Having studied research papers which Professor David Taylor has been involved with there is no doubt this is a hospital where they take the most vulnerable patients, drug them up and experiment without any regard for their long term health.  I have discovered the awful truth and some of the papers are about the drug Clozapine and detail just how harmful they are.  This is not some kind of wonder drug and my daughter was against going on this and they have been extremely deceitful about the whole thing and all the time the Consultant Psychiatrist was trying to blame Rethink by saying “cant tell you anything it is not her wish for you to see the file etc etc.  I have no end of consents yet these are constantly dismissed.   It ws heartbreaking to have several calls from Elizabeth today whilst at work to say she did not feel like living, needed a walking stick and was most unhappy on the first floor.  She said she felt so ill and constantly dizzy.  They put her on this drug despite me telling them it is not advised for patients who have history of heart problems in the family – they put her on Metformine for diabetes and she did not know they had introduced Clozapine and this was all a week later because when I took her running she had heart problems and a doctor was called out.  HOW DISGUSTING THE TREATMENT OF THESE PATIENTS IS.   If someone is in such a state they do not know what they are doing they should not be given a drug just like that.   She did not have a clue was medication she was on and that is so very bad.


Anyway I thoughT the Royal family should know about this –  this hospital does not deserve the title of “Royal”.  Another patient who wrote a blog said  quite rightly so “how can  Professor Murray live with himself”.


I’m sorry for the patients and want to get some celebrity response to my appeal for visitors on the ward to cheer up what I call “the forgotten people – the victims of the pharmaceutical companies”.


Now my daughter wants to come home and leave that dreadful place and I want her home.


Now Rethink cannot attend next meeting as was agreed at the previous one so in any case I want to appoint someone else as advocacy.  I cant help but think Rethink seems never to attend meetings and also they seem to be domineered by the Consultant Psychiatrist and therefore do not appear to be independent and they have psychiatrists on their panel so that makes me wonder.


Tonight the reporter telephoned me.


I have had several phone calls from Elizabeth today and they were distressing.  I am sorry she went to this prison camp of a  hospital now. I thought this was a worldwide renowned hospital that provided the best of care but now I have found out what is going on.


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