I was waiting a long time for the police to come and arrest me and was disappointed as it would have saved me having to go down to the police station myself and offer my services.  In the meantime I called the local press.  They were very interested but were too afraid to do the story and I volunteered to do it for them!  I have got on to Panorama as I have looked at the research papers  of prof Taylor that are so horrifying.  I want the world to know about these!     Its all about money and the pharmaceutical industry experimenting on poor helpless people – this care under the Royal Bethlem world renowned hospital.  It is pure evil what is going on there. 


So I hung on and sat on the floor outside the ward for quite some time.   My daughter had reacted to the pressure being put on her by the team to go upstairs with them when she wanted to remain downstairs with me and my friend who she has known for years.  Anyway, I spoke up her her and said that she should remain downstairs and there was no point in her going upstairs if she was going to come out again.  Unfortunately she reacted in such a way that is just what the team want to see.  She just threw a drink over me.  However later in the day she telephone me and asked me to bring her things tomorrow.  I have requested she comes back home to live as they have ALL FAILED MY DAUGHTER WITH THE MOST SHOCKING AWFUL CARE EVER.   However it is not just my daughter they are failing I am worried for all the patients and now I am not allowed to visit any more.   I would like to see a host of celebrities visiting to brighten up the pain of these abused NHS patients the law of the UK have let down.  Noone cares about these people and I think this is disgusting when there is so much hype and money spent for show as regards the Olympics.  I am especially bitter as Elizabeth was once a very good runner and now she can hardly walk thankis to their disgusting care.  I do not belive the diagnosis and neither does anyone else.   Psychosis can be caused by the LSD like drugs they dish out themselves. – see Dr Ann Blake Tracy’s book.


I made sure the team knew that I could get help in my proposed demonstrations outside of the ward to highlight the abuse going on and I told the consultant psychiatrist the best way she could come off the Clozapine  which has the most shocking research papers against NICE guidelines”  Why is Prof Taylor plugging a very very harmful drug that he himself highlighted in his research papers as being so.  This is because the research he is doing  is being funded by the maufacturers.  I had them speechless when I mentioned these facts – this gave me great pleasure to reveal the horrifying truth that I want the world to know about this cruel abusive treatment of the most vulnerable of all patients against their wishes.  I want the Royal family to know about this and have written to most of them.   

Surrounded by so many staff she is clearly manipulated by this team who do not have her best interests at heart.  She sent me a text “GET ME OUT OF HERE MUM I WANT TO COME HOME”.  Today I failed to get any answers from the consultant psychiatrist as to why he put her on Metformine for diabetes and Clozapine which is totally against her wishes but now on a S3 the law says in this country they can force a patient to take medication.  Why on earth was her face bruised all over.  How did this happend.  Did staff do this to her?  Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  No-one is giving any answers and that secrecy leads you to believe the worst that staff could be abusing my daughter and covering up for what has happened.  Anyway, regardless of what anyone thinks my daughter wants contact with  me as a mother that the team have tried their best to replace with someone else who would not visit and that would make their life easier.  I feel they have never ever been challenged in such a way before and hopefully many more people will speak out.  They manipulate a patient and a prime example of this is the solicitor – because the one recommended by the hospital did not seem to be acting in the best interests I recommendd another and Elizabeth happily agreed.  They are saying that REthink are involved and they are supposed to be independent but are not because how can they be when they have psychiatrists on their board.  I now want new advocates like Mind involved.

I am extremely worried for my daughter’s safety at this RESEARCH  HOSPITAL – THE BETHLEM ROYAL HOSPITAL.  I fear for her life.

They are cruel and abusive and manipulating –  that is the Royal Bethlem care for you!    It is shameful what is gong on for profit at this so called leading hospital.  Having said this comment – this comment is meant for the doctors and professors not for most of the nurses.

Anyway the local press in the area of the hospital  were afraid to do a story but I have approached the national press and really that is the attention I need.  You can look at the abuse more indepth on the website of Speak out against psychiatry.

So I was treated like a criminal today and was disappointed when the police did not turn up to arrest me.  So I decided to take the opportunity of introducing myself to the local police and offering my services on a voluntary basis.

The Consultant Psychiatrist was lost for words when he left the ward and I asked him where was the police  – I was sitting on the floor outside the ward and refusing to budge.

I was lucky enought to speak to someone from the CQC and have a chat with her about the abuse before she went on the ward! 

Please do not think that I want to rule my daughter’s life because I DO NOT.  I want her to have the very best of care and be independent but they have made her dependent  and more vulnerable than ever.  I just want to make sure she is placed in a decent environment.  I would have her home but ultimately she needs one to one care and this was not provided at local level and I have demanded a new social worker as I cannot speak to someone who was the claimant on the court papers and that is how I feel.

I would also like her to live in a nicer more peafeful area but most of wall she has suffered so much – I just want her to be safe and find it hard to trust the team as they have dealth with things properly.


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