are banned completly and i know from others that can happen so get some kind of legal help for you i am as i am writing this trying to think of what we can do to help you i have my thinking cap on and if i think of any thing that might be of help i will let you know give your self a little break for a few hours it wont hurt you need it so you can recharge your own battery other wise you could end up ill your self speak soon sp if there is any one out there that is reading this blog these things that sue is talking about do happen and we need people to wake up to that fact just look at what is comming out know how goverments and the elite cover up there greedy ways of life and expect us to pay for there privaliged lives well i say enough is enough wake up to the real truth do your research and you will be shocked at what you find in every area of life and how we have been lied to about so many things we the people are the power and its about time we exercised this power to make a better world for the next generations to come sp

  2. Susan Bevis said:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <META content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv=Content-Type> <META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.6001.19258"> <STYLE></STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY bgColor=#ffffff> <DIV><FONT size=2 face=Arial>I cant think of a good day I have had in that hospital!</FONT></DIV> <BLOCKQUOTE style="BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 5px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial"></DIV></BODY></HTML>

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