I head read his research on this harmful drug and now my daughter has had a terrible reaction to this.  I have warned them that they had better get her off this RUBBISH.    All these drugs and none of them work but what was working was Orthomolecular care  – the whole site of the Royal Bethlem would be perfect for such a centre – the grounds are beautiful but the patients are locked away inside in a prison environment which is wrong. The hospital is specialising in research and using the most vulnerable patients like my daughter against their wishes and they do this by imposing a Section 3 which allows them to do what they like and force a patient against their wishes to take medication.   All along it has been Clozapine Clozapine Clozapine but this is no wonder drug and has affected my daughter’s heart and why have they put her on a medication for diabetes – this is what I want to know. 


Meanwhile Professor Murray has written the following:

I am sorry but you need to take up these issues with the Bethlem staff

This is not good enough.


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  1. sp said:

    our daughter was also on this drug and ended up on a cardiac ward at age 17 the heart cosultent told the doctor at the unit she was in back then it had to be stopped as every time they tried to increase the dose her heart reacted so it was stopped and then she was put back on some thing else she has gone through all the anti psychotic drugs and from age 15 the very first was ripridone and she has never been right since she will be 21 next month and i can tell you she has had no life since the age of 15 what on earth are these so called doctors doing and if people care to do their own research they will find that all the so called mental illnesses are voted in the dsm book if they have enough votes for a so called diognoses it gets put inthe book if not enough then it wont once uponn a time same sex gender relationships were classed as a mental illness but it was a big demo in the end and it was removed from the dsm so people need to start askingwhere are your tests for all your so called diognosis i pray that people start to ask more questions

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