I took a day off from work to attend the ward meeting but as usual it was a waste of time.  Every question you give to the consultant psychiatrist he refuses to answer and involves Rethink.  Rethink are the advocates and are closely associated with the hospital.  They have on their board Consultant Psychiatrists.  So, how can they be independent advocates and they apparently see my daughter on her own but the SHOULD ATTEND THE WARD MEETINGS.  She is outnumbered by the team and is not getting fair treatment.  The solicitor that was recommended was very very pally with the team so I noticed.  There was a Tribunal I got to find out about at the last minute.  This solicitor did NOT act in a professional manner in my opinion.  My daughter was stressed out and hates meetings and happened to comment along these lines – they told me about the Tribunal at the last minute but I still managed to get time off work.  At the end of the day she said ” do you really want this to go ahead”  – of course she said no, she is so drugged up now and weakened by this evil care that she had no strength to go forward with it and it was all called off.  It was a wasted day off work for me.  Anyway the Consultant Psychiatrist said “I wonder where you got  her from” and immediately I was suspicious – what kind of comment is this!  I did not like the way she compared herself to me as a mother yet she did not have a mentally ill daughter let along two who have been ill along with an elderly father who had Alzheimers and put on anti-psychotics –  what kind of comment is this!   Anyway I decided that my daughter should be represented properly at meetings and found a brilliant firm of solicitors that are local.  My daughter has texted the solicitors to say she is happy for them to act as far as I know and besides I know she is because she has told me so herself so why do RETHINK have to be involve in this.  Why is the Consultant Psychiatrist trying to hide behind Rethink who are supposed to be independent advocates.  If they had not got  any consultant psychiatrist on their board  I would be happy but instead I AM NOT HAPPY.  I want proper independent advocates for my daughter and NOT RETHINK.  I do not like the way the Consultant Psychiatrist is behaving in involving them all the time and hiding behind them!  He did not have a smile on his face today but I am now banned from visiting on the ward and had to have this meeting witnessed by a close family friend in a pokey little room downstairs and he had to have witnesses.  Anyway I was allowed just 1 hr to spend with my daughter before the meeting and there was only time to go to the canteen and a member of staff had to accompany listening to every word.  HE MUST BE PARANOID – HE NEEDS TREATMENT HIMSELF BY THE LOOKS OF IT!!  Anyway I bought Elizabeth lunch and in no time it was time to go back and I said I would like her in the meeting as I had disturbing research papers from Professor Taylor about how dangerous the drug Clozapine really was.  I have since found out that funding is being given to this hospital from the drug manufacturer themselves for Professor Taylor’s research into the most vulnerable patients against their wishes.  They also do not care less about the health of the patient as another patient I am in touch with said they raised the limits of medication beyond what was recommended.  PLEASE SEE SPEAK OUT AGAINST PSYCHIATRY – A WONDERFUL BLOG ALL ABOUT THIS HORRIFIC WARD.    


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